If you are from the Indian sub-continent, you cannot be a stranger to Mehandi designs. In India, we usually use mehandi for weddings and other celebratory occasions. The reddish-brown designs are an important part of Indian bridal makeup. The Arabians are also familiar with mehendi also known as Arabic mehndi designs. If traditional Indian mehandi designs are intricate and geometric, Arabic mehndi designs are floral and minimal. For the modern day bride who loves simpicity, Arabic mehndi designs would be the perfect choice.  Let’s find out all about these designs.

In India, Mehandi or Henna is a Vedic tradition. In the Arab world, mehandi has been a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality for over five thousand years. The plant from which the paste is made is associated with positive vibes. It is considered as a link to an ancient age full of good and bad spirits – Baraka and Jnoun. Initially women used the ground paste of the henna plant to decorate their arms and feet with simple designs like dots or geometric shapes. The patterns were believed to be designs that kept evil away, increased fertility and brought good energy.

Here are top 18 Arabic Mehndi Designs for hands and feet


Indian Style Of Mehndi Designs


Though, Mehandi has been popular in India from the Vedic period, the earliest known evidence of henna being used to dye the skin was found in Egyptian mummies. Their nails and hair were stained reddish-brown with henna. It is also believed that the henna plant originated in Egypt and was regularly shipped off to India. The temporary tattoo like skin decoration has surpassed its popularity in India and the Arab world to the west, through Indian cinema and entertainment.

As compared to Indian mehendi designs, Arabic henna designs are simpler. Arabic mehndi designs are usually large and floral, unlike the intricate patterns in Indian mehendi. They also use thick lines, whereas, Indian designs have thin lines drawn close together. Animal and human images are not used in Arabic mehendi designs. The most common designs are flowers with large petals,leaves and vines. These designs don’t cover the whole of your arm or leg. They are designed to bring balance between the bare skin and reddish-brown patterns. And so, it is ideal for brides who want to extend the design from hand to arm or foot to leg, without the overwhelming effect. A unique feature in Arabic mehndi designs is that the shapes are not filled – they are just left as outlines. As a result, it leaves your hands or feet partially covered. These designs also consume less amount of mehandi paste and are easily dried.


Let’s start with a very simple design. This is typical Arabic mehndi design with clean lines.


This is what the simple Arabic henna designs will look like when you extend it up your arm.


Here’s another stunning design with clever patterns to make a distinguishable heart in the centre when you hold your palms together.


This is a very simple Arabic mehndi design for your feet.


But you can also go for unique designs like these.


See how beautiful Arabic designs will look on the brides hands.


This simple design extends from your fingers to your arms and yet looks very minimal. You can carry it off easily at any occasion.


And, if you want to fill your palms with mehendi, this Arabic design should be your choice.


Why leave it at your arms and feet. Try this Arabic mehendi design for your shoulder and flaunt it with an off-shoulder dress or blouse.

Take a look at these Arabic Mehndi Designs


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