Trending Now – Chevron Prints For The ‘It’ Girl!

Chevron print consists of inverted ‘V’ shapes. In fashion it can be found on dresses in different patterns. It goes back to as early as 1800 BC when it was used in pottery design in the city of Greece. Popular since the 70’s, the common pattern back then was retro vibe. Today it is available in different patterns on many chic dresses.

Metals in chevron shapes can be found on jewellery, which gives it a geometric look. From skirts to jewellery, chevron print is available on all, be it tops, skirts, scarves, shoes, bags, wallets, watches and accessories.

Let’s look at some of the trendy designs in Chevron here:

Chevron Print Dresses

Chevron Print Dresses

This red chevron dress is a perfect wear for both spring and summer.


This one shoulder dress with chevron print is good for daytime parties.


This one in navy blue chevron is perfect for summers. Wear it to shopping or parties for a perfect look.


This dress with sheer sleeves and checron prints is an absolute party wear.

Chevron Print Maxi Dresses


This designer chevron maxi dress is perfect for evening get-togethers.

A colour combination that can never go wrong. Simple yet stylish! 


A sleeveless chevron dress ideal for the summer.

Chevron Print Tops


A pastel chevron top worn with light jeans and high heels.


Choose the right accessories to wear with this chevron print top.


A chevron top perfectly matched with yellow cardigan.

Chevron Print Accessories 


This mobile cover in chevron print makes a good gift for your girlfriend.


Mint green chevron print watch makes for a perfect wear with your chevron print maxi skirt or dress.


This iPod/ iPhone case in chevron design is for Apple lovers.


Chevron design on your nails, this idea is for enthusiasts.

These are tan, teal and aqua vinyl chevron earrings. Match them with your chevron dress.


These are chevron design stretch bracelets.


Choose your favourites from this assortment of chevron designer accessories.


This double chevron ring will look best with a chevron print dress.


A chevron designer bag for the fashionista.


Red and white hair bow! Just match it with the right dress and you are good to go.


Another chevron print watch. It will look best with a white dress.

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