What to Wear When Travelling

Work or pleasure, travelling makes you richer. But if there is one thing some of us might hate about travelling, that would be the packing. What do I wear? If it’s an important business trip, this question becomes trickier – because you gotta dress to impress. Okay, let’s help you out here with a few suggestions in travel clothes for women. We’ll check out best travel dresses that requires little to no attention for perfection from your part. Let’s also find out what are the new offerings in travel accessories for women to make your trip a wonderful experience.

Travelling is an unmatched experience. Even if it is a business trip, visiting a new city and meeting its people can educate you more than any book or movie ever could. Put your best foot forward as a tourist or business traveller in any country or city. Plan ahead and don’t stuff your suitcase at the last moment. This can help with not ending up at your destination with those unwanted piles of clothes.

On a 2-3 day trip, two pair of clothing and an extra top/shirt should be enough to mix’n’match your wardrobe. Packing up your world for a holiday abroad can create more confusion than help. Instead, keep your eyes and hearts open, so that even if you leave something behind, you can head out and get a taste of the local culture and shopping. But, anyways, here are a few tips to begin with:

Travel Friendly Clothing

When it comes to travel always follow “Less is more.” You don’t want to lug around a heavy suitcase or backpack, however, short and luxurious the trip is. This is where you evoke your inner stylist and learn to mix and match a few essential travel clothes for women. Oh! And the essentials do vary according to the destination, weather and purpose of your travel plans. So, let’s check out a few different options:

Say for example you are off to that dream honeymoon in Europe. Paris, London, Amsterdam… Exciting right! But don’t get too excited when it comes to packing. You are most likely to be booked at multiple hotels for your city hopping tour. So carry a few basic items suitable for the weather there;

Travel Friendly Clothing

If it does involve a beach or you love spending some time in the pool, pack a swimwear too. Also if you can’t do the hot shorts, switch it up for a skirt – but not too heavy; a breezy flared one and a structured pencil cut would take you from the beach to the ball. Don’t forget the dressy top; it can save you almost everywhere fancy; when styled right. It is undoubtedly one of the best clothes for travel fashion.

Remember not to overload on the accessories. Three pairs of footwear would be more than necessary. If you are a sneaker person, switch up the sandals for comy sneakers or ballet flats. A oversized handbag for the sightseeing tours and a clutch for that dinner date is all you need from the bag department. If it’s a long long trip, consider shopping at your destination too. After all Paris and Milan are fashion capitals for nothing. You would find great flea markets and bargain stores too.

oversized handbag for the sightseeing tours and a clutch

Now, if you are worried about what to wear when travelling for work, this should help. On a short business trip don’t get burdened by a big load of clothing options. A well fitted pair of black pants – flared, fitted, straight, whatever suits you – and a classic white shirt can have you sail through your business meetings effortlessly. A single pearl strand or ear studs, an impressive watch and staple black heels will nail the look. Don’t forget a well-tailored cozy blazer for the final touch. Keep a semi casual dressy top and jacket for any possible evening plans or dinners with the colleagues. If it’s cold, a trench coat or cardigan would help during transit and while getting to the meeting. An elegant black handbag is the only essential travel accessory you should be proud of spending a bomb on. Get one on your overseas travel and watch it make a statement even before the meeting commences.

Okay, so now you have a fair idea of how to pack light when travelling for long or short journeys, it’s time we introduce you to some of the magical technologies that have been shaping travel fashion.

Wrinkle Free Travel Clothing

No matter how long or delayed the flight was, showing up at your on-schedule business meeting in a wrinkled up shirt and pants/skirt is guaranteed to get some frowns. Don’t think you can excuse yourself to the restroom and try to straighten things out. There’s simply no time for such frivolous things in the fast paced business world. So, before you take the plunge into a jet-setting career, invest in some wrinkle-free options for your wardrobe. They will save the day for you some day, surely.

Of course, there are wrinkle free sprays, portable irons and all those travel accessories for women you can bank on. Some suggest rolling up your clothes. But none of these are foolproof, time-saving solutions – are they. Knits are a good option, if you haven’t still got around to the wrinkle-free fabrics. Formal shirts, for both men and women, are available from many major brands in wrinkle free fabric. Pants and trousers too have gone wrinkle-free. But don’t you go assuming that wrinkle-free travel dresses are restricted to the corporate world. Many brands like Macy’s, J-Crew and others have options in casual wear too.

Lightweight Travel Clothing

Lightweight Travel Clothing

Fabric is the key to lightweight travel clothing. Also, layering. Instead of carrying heavy woolens (until unless you are headed to Alaska!), try and stick to one basic coat and sweater. Layer the rest of your clothing — this will not only keep you cozy but give you that style boost too.

Linen pants or chinos are another great travel companion. They are not as rigid as denims but keeps you comfortably covered. If you are comfortable in denims, carry them by all means. But consider the weight you are piling on to your luggage. Three or four linen pants could go in place of a single jeans! Instead of heavy woollens, pack multiple knitted t-shirts and gungies. You can layer them in different combinations to get as much variation in your travel style as possible. Long shrugs are the it things these days. Get one now and wrap yourself up cosy on the flight or while waiting for your ride. No need to think away on what to wear on a long flight now.

Essential Travel Accessories


A scarf or stole can go a long way when it comes to travelling. It is an absolutely essential travel accessory for women. Summer or winter, make sure you carry a stole or scarf with you when you travel. You can cover yourself with it for surroundings that warrant modest dressing, you can save yourself from the sun, it can even stand in for a towel or bed sheet too. Wrap around sarongs are another great pick – especially for those beach holidays. They can work well as a tie-up beach dress, a beach spread or towel.

Here’s a great tip to carry your footwear neatly along with your other travel essentials. Don’t throw away the plastic shower caps you use at hotels. Dry them out and pack your shoes in. This will keep the pair together as well as keep dirt from the soles away from your clothes, while packing. Also, get separate pouches/kits for your inner-wear, socks and other delicate. Specially made inner-wear pouches will help you avoid scrunching up of your expensive bras. Don’t forget a laundry bag. It could be an extra polythene covered too. Just to keep your soiled clothing away from the freshly laundered ones. Throw in a few silica gel pouches to keep any moisture away.

Essential Travel Accessories

Get 100 ml pet bottles for your toiletries and cosmetics. This comes in handy, especially on a long haul flight. You can also save up tiny bottles and tubes of toiletries from the hotel for this purpose. Another essential travel accessory while travelling on an air plane is a neck pillow and maybe an eye-patch – especially if you get stuck on the middle seat. A travel jacket with hidden pockets or better a travel belt with a concealed pocket can keep your valuables and passport etc safe. Do not carry around your passport and other important papers when you are in a new city. It’s better to keep them locked in the hotel safe and keep copies in your day bag instead.

Finally, make sure you are carrying a travel adaptor whenever you leave the country. Power sockets are not designed to be the same across the world. We don’t want your phone to run out of charge when you are getting ready to click that style-fie from your exotic holiday.

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