Handbags are essential part of a women’s lifestyle. Women have their own unique styles. Handbags when styled properly can give you a glam, chic and sophisticated look to your attire. Many a times we get stressed out which handbag to carry and what style suits which attire.  Buying the right handbag for the right attire is very tedious, so buying something which can go with most of the wardrobe is a better option and saving so the expensive bags for occasions like conferences, weddings etc.

Different Types of Handbags

Here are some handbag styles which are in trend and can make your attire perfect for the occasion.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are large bags with double handles, an open top and open key compartment. These are in trend right now, creating a big buzz in college girls. Tote bags have now become an essential part of everybody’s wardrobe. This style is worth the investment because it’s likely you’ll have this trend for a long time. Tote bags too have some categories like the canvas tote bags for your chilled out days in college and leather tote or chic lightweight tote or even faux leather tote bags. Canvas tote bags with quirky prints can create a chilled out look for your college or day out. For a chilled out day you can team up ripped denim and white tee with a chic lightweight tote bag. For a perfect work look you can team up straight fit trousers with tucked in formal shirt and tan colour leather tote. Tote bags even go well when you want to spend time on the beach, like the straw/cane tote bags.

Hobo Handbags

Hobo handbags when styled right can do great. Hobo bags are basically crescent shape and have long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. Hobo bags can also give your attire a hippy look and also a sophisticated look. These bags are available in different sizes and prints like suede, faux leather, lightweight cloth with hippy prints etc. Hobo bags are great to style with a casual look for day and night look as well. These bags actually remind us of the 90s style. Hobo bags with tassels and great space can be an advantage for your day out for shopping. Suede colours like grey, tan and black are in trend right now, with some tassels which gives them the ultimate look. These bags are quite comfortable on the shoulder, as they are slouchy in shape and have soft strap handles. Hobo bags with tan colour and tassels can give you the perfect boho look. Hobo bags are also available in a structured shape which one can opt for work.

Satchel Handbags

Satchel bags are bucket-styled hand bags, particularly large in capacity. Satchel bags have a variety like the messenger bags which is also called as crossed handbags, backpacks and school trolley bags. Satchel bags can store your necessary items like your mobile phone, lip balm; glares maybe not more than this. Messenger bags are really cute and can be styled with almost any attire. These bags are available in different sizes, colours and shapes. There’s no specific occasion or attire for this handbags, it’s actually in trend right now and is mostly used by teens for a casual day out or partying. Styling a messenger bag is not at all a task. Satchel backpacks are small but can store your basic things for a day. You can use this as a messenger bag and when it’s heavy you can wear it as a backpack. These bags give you back to school look. These types of bags look great in tan, black and brown colour. School trolley bags are almost like messenger bags but are big in size which can fit more things than messenger bags and it also have small strap handles as well as long adjustable straps.

Leather Handbags

Leather bags are never out of fashion, giving the attire a chic and sophisticated look. Leather bags can do great when you are at work or just hanging out with your friends. But choosing the right type of leather bag for right attire is important. Choosing a work leather bag can give your work formal a sophisticated look. Leather bags also have tint of colour which can add pop to your attire. Teaming your ripped denims and tee or a casual skater dress with leather backpack can give a hint of boho look or just a casual one. Leather tote bags can do great for a casual day look and also for work. Duffle bags are in trend right now, and picking up leather duffle bags can be a great choice. Leather duffle bags are great while travelling for a days trip giving your travel look a chic and sophisticated look. Leather satchel bags can be big yes while chilling out. Leather satchel bags look great and pretty cute when teamed up with casual.

Vintage Handbag Clutches

Vintage handbags can become a style statement if styled right. Vintage handbag depends on the strap length, colour, adornments, and material of the purse are the deciding factors of these purses. Vintage handbags can be found in different strap length and shapes like clutch, boxy, leather, lacy or mesh etc. Vintage clutch is a handheld bag with little or no strap. Like the movies in the 70s-80s where a lady is all dressed up and goes with a vintage clutch to glam up the attire. These purses also come in several adornments, materials, and colours. Vintage velvet purses also can create a glam look giving a sophisticated look. Vintage velvet purses are a beautiful addition to any wardrobe, with its brilliantly soft texture, velvet can last for years when cared for properly. Vintage lace purse are also in trend giving it a glam, sophisticated and chic look to your attire. It is a fine open fabric that is usually made from silk, linen or cotton. It is made by knitting, twisting, looping or braiding the threads together in an open pattern.

Quilted Handbags

Quilted handbags were actually introduced by Coco Chanel. Quilted handbags have a chain type strap handles and are a type of messenger bags as well as handbags. These handbags give you a chic and yet minimal look. Teaming quilted bags with denim or leather skirt and denim shirt can give you a chic look and also teaming it with your semi formals it can do wonders. Quilted handbags can give your casual attire a chic look. Quilted handbags are in trend right now and creating a buzz by recent fashion bloggers in town. Get some inspiration from them and make sure you style these quilted handbags well.

The Day Clutch

The Day Clutch is an excellent option if you want to consider carrying a clutch which looks great and also high on fashion. Smaller pockets are always good but you can opt for some funky styles that are available in the market. Always choose a day clutch that has many pockets in it. There are different cloth and different colors that come with the day clutch and hence you can choose the apt clutch which goes well with your dresses and also you are comfortable carrying those clutches.  If you want to carry a clutch to office, always opt to purchase a clutch that has a little of space that can help to accommodate the necessary things in it.

The Cross-Body

The Cross-body is a great bag that allows you to live freely while keeping all your necessities close to you. The Cross-body is a comfortable bag that has adjustable straps which can be adjusted according to your need.  These kind of bags are available in different sizes and shapes so you can pick up a bag which suits your personality and if you are comfortable to carry them. Make sure you don’t stuff too much accessories or things in the cross body bags because they need to be light. If the bag becomes overweight, it may break the straps and leads to an embarrassing situation.

The straw basket is best kind of basket that should be taken along with you in warmer months.  If you are looking for a playful and stylish avatar, try to carry a straw basket along with you. The Straw Basket looks stylish and gives an ethnic appeal as well. There were many Hollywood actresses who rocked the Straw Basket along with their vintage dresses.

If you are confused about which brand of handbag you should purchase, here are few best brands of handbags from where you can buy.

  • Chanel…
  • Fendi…
  • Hermes. …
  • Hilde Palladino. …
  • Lana Marks. …
  • Louis Vuitton. …
  • Marc Jacobs. …
  • Mouawad.

You can style giving your attire a boho, chic, sophisticated, hippy or glam look with different style bags.

Happy styling!☺

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