Work is worship. Hence it is always advised to dress neatly so that you can respect your workplace. Make sure the colours are coordinated, your clothes are clean and ironed and your footwear matches the attire. Always be well groomed. Your hair should be tied and avoid wearing bling jewellery or any similar that can make noise and distract others.

Below are a few tips to help you What to Wear To Work Place.

  1. If you’re attending and interview and wish to make a great fresh impression, wear crisp formals. Well-fitted trousers with solid colour shits and comfortable footwear. Always use a deodorant and/or perfume to smell good. If you plan to wear a skirt, make sure it is worn with a pair of nude or black stockings. Keep your hair neatly tied to make sure it does not distract the interviewer and you during the interview.
  2. If you’re going for a client meeting or a business pitch meeting, and have already tried the crisp white shirts with brown or black trousers, try the peplum tops with pencil shirts. Keep it simple, but make an impression!
  3. If you are heading a department or a team, you will have to dress confident to feel confident. Wear solid colours and avoid faded prints. Make sure you avoid shabby prints and undone hair at all times.

Below are a few tips on what not to wear to work

  1. Never wear a top or a formal dress that had a deep or a plunging neckline.
  2. Don’t wear big chunky jewelry to work, keep it as minimal as possible
  3. Never wear uncomfortable footwear, for you shall spend the maximum hours at work;make sure you keep a pair of easy shoes on you.
  4. Never wear loud make-up to office. Always choose subtle or nude shades.
  5. Avoid tight – fitted clothes. Wear comfortable clothes that lets you breath.

Different work atmospheres require different type of dresses to wear to work:

For an IT professional – Wear smart formal clothes. These can include pensil skirts, trousers, and chinos with solid colour tops. Plain and simple dresses with or without polka dots and scarves look very sophisticated.

For a Radio Jockey – Like your personality, stay chirpy and wear bright colored clothing and fun prints to For a TV Host – You are on TV and hence have to look good at all times. Yellow, green, pink, whites are the colours that make you look fresh on the television. If you are hosting a formal Business channel, wear solid colour shirts with blazers and for those who are into fun and entertainment and fashion can wear floral prints, neons, asymmetric dresses and so on.

For a Fashion Professional – You’re the fashionista! Since you have to maintain this even at work, you must be extremely well dressed according to the current fashion trends in the best colours and patterns. Since bling is in, wear them with funky neon’s and sexy dresses.

For a Teacher / Lecturer – You are a ‘Guru’ for many young minds. Keep your attire simple and comfortable, so you can keep standing during the crucial hours of work. Cotton or printed chiffon sarees can definitely make a style statement.

For a Student – If you’re still a teen, running around classes and tuitions, stick to comfortable clothing like track pants and t-shirts or jeans and tops for comfort.

Lets look at some Work Wears for Women


For the Workaholic  – Wear this very feminine dress to work and impress one and all with your office fashion sense.


For the perfect business pitch – Wear this glamorous pencil skirt and frilly shirt with nude heels to keep it simple and confident.


Working Fashionista – Cover up in this awesome white and grey combination with a bright mustard sweater.

Navy blue dress-and-Belts

Fashion is a full time job – Yes, wear this shirt-dress with brown-gold accessories to look gorgeous at work.

Gray-Blazers and black pant

Work Wear – Go bright yet subtle with this bright blue tank top and a grey overcoat with matching trousers and peep toe heels.

Checks can never go out of trend. Wear them to make a stunning style statement.


Mix and match with colours. If you choose to wear a dull trouser, wear a bright contrasting colour top to and make your and your colleagues day bright and cheerful.

Play with colours and mix-n-match with combinations to give yourself a new look with different looks.


Wear this knotted bow top with minimal accessories. Keep it simple yet smart.


peplum top with a pencil skirt for the young and smart.


The Working Diva – Wear this perfect chic suit to suit the mood of a serious business meeting.


The Fashionable Office Gal – If this is the tag you want, go for this pencil skirt and grey overcoat.


White and grey is always a safe bet! This combination can never go wrong. Be it a skirt and blouse or a trouser and shirt – pick this combo for fail proof sexy fashion attire for you busy workday.


Earthy Colors for the hard working lady.


A white shirt is and will always be a classic. Pair it up with a grey pencil skirt and contrasting accessories.


Navy and mustard colour outfits to go with off-white shirts.

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