The name says it all – Pencil skirts are slim, snug and stylish. Closely fitted to your body, this popular style can flatter your figure if worn right. It is one of the longest-running silhouettes in fashion – for a good reason too. The classic style suits just about any figure and is minimally modest but elegantly trendy. To understand better and know what to wear with a Pencil skirts, take a look at the anatomy of this must-have garment in your wardrobe.

Take a Look at What to Wear With a Pencil Skirts


Now that you are familiar with the anatomy, let’s learn what to wear with a pencil skirts and style them better. You can wear a Pencil Skirt with a tucked in shirt or a belted jacket and voila! – It will give you a lean long look. The little leg showing beneath your knee keeps the feminine spirits maintained too. Unsure about how much you want to invest in this style? For starters get a black pencil skirt – a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down for several occasions. Next question is what to wear with a black pencil skirt? Wear it with a shirt and matching jacket/blazer for the office suit look or pair it up with a pretty lace frilled top for the night out with your gals.

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Pencil skirts are traditionally considered to be conservative work wear. However, with a dash of color and a splash of prints, Pencil Skirts are now widely popular as day wear or party wear too. Neutral and dark shades of blue and black are ideal for business wear, while you can splurge on a mélange of bright colors for casual wear Pencil Skirts. But make sure to style it with appropriate tops and accessories.

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Formal Pencil Skirts


Business casual pencil skirts


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Pencil skirts for Casual Day-out


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Pencil Skirts For Party Wear

Tops to wear with a Pencil Skirt to style it for different occasions

Peplums Tops for the peppy look with Pencil Skirt

Peplum tops are very trendy these days and these are perfect to be paired with pencil skirts. But keep a check on your figure – flared peplum tops are ideal for thin frames, while curvy women should go for structured silhouettes. This is a dressy style, suitable for a stylish day-out or as party wear.


Denims and Shirts to wear with a Pencil Skirt for the dynamic look

Wondering what to wear with a Pencil Skirt on top? For a casual chic look, you can wear tuck-in shirts with your pencil skirt. Try a loose denim shirt with a white pencil skirt and throw in a wide brown belt to balance the look. You can also try casual tops in chiffon and lace. Make sure you color-block the ensemble for a trendy look.


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Blouses and Shirts to wear with a Pencil Skirt for the formal look

Formal blouses and shirts are ideal to keep your pencil skirt business ready. Try contrasting colors to add some style – for example a pink shirt with a deep blue skirt. You can also keep it safe with the classic black pencil skirtwhite top combination too. To make it more trendy, put on a jacket or blazer. Also pair along neutral and pastel colored shirts of darker shades. Get these and you are well-equipped with what to wear a with pencil skirt for some serious business as well.


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Chiffon Tops to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

Stylish chiffon tops in solid colors work well with printed and lace pencil skirts. Dress it up or down according to the occasion.


Sequin Tops to wear with a pencil skirt for party look

How to wear a pencil skirt for a party? The easiest way is to pick a sequined sexy top and pair it up with black, white or grey pencil skirts and accessories. You can also try a gold hued blingy pencil skirt with a black top. Go wild with colors and work the neon shades or keep the skirt simple and add a lot of color and sparkle to your accessories.


One best stylish way to wear pencil skirt outfits is with a Belt to accentuate your curves and enhance your figure. You can either wear a thin belt with a tucked in shirt or top for formal and semi-casual looks. This will divide your body and add more height to your frame or you can wear a loose top or shirt over your pencil skirt and cinch it at the waist with a wide belt. This will add more volume to your hips.


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