There are many different saree painting designs that you can create yourself. If you do not have the time or the talent to paint your own saree, then you can shop for free hand painting designs on sarees in stores or online instead. Painting designs on sarees can be done easily with a variety of fabric paints that are available today. Search through pictures of saree designs with fabric painting to find inspiration. Start with simple patterns until you are able to build up your skill to do more detailed artwork.

Here are a few classic Indian painting designs:

1. Peacocks Painting Design on Saree

Some of the most popular peacock saree painting designs are done in a number of ways including a large mural. The peacock can be displayed with his tail down or spread up to show off his beautiful feathers. Many sarees are decorated with peacock feathers around the border or randomly scattered on the material. Greens and blues, yellows and coppers are often colors associated with this magnificent bird.


You do not have to stick with the actual colors when  painting sarees with peacock designs, but you can use any colors that will match your outfit. The shape and style of the bird and especially the tail feathers will make it clear that it is a peacock, no matter which colors it is painted with. Smaller patterns of the peacocks may be repeated along the edge of the saree, if you choose.

2. Flower Patterns on Saree 


Flowers will always represent feminine beauty, and are therefore the most popular choice for decorating sarees. If the material your saree is made of is silk, than silk painting designs need to be done using specially made silk fabric paints for the best results. Choose your favourite flowers and paint them using fabric paints in any colors you wish to enhance your otherwise plain saree.


If you don’t think you have the talent for free hand painting designs on sarees, then you can always trace a picture using a carbon sheet onto the material first and then fill that in or even use a stencil to outline your pattern. These options make it easier to repeat exactly the same patterns over your material. It is more difficult to repeat something precisely when doing it free hand style.

To learn one technique for fabric painting flowers onto a saree, please watch the video:

3.  Flowers Painting on Saree


Large murals are an option for saree painting designs also. It is best to work on a large protected surface with the saree held tightly in place when creating one of these works of art. Be sure you have a surface that the material can remain on until you have completed the picture and allowed it to dry properly. It helps to be able to see the entire composition while you work on it, so that you can keep it all balanced and looking its’ finest. If you choose a surface that is needed for other things, like a dining table, then your artwork may be smudged if it is moved while it is wet. Choose your work area carefully.

4. Leaves Patterns on Sarees

Leaves are another natural choice for adorning a saree. Leaves may accompany flowers or be used on their own. Using metallic fabric paints adds a shimmery, shining quality to saree painting designs. The leaf pattern can easily be done using a stencil or even a stamping method. In the photo above, you can see the thread weave peeking through the gold paint. The tighter the thread weave the better when it comes to fabric painting designs. If the threads are loose it is more difficult to paint on the surface of the material.


Leaves may be repeated many times over the material and around the borders. They may be small or large in size, depending on the pattern you choose. Fabric painting designs can be made easier with the use of stamping or stencilling, if you have difficulty creating them by hand. It is possible to paint on material using acrylic paints, but you will need to mix a textile medium with the acrylic so that it will adhere to the fabric properly.

To see how this is done, watch this video:

Free Hand Painting on Saree

5. Vines Patterns on Saree


Vines make a great border especially for saree pallu painting designs. You can create a chain of vines around the edge in a small motif to add color and style. This can easily be hand painted by repeating the pattern, but does not need to be precisely the same and will still look stunning. It may help to draw the pattern you are thinking of done onto a piece of paper first, so that you can get the exact style you are after. Once you have created an arrangement you like, simply use that drawing to guide you when you paint.


Before you begin painting designs on sarees it is a good idea to wash and dry the material you will be working with. This will help to prepare the surface so the fabric paints will cling better and not fade away quickly. Once your material has been washed, iron it if it is wrinkled so that you have the smoothest, best surface to paint on. Be sure to secure the area you are painting by clipping it to a table or using something to pull the material tight and keep it from slipping while you work. This will help to prevent mistakes and give the fabric paints the best chance to adhere to the threads.

6. Paisleys


Paisley’s can be a fun and intricate pattern to play around with for saree painting designs. You can create many details inside and outside of the paisley shape itself, for a unique look every time. Be sure to follow the instructions on the type of fabric paints you use. Some paints need at least 24 hours to dry thoroughly, while others need to be heated with a clothes iron in order to adhere to the material correctly. It is best to read the instructions before you purchase any paints, to make sure you get the most suitable type for you.

7. Murals Painting on sarees


Once you have mastered fabric painting designs on sarees, you will be able to let your artistic talents soar by creating beautiful murals. Many murals depict famous scenes from historical or religious stories. You could create murals of your favorite stories. There are many types of fabric paints and tools to choose from, to give you the most advantages for your artistic abilities. Fabric paints come in every color with sheer, opaque or pearlesque finishes. Some paints are metallic and there are glitter paints  available as well. You can get fabric paints in jars, that can be used with a brush or other tools or in tubes that can be squeezed out onto the fabric. There are also fabric paint pens or markers to make it easier to draw with. Fabric paint sprays can also be obtained for larger surfaces. Some fabric paints have a puff quality or 3D effect when used to create a raised surface on the material. There are many options available to the artist for painting designs on sarees today.


Try different paint types and brands so you can become accustomed to how they are used and which ones work best for you. You may wish to have a variety of tools available to create different effects with your art. Be sure to practice creating simple patterns and become a master at using the different fabric paints and tools before attempting to create an intricate mural. If you will be creating painting designs on silk saree be sure to see which paints work best on that smooth material and try paints that are specifically made to use on silk.


8. Abstract Painting Designs on Saree


Some people are putting a more modern spin to their saree painting designs with the use of abstract art. Geometric patterns can be repeated over the material in blocks of color or in different colors. Geometric shapes can look spectacular when done in a metallic colour giving them a flashy or futuristic look, which would be perfect to wear to a special evening event.


Abstract fabric painting saree designs can be done as murals rather than blocks of colour. You can paint almost anything without a specific diagram in mind and use any color combinations you prefer. There is no limit to your imagination or what you can create with the use of abstract art.

9. Tribal / Warli Painting on Saree


On the opposite end of abstract art would be the tribal art style. Saree pallu painting designs can include scenes or murals to depict an entire story, as seen in the photo above. This particular pallu artwork shows the different aspects of tribal life spread out over the surface. Each scene portrays an activity of daily life that the tribe would be engaged in.


Brilliant, bright colors add a further dimension to the tribal look, giving it a modern appeal. Keep in mind that fabric paints remain on the surface of the material for the most part and are subject to fading and wearing off more than fabric dyes would. It is best to wash these articles of painted clothing as gently as possible. If you are able to turn your clothing inside out to wash it this can further help to prevent damage to the painting.

10. Tiny Motifs


Saree painting designs include tiny motifs which are often repeated all over the material. These tiny patterns are simple to paint, but can be time consuming if you use it all over. Borders are often done with special patterns on saree like these tiny flowers and buds shown in the picture. It is also typical to see individual flowers or buds scattered over the entire cloth. However, this particular pattern was painted in curved vines and clusters over the surface.


Gems, beads or mirror pieces can be added after using fabric paints for sarees designs. You are wise to wait until the paint has completely dried and adhere to the thread thoroughly before placing these items on the surface. Use fabric glue to stick these pieces onto the artwork or material where you want them. The gems and mirror bits will reflect and capture the light to add glamour and sparkle to your outfit.

11. Animal Pattern on Saree


Peacocks are not the only among the birds and animals that can be seen as part of saree designs. Elephants are another popular choice. The elephants in the photograph above have been painted as an outline and are done well enough to just be left as they are. However, you may wish to fill in the outline and paint them with more colors so they stand out further and are more noticeable. You can paint your favourite animals onto your cloth in any pose and colours you wish.


Fish are another source of animals that you can easily paint onto your saree. Any idea you come up with can be transformed into a work of art on the fabric of your choice. You can purchase toxic free paints and allow your children to try fabric painting, too. This can help them to develop their artistic skills and give them a fun, confidence building activity to try. Remember if you are a beginner or teaching a child to try this art form, that it is best to start off with simple, easy patterns at first and build your skill. Try different paints and tools to find what you like best and how the different tools give you a variety of results. Look for many inspirational pictures and tutorials so that you can learn do it yourself saree painting designs.

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