Weddings are the most fun events with family and friends in full attendance. There is a very happy vibe in the atmosphere – at the venue, celebratory with music, dance, food and some fashion. Yes, people do check out what you’re wearing at a wedding, almost more than once, however good or bad it may be. So ensure that you make their stare worthwhile.

Weddings demand a certain temperament from the guests and the hosts alike, everyone is a bit informal, easy, and humorous and look forward to get entertained at the various events scheduled. Never ever forget, if you’re the bride/groom, it is your day, make maximum heads turn. If you’re a guest, please don’t steal the attention from the couple, yet look your best!

If you’re planning to have a fabulous beach wedding or a poolside party then it calls for a very classy ambiance and decoration. An outdoor event is generally fun and guests do have a fun time by drawing great memories for all to take back home.

We’ll now help you with the best attires for the Brides, Grooms, Bridesmaids and other special and important guests for the beach wedding with what to wear and how to wear it with and how to keep it stylish.

For the Lovely Bride

We understand your pressure and for you to cope with it just dress down and don’t opt in for the very gaudy looking heavy outfits. Choose light fabrics like cotton, chiffon and linen for your skin to breath and stay cool during the warm day. You can’t have a drop of sweat on your big day nor can you afford a messed up make up, so go easy with natural colors and soft fabrics for the sunny event. Consider flared gowns or short dresses with a corset or a fitted bodice with a matching neckpiece. If it is going to be a very warm day, opt for statement earrings and give a miss to the necklace. Beaded sandals or pretty belly shoes work well for beach weddings as they let you walk comfortably on the sand.  Style you hair with beaded accessories or fancy flowers.

Do Not Wear – High Heels for they will seep into the sand, almost breaking apart. Do not wear tight fitted woolen fabrics that may lead to embarrassing visible sweat pits.

For the Groom 

You and your wife are the centre of attention on the Big Day. While your better half looks delicate and pretty, you need to look crisp and stylish. Fashion bibles suggest you wear linen. Also, a tie is a must have accessory to complete the formal look, however because of the windy nature of a beach, we suggest you to clip your tie for it to stay in place and alternatively remove your overcoat for a bit, to add some variety to your overall look. Choose light weight shoes to match the suit.

For the bridesmaid 

Opt for one-piece long dresses, with spaghetti or corset style fitting with flat sandals. Keep your make up soft and natural.

For the Guests 

For beach attire,floral prints look perfect paired with wedges or flat sandals. For men, avoid jeans, shorts and formal pants; opt for linen/ cotton pants with smart sandals and keep yourself cool in the humid weather. For the ladies, try floral dresses or busy print dresses to match the hot summery mood. Avoid, dark shades that invite sweat.

Just let your hair down and enjoy the natural beauty of a beach wedding, also carry a nice shawl/ overcoat to beat the chills as the sun goes down.

Lets look at a few stunning dresses for beach weddings


Highs and Lows – Flaunt and cover at the same time with this amazing asymmetrical yellow wedding beach dress.

Save the cost of a neckpiece and play with a netted print for the torso and layered dress, to make a gorgeous bridesmaid.

Blue-Beach-Wedding-Dress-What to wear to a beach wedding

Match the blue sea horizons with the soft and flowy beach dress, customized for the bridesmaid and the suggested for that perfect look.


Blossomed Bride – Try this simple yet chic high-low flared beach wedding dress, with a tightened broche flower at the torso.

Yellow-Short-Dress-What to wear to a beach wedding

Choose this yellow light fabric short dress with contrasting blue jewelry and plastic rimmed huge sunglasses with wedges. Go girly with cute butterfly earrings.

Lilly-Pulitzer-for-a-Beach-Wedding-What to wear to a beach wedding

Go floral with this maxi dress and match it with similar colored junk jewelry and accessories.


beautiful dress with contrasting accessories to complete your beach look.

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