What do you look for when planning to buy a new salwar suit – trend, colors, prints, embroidery? Next time take a closer look and consider the neckline pattern too. A neckline that suits your face and body shape is the easiest way to attract attention to your outfit. Be it casual or party wear, salwar suit neck designs play an important role in enhancing your look. Find out how.

Salwar suits are a favorite among Indian woman for its practicality and variety. From the old to young and modern to traditional, the salwar kameez is a sensible ethnic costume for everyone. It is traditionally elegant just as much as the saree or lehenga, but unlike them, provides ease of movement like a trouser or jeans. And for this very reason, Salwar suits are a comfortable daily wear option too.


If there is anyone out there who still thinks that daily wear is all about drab boring clothes, you are wrong. Most companies nowadays encourage their employees to dress smart for the workplace. And that doesn’t necessarily mean pant-suits and skirts either. If ethnic is your style, salwar suits are your best bet for work wear or college. These salwar designs you choose to wear everyday needn’t be the same old conservative cotton kurta, plain salwar and dupatta combo. You have a lot of salwar patterns to choose from. If you are not ready to experiment with the decorative aspects like embroidery and patch work or cuts like Anarkali and Patiala, why not try a few different salwar suit neck designs?


Trying out a bunch of different salwar neck patterns is the best way to bring variety to your wardrobe without making any drastic changes in your style. Even if you want to keep it simple with the usual salwar neck patterns like round, square or v-shape, you can still add some style using light embroidery, piping or patch work techniques. Appliqué work, beads, stones etc are some common embellishments for salwar suits. For everyday use, these techniques can be used minimally to balance discreet styling.

Before I introduce you to some trendy and simple salwar suit neck designs for everyday wear, let’s find out all about the evergreen salwar neck patterns and how to choose them wisely.

Here are Few Salwar Neck Design Patterns

Round Neck
Round necklines are the most basic neck pattern used for salwar suits or any other item of clothing. It is the most common salwar neck pattern with variations in depth and width. Round necks are suitable for every body shape. However, they look great on tall women. For casual wear, plain round necklines can be styled with contrast piping or light embroidery. Laces and frills are also trendy these days.


Square Neck
Another basic shape that can be a flattering salwar neck pattern to enhance your neck – the square neck is ideal for those who have narrow drooping shoulders or a large bust. The square neckline broadens your shoulder and gives it more balance. However, you should avoid wearing this neckline if you have a square face – Otherwise, it can give you a boxy look. This salwar neck pattern is best suited for curvaceous women with pear shaped bodies.


V Neck
V necklines have been a favourite among salwar suit neck designs for a long time. The classic neck pattern can either be a simple close-to-the-neck V shape or a plunging low v-neck. This salwar neck pattern can make you look slimmer and your neck longer. And so, it is ideal for those who worry about a round/square face, short stubby neck and those extra pounds. However, those who have a narrow face or long slender neck should avoid this neckline.


Boat Neck
This is the neckline you need if you are waiting to flaunt those elegant collar bones. The boat or bateau neckline owes its name to the wide boat like shape that hangs by your shoulders. Needless to say, those with wide shoulders and a short neck should avoid this salwar suit neck design. Also, it is suitable for small bust size as it enhances the shoulders and bust area. The boat neck is also perfect to achieve that hour glass figure, as it balances your shoulder width with your hips.


Collar Neck
The collar neckline needs no introduction. It is quite popular in many variations like the Nehru collar, Mandarine or Chinese collar etc. High collar salwar neck patterns are good for those with a small bust and long neck. However, those with a short neck should absolutely avoid these. The collar necklines can vary from a simple slit at the neck of the salwar to elaborate patterns above the chest. One thing remains the same – the back neck is always covered.


Scoop Neck
A deep u-shaped neckline that plunges down to your chest – good to balance your body shape and create a proportionate look. The Scoop neck is ideal for those with narrow shoulders and small busts. It accentuates width on the upper part of your body and thus creates an illusion of the hour glass figure. But avoid this salwar suit neck design if you have a skinny narrow face.


Sweetheart Neck
Like its name, this neckline pattern is a sweetheart for every body shape. It accentuates your bust with a shape that resembles the top half of a heart. You may think it’s a variation of v-neck, but no. The sweetheart necklines are usually wider and start close to the under arms. Since, this style can be a bit revealing; sweetheart necklines for salwars suits are often used in combination with a collar or sheer material.


So, those were the basic salwar suit necklines and how to choose them wisely for your body shape. However, with salwar suit trends changing on a regular basis, demand for innovative designs is also on the rise. Nobody wants to wear the same old neckline designs anymore. Do you? The latest salwar neck patterns often combine two basic necklines and add more style to it with complicated cuts and embellishments. Simple round and v-necks are no longer stylish for even daily wear.

Check Out these Stylish Salwar Suit Neck Designs for Everyday.


First up is a colourful salwar suit in Fuschia chanderi art silk. The round neckline with a v dip in the centre is given a contrast piping in blue to match the cotton bottom. This salwar suit neck design also features decorative buttons and floral prints to enhance the simple look. Patch work in green is also added around the buttons.

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This is a Wide v-neck salwar suit neck design with white embroidery. The back neck design is round though.


This yellow and red printed salwar suit comes with a high neck design with a small cut in front. The salwar neck pattern is decorated with simple pleat work in red and green. The minimalistic embellishment adds style to an otherwise simple neckline, but keeps it casually elegant at the same time.


This purple cotton jacquard salwar suit has a high collar neckline with white patch work down the front and delicate resham embroidery. Flowers and leave design is done elegantly. You need not accessorize much when you use salwar suit neck designs like these.


Nehru collar salwar neck pattern with contrast piping and button detailing.


Here’s how you can change a simple neck into a stylish salwar suit neck design. The button detailing on one side and the piping on the other has been done in contrasting blue shade to match the dupatta and bottom.


This high round salwar neck pattern is almost like a crew neck. The black piping and embroidery adds more style to it.


Sweetheart necklines needn’t always be wide and deep. See how they can be used as salwar neck patterns. This is almost like a rectangular neck, if it wasn’t for the slight curves.

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Sneha is wearing a simply gorgeous sunny yellow salwar suit a Nehru collar neckline design. Piping in a contrasting colour has been added to the v-shape in front.


This is a grey V-neck salwar suit with contrasting Nehru collar and piping done in red color from top to the bottom.


Here’s another variation in sweetheart inspired salwar suit neck design. The neckline starts in a v shape, but is cut deep into two small curves that meet in the centre.


This pretty white salwar suit has a Mandarine collar and v-shped neckline. Contrasting pink embroidery and buttons have been used to further enhance the salwar neck pattern.


This deep wide salwar suit neck design has been styled with a strip of printed fabric. More embroidery has been added to the yoke in a square shape piping has also been used.


Tamanna is wearing a casual yellow Anarkali style salwar suit with a v neck designed with contrasting pink piping and crossover knot detailing.


This is a high round neck with a v-shaped dip in front and piping in a contrasting cream color.


Another v shaped salwar suit neck design with crossover knot detailing and patchwork borders. This style gives you an illusion of height and is suitable for those with short neck or narrow shoulders.


This is a Colorful embroidery jacket style salwar suit design with contrast detailing on then neckline.


This salwar neck pattern is similar to a keyhole neckline, but in a diamond shape. The neckline starts from the shoulders in a boat neck shape and meets in the middle to form the small diamond. Contrast piping has also been given to match the prints on the salwar suit.


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