Womens Sunglasses don’t have to be just a utility accessory but can be a fashion statement in itself. Given the variety of shapes, sizes and brands available, you could choose one to go with every designer pair of clothing in your closet.

Of course apart from being a fashion accessory benefits are obvious too; they protect you from harmful UV rays if they are appropriately coated while polarized glasses prevent glare in your eyes while driving specially early morning when sun shines straight into your eyes.

Given that it’s a style statement celebrities wear them not just outdoors while shopping or at the beach but also indoor events, gala parties and fashion shows. After all its all about the cool factor. Womens sunglasses come in many shapes and styles and you should pick one depending on the shape and size of your face.

Aviator sunglasses: Originally designed in 1930s by Ray Ban – Bausch and Laumb for flying pilots to help prevent sun glare, it has been widely copied by other brands and popularized by Hollywood celebrities for decades. Below are some designer aviators sunglasses from Guess, Coach, Ray Ban and Prada with prices ranging from under $100 to $350 with Prada being the most expensive, given its brand appeal.

Aviator sunglasses typically look best on faces shaped Heart, Oval or Square.

Aviator sunglasses
Aviator sunglasses

Butterfly Sunglasses: These have become popular with Hollywood celebreties flaunting them outdoors. They are shaped as namesake butterfly and are usually oversized. Checkout these beautiful pair of designer butterfly sunglasses from Coach, Tom Ford and Lanvin Paris.

They look best on faces shaped Heart, Oval, Round, Square.

Butterfly Sunglasses

Cat Eyed Sunglasses: As the name suggests these womens sunglasses are shaped like Cat Eyes. They look very stylish and cool when worn over casual jeans or skirts while outdoors or shopping. Designers like Ralph Lauren, Dolce Gabanna, Christian Dior and Prada have each given their own spin to them. Prada lives up to the brand with a steep price tag of over $400 while Dolce Gabanna flowery touch makes it look cheesy and chic. Christian Dior is the coolest of all and the most expensive as well at over $500.

Cateyed sunglasses usually look good on faces shaped Heart, Oval and Square.


Wrap around Sunglasses: These women’s sunglasses as the name suggests wrap around well around the eye to give substantial protection from sun and dust while outdoors on sunny days. We often see celebrity spottingsoutdoor wearing wrap arounds with funky styling on the side. Here are a few designer brands you would love. Bvlgari is the most expensive living upto its brand value with jewellery design on the rim edges. Guess and Dolce Gabanna provide great value for money while Gucci has the cool factor.

But since they are oversized in width and height, they look good only on women who are tall with round or oval face.


Wrap around Sunglasses:

Few celebrity spottings with sunglasses:


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