What to Wear with Black Leggings

Whether you own a pair of black leggings or are thinking of buying a pair, you may be wondering what goes best with them this season. From casual wear to something more formal, you can see what to wear with black leggings to make the most of your wardrobe. Legging outfits include some of this season’s hottest trends. Women in leggings can create many versatile outfits.

Oversized Shirts with Leggings

Oversized Shirts with Leggings
Big, blousy shirts are a great combination with leggings. If you are trying to find what to wear with black leggings and want something simple, then an oversized shirt may just be the answer.  When using this leggings fashion, be careful that the shirt doesn’t end at the widest place on your body. Having a horizontal line created from the bottom of your shirt will make that area appear wider and larger, so if for instance, your hips are your widest area, be sure to have a shirt that ends higher or lower to help minimize this. Another trick, which is in fashion is to tuck a small area of the front of your shirt into the waist of your sexy leggings. This breaks up the horizontal line and draws the eye into a vertical line rather than across your body and helps you to look thinner. Wearing black high heels with your black leggings formalizes your appearance. White and black are an easy color union and always look good together.

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tight fitting top with black legging

Cute outfits with leggings include wearing a tight fitting top underneath an over sized shirt. This little bit of layering is eye catching and gives you the option of removing the outer layer should the weather unexpectedly turn warmer. Wearing a tight black top under a large shirt or sweater in another color is what to wear with black leggings to help you appear slimmer. Black boots keep the look together creating a vertical line for your eye to follow from the foot up the same colored leggings and matching top underneath the over sized shirt, once again making you appear leaner and taller.

Layered with Leggings


Layering is all the rage this season and creates many opportunities to mix and match your wardrobe to produce many outfits with leggings. When it comes to trying to figure out what to wear with black leggings, almost anything goes, because you can wear any colour with black that you like. To recreate these layered legging outfits, simply choose multiple tops with sweaters and jackets of different lengths in similar colors. Long over short, or short over long, anything is trendy as long as your layers are different lengths. You can discover many cute outfits with leggings when you search through your clothes to copy the layered look.


Vertical lines in your top are a great addition to your outfits with leggings as they once again provide you with a slender look. Her boots seem to blend right in with her leggings so there is no breaking up of the colour from her legs to her toes and this is another style tip to make your legs look longer and thinner. Dressing in layers is not only fashionable, but is a good idea for the fall season, as the weather can be somewhat unpredictable and you can easily add or remove any of your layers as needed to keep comfortable. When you are looking for what to wear with black leggings keep layering in mind.

Shirt Dresses with Leggings

Shirt Dresses with Leggings

Shirt dresses are another hot commodity this season and are what to wear with black leggings if the day is a little too cold for bare legs. A shirt dress paired with leggings makes for an easy fashion statement. This is a fantastic style to wear for a day of shopping with your girlfriends or a casual day at work. You can accessorize your shirt dress many different ways and even try it with a belt. This is a quick and easy attire to wear, so is great on those days you when you are running late.

Shirt Dresses with Leggings

Black leggings are a great idea to help keep your legs warm as the weather is cooling down. They are also a great solution if you wish to wear a mini skirt or mini dress in colder weather. This white mini shirt dress is a perfect match for a pair of black leggings. The black leather boots and black leather jacket go nicely and add an odd length layering look, too. The silver metal detailing on her accessories goes nicely with the white shirt dress.

Dresses with Leggings

If you have a more formal occasion to attend, but it’s a little too cold for bare legs, then why not wear a pair of black leggings under your dress? Dresses with leggings can be a great idea for those cold days, especially if you will be spending a good deal of time outdoors at the event. If you are wondering which of your dresses are best for what to wear with black leggings, try a dress that is black or has black in it. This will help to tie your look together and make it appear as though the dress came with the leggings.

Nicki Minaj Leggings

Nicki Minaj certainly loves sexy leggings. These peek-a-boo leggings leave little to the imagination. She has rounded off this look with a short black jacket and colourful high heels that have black sandal straps on top to match her pants.

Another Nicki Minaj leggings look. Once again, she has bare skin peeking through her leggings. She is wearing a short black jacket, so that nothing covers her revealing leggings.  She is sporting a pair of fancy high heeled boots to accentuate her female figure.

Leather Leggings

 leather leggings outfit

This leather leggings outfit looks outstanding. From the leather detailing on her sports jacket to her deep black suede ankle boots everything is well chosen. She has layered her top and jacket and tucked in her black t-shirt at the front slightly to remove the horizontal line the shirt would have otherwise created. Tucking in her shirt like this also helps to create the odd length layered look that is so popular this season.  Her leather handbag matches her black leather leggings thoroughly. If you are trying to decide what to wear with black leggings, black is always a good choice.

leather leggings outfit

A leather leggings outfit will always look good with matching leather boots. Wearing a long top and short jacket is very trendy layering this season. The loosely tied scarf is another layering addition which adds a lot of style to leggings fashion.

Sweaters with Leggings

If you are wondering what to wear with black leggings on those colder days, then try an over sized sweater to keep your warm. Any colour sweater will go well with black leggings. If you keep the rest of your clothing black, this will make the colour sweater the focus of your outfit. Women in leggings with a cozy sweater look enticing when the weather is cooler.

Why not wear a colourful scarf as a layer of clothing over a large sweater with your black leggings? Doing this draws attention to the scarf which surrounds your face and keeps people looking at your face when they interact with you. This is another great leggings outfit on those colder days.

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