They say; ‘Old is Gold’ and when it comes to fashion, Old is gold and stylish! Check out the vintage inspired looks that have graced our runways and movies in recent times. Before you go vintage shopping for your wardrobe, let’s understand what exactly is Vintage:

“Clothing from the 1920’s to 1980’s is considered to be vintage clothing. Anything before ‘20s is an antique and anything after ‘80s is modern.”

You might want to take a look at some photographs from your parent’s school or college days to get a better picture for dressing up like a hippie from the ‘70s or go flapper chap from the ‘20s. Careful styling of flattering fits is the key to rock the vintage look. Here are a few styles to get you started on the Vintage collection in your wardrobe.

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Elegance of aristocracy – the gentleman from the past:

Forget the dinner jackets and tuxes for your big event. Work the 3-piece suit in vintage style! Rewind to the 60s and take a cue from the gentleman spy – Sean Connery and Ol’ Blue eyes – Frank Sinatra. For inspiration close home, revisit looks of Saif Ali Khan in the movie Parineeta or Shahrukh Khan in the movie Devdas, which echo sophistication of aristocracy.

A classic, well fitted 3 piece suit should do the trick. Grey and Blue are recommended for a strictly formal event. You could turn up the vintage chic up a notch with a little play of pattern – go for pinstripes/chequer. To add that contemporary edge, choose a slim tie to go over the crisp white shirt. Accessorize with cufflinks and a statement timepiece. If you could lay your hands on a Vintage Omega or Vacheron Constantine, you have nailed it! – But you would easily get away with a good leather-strapped round-dial watch that does not show off anything digital. Most importantly, floor the look with a good pair of formal Oxfords/Derbys and top it all off with a sleek Fedora.

Suit Option:


Casual Retro chap – the bad boys from the past:

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Got a bike? – You are probably going to adore this collection. The recent bollywood romantic-drama  flick– Lootera, had Ranveer adopt a James Dean-meets-Dev Anand look. For now, let’s focus on the grungy James Dean style with leathers and denims. You may picture Indiana Jones and Marlon Brando too – Indy for his earthy-muted colors and young Marlon for the attitude.

Start with a good pair of Khaki trousers and tuck in a plain denim shirt. Cuff up the trousers for a pair of classy leather ankle boots – lace-ups are recommended. Leave the shirt open up top and thrown on a comfortable brown jacket. Complete the look with a wide belt and wayfarers/aviators. Roll-up the shirt sleeves when the jacket is off

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