Accessories have a major role to play in defining your personal style and helping you make a bold fashion statement. Just like you have different pairs of earrings, necklaces, watches, shoes and belts to wear for different occasions or to complement different outfits, it is quite justified to own a couple of different trendy Eyeglasses frames ,as well.


Talking about the need of sunglasses, they are really helpful during summer season especially in tropical climates. The summer months are filled with a lot of heat, pollution and dirt in the environment which can affect our eye in many ways. To avoid the contact with external factors, sunglasses play a major role. However, there are many leading brands to try. Here are few brands like Ray Ban, Van Heusen, CK, Gucci, Lacoste, Vogue, Fastrack, Flying Machine, Oakley which are very popular. These brands are generally worn by men and woman as well.

Sun rays are harsh on the skin and loaded with ultraviolet radiation so, you definitely need to keep a pair of sunglasses reserved for commuting to and fro from office to protect your eyes. It is cool to have fun with different frames to reflect your different moods, as per the call of the occasion!! Sunglasses are available in different shapes and sizes and it is very important to pick up the correct one for you.  

With a wide array of colors and sizes, sunglasses these days are available in different style such as Aviator, Spectacle Sunglasses Wayfarer, Rectangular, Sports, Oversized, Oval etc. Certain world famous brands from leading companies like Diesel, Harley Davidson, Rockford, Fahrenheit, Timberland and Lacoste offers good discounts when you buy their products on sale.

If you are having a hard time selecting a pair for yourself, we are here with this compilation of the trendy Eyeglasses styles that are rocking this season!!

Round Mirrored Eyeglasses Frame

Cool and contemporary are the two words for this pair of eyeglass frame for men. The unconventional shades in lenses like honey and beer-tinge make them really fun to wear. This look best on square faces as it help to soften the look by taking the attention away from the angular jaw line. The sleek brow bridge adds an ultra-modern appeal to the frames. A pair of these from zero UV would cost you around 7 Dollars, as the best deal. Round mirrored eyeglasses frame are one among the highest trending pairs in the market. In case you are looking to purchase these pairs of glasses online, make sure you try them once after visiting the nearby outlet.

Westward Leaning Round Frames

This kind of trendy eyeglasses frames is very much inspired by retro fashion. The lemon shaded glasses are the quirky element here. These would look really happening with a cool tee shirt. The frames have been done in acetate and metal hardware. Rose gold is the hottest selling color of lenses this season. An elite pair of these would cost you in a range of 200 dollars. Of course, the price for individual style and make varies. Westward leaning round frames are in fashion once again. Go ahead girl!

Ray Ban Fold up Eyeglasses Frames for Men

Oh yes, when we are talking about sunglasses it should be Ray ban in the list and here it is. Round glasses without the brow bridge. The style is inspired by the trends, back in the 1960s. This one is a foldable version and can be conveniently carried in your pockets. The sleek gold frames and classic shades make this pair a timeless piece to own. The price would range from 175 pounds. Ray Ban fold up eyeglasses is one among the trendy and classy eyeglasses generally preferred by men.

Cat-eye River Island Trendy Eyeglasses Frames for Women

Cat eye is one shape that is here to stay because it looks good on a lot of different face shapes. The cat-eye shape of frames has a sensual and feminine appeal to it. Just for an interesting dose of info, this is indeed a style comeback as cat-eye frames were pretty much a rage, back in the 1950s and early 1960s. The upper outer edges of these frames have a softly angular upsweep and create a subtle drama. This pair of trendy eyeglasses for women from River Island would cost you around 14 Pounds. Cat-eye River Island trendy eyeglass frames are for the woman who can carry their charm in style.

Aviators From Topshop

Aviators are the “Black and White” of the sunglass kingdom. In other words, aviators are never going to get out of vogue. Trendy Aviators Sunglasses  manage to look smoking hot on just about anyone, out there. A dose of history here, Aviators were basically to help protect the eyes of the pilots while flying because of the sun glare. These come in a number of hues and are available in single-bridge as well as double bridge version. The price range falls somewhere around $18 or so. Aviators are one among the sunglasses that were introduced in 1990’s and were preferred by high-class people. Aviators generally go well with round shaped and heart shaped face people.

Tortoiseshell Trendy Eyeglasses for women from Mango

The tortoise shell pattern helps make the wearer a bold fashion statement without going overboard. This pair with half frames and tortoiseshell frame looks casual yet smart. The funkiness of the frames is balanced out very well by the use of dark graduated lenses. This pair from Mango would cost around 40 dollars.

Quay Marbled Sunglass Frame

The marbled framed are very much in vogue. The fashion forward number from the Australian brand Quay has taken the fashion sector by a storm due to their cool quotient. The icy blue lenses add to the appeal, all the more. The price can be expected to be somewhere around 60 dollars. This is one must have a pair of a trendy eyeglass frame for women.

Women’s Designer Round-Oversize Retro Fashion

These oversized trendy Wayfarer eyeglasses frames for women with rounded lenses and flattened edges are a perfect combination of vintage and modern style. The lenses are UV protection enabled and frames have been done in acetate. These endow the wearer with a glamorous, hollywood star like appeal and beautifully flatter most facial shapes. From Zero UV, expect this pair to cost you roughly 10 dollars, or so. These glasses have been in fashion since retro days and it has made its way back in a 21st century. Retro sunglasses have been rocked by many Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone.

Oversized Square Block Hipsters

These square frames of trendy eyeglasses have high accentuated temples and classic curves and would suit men and women equally well. As a general rule, try to go for a shape of sunglasses that is a contrast to that of your face shape. As for this one, it would look particularly delightful on anybody with a round or oval face shape as this one takes away the attention from the roundness and chubbiness of your facial contours and draws the attention to its angles. This pair from Zeruv costs approx 10 dollars.

Butterfly Shaped Sunglasses Eyeframe


The trendy butterfly silhouette in this particular style of sunny frames looks dramatic yet quite elegant. Butterfly-shaped sunglasses hardly suit anyone, but people who love to wear them can wear them in style. Planning a vacation near beaches or somewhere else? It is always good to go with butterfly shaped sunglasses.

Sweetheart Shaped Sunglasses

Can sunglasses frames get any further cute? Well, while wearing them is not everyone’s cup of tea, this particular style of frames is definitely fun to wear. The frames are made up out of acetate and are available in a lot of different colors. This pair from Zero UV would cost you approx 10 dollars. We have to say, these have an old-worldly charm no matter how unconventional, these look.

So, this was our compilation of the best styles which are selling like hot cakes, this season. There are certain others which look good on both women and men.

Frame and Lens Material

While selecting the sunglasses, you should always think about the material of the sunglasses. A good sunglasses with worst frame and lens material makes a big difference. Some sunglasses are made of plastic while some of the metal, so which one will you select? I suggest you selecting the one which goes well with your face shape.

Spending too much or too less on sunglasses is a big question to ponder. You should stay away from purchasing cheap sunglasses but it does not mean that you should be purchasing the most expensive sunglasses. You should look forward to investing a decent amount for sunglasses to look good and to keep your eyes safe from UV rays.

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