Call them slip-ons, slippers or flip-flops – these open-toed sandals are the best therapy for your tired and tortured feet. Better yet, now they come in a variety of colours and styles to keep your footwear options fashionable.

Womens slippers can easily be termed the universal footwear, you will find it anywhere you go; only the name changes – zori, thongs, jandals, slappies, slides, step-ins etc. They date back to ancient Egypt and are familiar to most cultures around the world for centuries. For example, in India we have popularly known them as simply ‘chappals’. This flat-soled footwear with Y-shaped straps is strictly casual and perfect for the beach or a summer’s day-out. The flapping sound they make when you walk in them is responsible for the name flip-flops.

So, why are slippers good for your feet? – They are open and do not have any constricting straps or buckles. This allows your feet to stay relaxed and move freely. On the other hand, a lot of walking in slippers is not highly recommended – you could be inviting injury, ankle pain and even flat-feet due to the lack of support. So, stick to slippers only when the occasion is absolutely casual and relaxed – like an informal garden/house party or hanging out with your friends at the mall. Slippers are also the perfect daily wear –you can wear them to the office with casual attire like a Kurta with leggings or jeans. Tall women especially benefit from these semi-formal slippers – the flat-soles keep their height balanced.

Slippers are usually made from skin-friendly material like soft rubber or leather in-soles and straps. Fabric is also common on straps. Osho slippers were a recent trend that introduced eco-friendly and budget-friendly style. Fancy womens slippers suited for parties and outdoor wear are also available in plastic material.

Let’s take a look at womens slippers in different styles:

Leather is the best pick for office wear. Slippers are essentially casual in nature, but the leather will add class and style to and otherwise simple footwear. There are synthetic substitutes to leather too – which are equally elegant at a lower price. Stick to neutral or pastel colours of your formal wear at workplace.

neutral or pastel colours of  formal wear

Forget the fancy middle straps and studs – stick to the flip-flops for a funny day out. Perfect for the beach too. Choose vibrant colours to brighten up your look.

Yellow-Slippers. and Olive-Slippers
Olive-Slippers and Pink-Slippers

Going to a casual house party? – Stay comfortable and classy at the same time. You can dance away all night, without having to kick off those high heels.

Maroon-Slippers and Collection-Brown-Slippers.

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