A wedding is a milestone event in the lives of a couple.  It brings your family, friends, well wishers together to witness what is made out to be the most important day of your life!  At such a time, a woman goes through a series of mixed emotions, highs and lows, moods that change as often as one changes clothes. Whether or not men agree, it is definitely more tiring for a woman to get ready for the many occasions that make her wedding.

A wedding gown is a symbol of elegance, a a girl on her way to becoming a woman, moving into her new home with new hopes and  dreams and her heart literally skipping beats, as the D-Day draws closer. What makes a wedding gowns so special? Why does it make even the plainest Jane look like a million bucks? Maybe it’s the fact that white makes you look ultra demure and feminine and also keeps your man’s attention intact.

Classic white or experimental, cut, whether eastern or western and lastly the style, wide flair or slim fits.  The tradition of wearing a white wedding gowns was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th Century and thereon, has been practiced religiously by Christian brides.  Asian brides often choose the color red, which is considered auspicious in their community.

They say, a wedding gowns is not a mere outfit worn by the bride but also a sign of the bride’s social standing. As she is the most looked at on this particular day, she represents not only her personal sense of style but also her family’s social status. With this regards, one needs to be a bit bothered to get their gowns right, so the respect is mutually earned and the event is enjoyed by one and all.

Some of the best wedding gowns patterns and styles are as follows:

1.       Barbie doll wedding gowns 

Remember playing with your perfect Barbie, wondering if you could ever look like her. Well, your wedding gives you an opportunity to live that childhood dream. Go in for huge flairs starting from above your waist going all the way down covering your toes. Match it with a well fitted corset around your bust and mid waist to achieve the perfect Barbie gown style.

2.     Mermaid style wedding gowns

Get a well-fitted gown right upto your knees using your accurate body measurements and let it flair from the calves right down till your toes.  This will ensure you look like a real gorgeous mermaid bride, breaking many hearts.  This style is unique and tried and tested by young brides with their Indian lehengas who want to look slimmer or taller as this cut makes it possible.  Rest assured, you will turn every head as you walk the aisle wearing this one!

3.       Fish Cut wedding gowns 

Get a body-hugging fit till just a little above your knees, from there on; let the bottom be a rounded flair around your legs, to give you the perfect fish cut drape. This gown hugs your body perfectly and accentuates your curves.

4.       Long slit wedding gowns 

If you are the contemporary bride of Today and don’t mind experimenting with cuts and slits, then here’s your wedding gowns idea.   Keep it slim fitted throughout with a little flair at the bottom, throw in a slit on whichever side you wish to show some leg and just have fun. Put on some stilettoes and you are bound to be flooded with compliments. All the better if you have a slow dance routine with your better half.

Fairy tale weddings deserve a fairy tale gown. Here are some who are the best in the business:

  • Vera Ellen Wang – Her style is very appealing and inimitable. She envisions body drapes perfectly and delivers her best gown to suit your personality. She has designed for top celebrities like Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Avril Lavigne and many more.
  • Angel Sanchez – A fashion designer from Venezuela, she teams up a fabric which is edgy and bold at the same time bridal for girls, who are both shy and bold
  • Carolina Herrera – An American and Venezuelan citizen, her fashion sense is a mix of both cultures. Known to have styled Michelle Obama, her simplistic styles and no fuss gowns make her stand out in the wedding gowns market.
  • Hayley Paige – Here’s a designer of the future. Hayley has invented a new short wedding dress and keeps her style extremely chic by using peplum, multiple layers and silhouettes in her gown designs.
  • Jenny Packham –  A top UK based designer with a clientele to brag about – Jennifer Aniston,  Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and many more. Her latest creation is the gorgeous Swarovski scattered and encrusted on asymmetrical gowns.

Take a look at this chart. It’ll tell you which Wedding  gowns suits your body the best


hint of gold with classic white makes for an elegant bridal combination.

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Here’s a bride in a flared wedding gown, just like a mermaid out of the sea

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candid shot capturing the bride and her bridesmaid. You too can opt for a similar design with your bridesmaid.


perfect combination of fitted with flouncy. The highlight is the metallic silver belt dividing the two styles.

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classic white bridal gown with multiple asymmetrical layers at the bottom and a corset on top, separated by a grey belt

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gorgeous peplum bodice with a sweeping flare at the bottom

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A sheer beauty crafted from lace that runs from the neck and covers the back. Slim fit and sophisticated all the same.


An ivory white one shoulder dress, with roses  and frills on the train.

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