Colours, print, fit, length – a hundred things run through your mind when picking out that perfect outfit. And why not – be it casual, formal or party wear, you need to make sure that your dress suits you well enough and is according to your style sense. If that’s the case then neck designs need some consideration too. Let me take you through some simple yet stylish neck designs for kurti casual to semi-formal wear.

Kurti- The Formal, The Casual

Kurtis are a favourite casual wear option among the modern Indian women. Firstly, it is versatile enough to be worn with jeans, leggings, salwars or skirts. Secondly, they can go from day to night if styled right. It is quite common for office goers to be seen in their semi-formal kurti style too. Simple colours and prints are always their favourite. So, what about the neck design? For office, consider a mandarin/Chinese collar or v-neck design for kurtis. These are simply comfortable and elegant at the same time. So what if you are not wearing those stifling shirts to the office – you can still flaunt that collar neck design on kurtis.

College goers are equally enthusiastic about kurtis too. It is a very simple daily wear option, yet can be styled fashionably according to the trends. Kurtis and jeans/leggings are a favourite college wear these days – especially during the hot Indian summers. Different necklines for kurtis are also being experimented. While the Chinese and Nehru collars are being used, round and v-necks are the most popular kurti neck patterns among youngsters. The cross-over v-necks with contrast piping is also a big trend these days. Combination kurti neckline patterns like round plus key-hole and collar plus v is also popular among the latest neck designs for kurtis.

Round, v-neck, Mandarin collar, key-hole, cross-over etc are different necklines for kurtis that are suitable for every occasion – be it a busy day out at work or comfort wear for a relaxing shopping trip. Accessorizing kurtis are also easy. Simple jewellery goes well with casual kurtis. Delicate gold chains are ideal for daily office wear style. College girls can try funky and colourful plastic or beaded ornaments.

How can you make a simple kurti look stylish without the help of accessories? Try decorating the neckline. A well-designed kurti neckline is equivalent to an elegant necklace. Embroidery, beads and buttons, laces, piping and patchwork are the favourite decorative techniques for casual kurti neck desigsn. You can also try pleats, tie-details, bows and even fabric paint or prints.

Kurti Neck Designs

Looking for inspiration? Don’t go too far – we have some neck designs for kurti you, right here.

Take a Look at These Top 6 Simple Yet Stylish Neck Designs for Kurti

The collar necklines are soon becoming a favourite when it comes to daily wear kurti designs and salwar suit neck designs. The latest neck designs for kurtis are hugely inspired by the collar style – Mandarin/Chinese, Nehru etc. This is because this neck pattern for kurtis is comfortable and at the same time projects a semi-formal image – ideal for daily work wear. There are quite a few variations and designs available in this neck pattern. Designer kurtis have collar necks embellished with beads, sequins or embroidery, while casual wear kurtis are usually decorated with contrast piping, thread embroidery or patchwork detailing.

Collar neck designs for kurti suit every body type, especially broad shouldered figures. It can bring balance to your body shape by creating an illusion of perfect proportions. The back neckline for collar neck designs are always high and covered, thus making it a comfortable daily wear option for every season.


Collared Scoop Necklines


The mandarin/Chinese collar is quite popular nowadays among classic neckline patterns for ethnic costumes like kurtis and salwar suits. They are easily casual and elegant at the same time. This white and blue printed cotton kurti features a high Mandarin collar with a scoop neckline pattern in front. Closed collar neckline designs are ideal for those who have broad shoulders. Here, the 3/4th sleeves along with the mandarin collar neck design easily balance the overall look. The calf-length kurta is designed for comfort with a flared cut and breathable fabric. This kurti style is well-suited for daily office-wear, especially during hot summers. Accessorize with a delicate necklace and pendent to enhance the scoop neckline. Long earrings or hoops will look good with the collar neck pattern for kurtis.

Boat Necklines

Boat necks are soon becoming common for kurtis too. You may mistakenly consider it as a round neck, but look for the v-shaped cuts on either shoulder to identify a boat neck pattern on kurtis. When looked from above this neckline makes a boat-like shape on your shoulders and hence, the name. Boat necks are also ideally suitable for those with narrow shoulders, as it can add some width to your upper body. Long slender necks complement this kurti neck design well. It is best to avoid this kurti neck design if you have a large bust, as boat necks are high and can enhance your bust area.

The latest neck designs for kurti come in a variety of boat neck inspired patterns. Some have simple contrast piping or embroidery detailing to accentuate the neck design. But ties, bows and buttons are also being used to embellish them further.


Check out this simple yet stylish kurti neck design on a bright blue sleeveless kurti. Boat necks have their special charm on sleeveless kurtis and are well suited for broad shouldered slender figures. The cotton kurti neck pattern is further enhanced by the contrasting pink piping on the neckline as well as the cut-sleeves. The knee-length kurti features all over embroidery and sparkly pink, green and gold detailing at the front hem, while the back is left bare with no embellishments or contrasting colours. Wear this with matching pink leggings for that vibrant look. Accessorize with beaded jewellery for a day-out look or add some sparkly bangles and earrings for the glamorous look.


Here’s a little twist to the classic boat neck design for kurtis. The simple and stylish kurti neck pattern is notable because of that pretty bow detail on the left shoulder. Nothing fancy here – just a strip of cloth in the same floral fabric of the body, that can be tied into a bow. Furthermore, the short cotton blend floral kurti has pleat detailing around the neckline to give it a comfortable flared fit. This one is ideal for those of you who want to bring some colour to your casual wear wardrobe. Pair it up with leggings – You could try green, yellow or white shades. It is best not to wear a necklace for boat neck designs. Instead, accessorize well with wrist wear and earrings.

Classic Keyhole Neck Patterns

Keyhole neckline patterns are fairly modern as compared to classics like round or boat necks. The best attribute of key hole neck designs for kurti is that they suit every body type and occasion. There are many variations in keyhole neck pattern too. Size and shape are the usual variants. The most common keyhole neck pattern is the small round shape at the centre of a simple round or boat neck. But now, we also see diamond or teardrop shaped keyhole kurti neck designs. The embellishment options are also numerous – the favourite being the drawstring or simple tie detail. A simple button is also a common decorative option. Beads and contrast piping also looks good on keyhole neckline patterns.

This is a simple keyhole neck design for kurtis with a button at the centre and delicate golden piping along the neckline. The blue cotton kurti is embellished by golden all-over print and a strip of zari just above the hemline. Keeping up with the simple design, the kurti neck design has also been left simple yet stylish. As the basic neckline pattern is round in the front, the back neck design is simply a high round neckline. You can wear contrasting yellow legging this elegant casual kurti. Delicate chains with pretty pendents are ideal for kurti neck designs like these. Compliment your necklace with matching earrings and bracelets.

Sexy Mandarin

Mandarin collars are always elegant on casual wear kurtis. When it is combined with a key-hole neck design, the style is upped further. This short black kurti features a discreet closed mandarin collar with a large keyhole design in front. The Mandarin collar is lined with contrast pink piping and fastened with a small button to form the key hole. It’s best not to wear any necklace or chains with this kurti neck pattern.

Round Neck is Evergreen Neck Design

Round necks are always a classic pick for any ethnic costume including kurtis and salwar suits. Round neck patterns for kurtis is suitable for every body type. Variations in width and depth can further enhance your neckline. The usual round neck design for kurtis are embellished with piping or lace work. Embroidery and delicate sequin work can also look elegant on casual wear kurtis.

Check out this super short kurti with a round neck pattern. The simple off-white cotton kurti is further enhanced by the bright red thred embroidery work on the yoke and sleeves. Delicate lace trimmings have also been used on the kurtis neckline. I You can use delicate gold chains or funky bead jewellery to accessorize this kurti neck design. Anything and everything can suit a round neck. All you need to plan for is how best you can accessorize it according to your figure.

This green crepe kurta has a simple round neck with floral patchwork adorning the neckline. Similar fabric has been used for patchwork embellishments on the sleeves and hemline. This is truly the best example that showcases how a simple neck pattern for kuti can be transformed into a stylish kurti neck design with simple details in colour and print. Accessorize with complimenting jewellery in vibrant shades.

Lovely V-Neck’s

V-necks are also a classic neckline design we all love. It is a savior for all those who struggle with short height or an ill proportioned body. A v-neckline can add height and give a slimming effect on your figure. Variations are available in different lengths and widths. Try the casual short v-neck for daily wear. However, deep cut v-necklines for kurtis are ideal when it comes to occasion wear. Use long chains to further enhance the neckline.

Here’s a simple v-neck design for kurtis you can try for daily work wear or casual wear. It’s not too deep or wide – just right for comfortable wear that can be used on busy days. The vibrantly printed cotton kurta has a intricately printed panel encircling the neckline to attract attention to the simple kurti neck design. You can further enhance the v-neck look with short chains and pendants or long dangling earrings.

V-neck designs for kurtis can be short and sweet with little or no embellishments, but yet be stylish. Here, you can see that the cream georgette kurti features a suggly fit v-neck with just a thing green piping detail to decorate it. But at the same time, there are other decorative elements on the kurti that attracts attention. The simple v-neck pattern for the kurti balances the look well. You can either leave this neckline as it is or accessorize it with simple jewellery.

Now that you have seen some of the simplest yet stylish kurti neck designs, get ready to flaunt some new neckline patterns with your daily wear casual style. I’ll leave you with some more interesting neck designs for kurti inspiration.


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