Bad hair day? Not to worry – braids are the biggest trend in hairstyles right now. Forget that blow drier for a day and stay relaxed in simply stylish braided hairstyles. And who better to get inspired from than our favorite celebrities. The fashionistas of Hollywood and Bollywood have been flaunting their trendy braided styles on and off-screen for quite some time now. Check out some of these braided hairdos that celebrity stylists have crafted to perfection.

From a normal 3-strand braid to fishtails, mermaid or milkmaid hair braiding styles, you have a lot to choose from. Pile it all up or let it hang down the shoulders – there’s a braid for every mood. Long, short, thick, straight or wavy, there are braid styles to suit any kind of hair too. And the best part – you can get all these hairdos done quickly with little help from anyone else.

It is the versatility of hair braiding that makes it a celebrity favourite. Also, braided hairstyles are a fashion week staple these days. The variations seen everyday are more than what we can keep track off. Updo, half updo, crown, low back crowns, twofers, braided braids – hairstylist has a do for every occasion. Some of the stars boldly walk down the red carpet in messy hair too – one of the biggest trends lately.

Bollywood seems to be in love with the side tail. From simple 3-strand braid to fishtails and jasmine braids, Indian celebrities are wearing a braid over their shoulder with every kind of outfit. Fashionistas like Sonam have attended elaborate up dos too. The barely-there braids are a favourite for short hair. A tiny braid to keep the hair out of the eyes or a simple French braid for a crowned look on open hair is the usual choice.

Some of the Best Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Blake Lively’s Fishtail Pony


If you have thick long hair, Blake’s braided hairstyle stands a chance at making it to your favorite hairdo list. It’s fun, simple and neat at the same time. All you got to do is bind up that thick mane into a high pony and braid away. Blake’s got a fishtail braid style, but you can also try the 5-strand or rope hair braiding styles. Add a dash of glamor with sparkly elastic bands for a casual but cool look. In case, you are wearing this braided hairstyle to a wedding, add some beads or jeweled hair accessories too.

Don’t worry if you have shorter hair; just shift the pony to the nape of your neck, so that the braid falls over your shoulder. But your hair’s got to be thick for the right look – use hair extensions if needed. Braided extensions are also available.

Kim Kardashian’s Braided Ballerina Bun


Trust Kardashian to make even a simple ballerina bun sexy. Apparently it was Kim’s solution for a bad hair day – thick braids piled up into a Grecian style bun. Not too bad I say. Kim called it “old Hollywood” style and I think she nailed it at the fashion week appearance in that off–shoulder blue gown and bold red lips. You can try this too – say, with a saree maybe. For that sleek modern look, wear this braided hairstyle with a printed Satya Paul or Masaba saree – perfect styling for a daytime event. Add a pair of long dangling earrings to frame your face.

This hair braiding style can be tried on medium to long hair. And if it isn’t as thick as you wanted it to be, get some hair extensions. For extra glamor, you may add a delicate hair pin. But make sure you don’t go overboard with the accessories.

Priyanka Chopra’s Messy Side Braid


It’s messy, but is Priyanka looking anything lesser than stunning? The messy fishtails are favorite among celebrities these days. They have been seen wearing this hairdo with gowns on the red carpet to casual denims and vests at promotional events. The out-of-bed look is easy to achieve. For that puffed look PC is sporting here, start with a loose French braid and continue down in a fishtail braid style. Frame your face with a few loose strands of hair.

This hairstyle with braids looks best on short to medium wavy hair. Use some volumnising hairspray to get the wispy look. Another variation to the style can be a loose mermaid braid with wavy bangs on your forehead. This is a casual hairdo and you can try it out with a cute dress or denims.

Kangana Ranaut’s Braided Updo


Want those messy locks out of your sight for a particularly busy day? Why not try Kangana’s cute braided updo. You would also be happy to know that this braided hairstyle can easily go from day to night. Wear with a short summer dress or skirt and ruffled blouse for the day. For the night accessorize with sparkly pins or beads – don’t overdo it though. You can also try weaving in a bright ribbon along with the braids and piling it up on your head. Now forget about getting your hair messy and party hard.

Works well for medium to long hair. If the hair is too thin, you could use hair extensions for the desired look. You can easily work this braided hairstyle for a celebratory occasion if you are having a bad hair day.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Casual Crown Braid


The classic milkmaid braid, better known as crown braid is no rocket science and JLaw seems to have nailed it. Originally, this braided hairstyle has a neat and sleek look. JLaw stylist gave it a casual twist with a messy look. A few stray tendrils of those shiny tresses frame the ‘Hunger Games’ star’s face to give her that cute and carefree attitude. This crown braid style is quite easy – two separate braids from either side of your head, crossed over each other up on the crown.

The braided hairstyle can be done on medium to short hair and is ideal for a casual event. You can accessorize with simple hairpins or beads. Try and get more attention to the hair do with sparkly stud earrings.

Lucy Liu’s Twofer Braid Hairdo


If one braid style is not enough, try two like Lucy Liu. Here, the celebrity’s braided hairstyle starts at the hairline with neat French braids that run along to the sides of her head. The rest of her long tresses have been weaved into a not too messy fishtail braid. I think the neat side braid perfectly complements her off-shoulder floral dress. This hair braiding style can work with anything from a casual outfit to cocktail dresses. You could wear it for an occasion with a saree or salwar too. Just add more hair accessories like sparkling hairpins, beads etc. If you don’t want the elastic bands showing at the end of your side tail, wrap it under a strand of hair.

Braiding hair in this style is easy and quick work. Make sure you have enough length for the braid to hang over your shoulder. Try other variations like French braid crown and mermaid sidetail or rope braids.

Amanda Seyfried’s simple French Braid


Remember those simple braids you wore to school? Well, they are a celebrity favourite on the red carpet too. You know how easily you can achieve this braided hairstyle. If you have got the French braid technique right, this can be your bad hair day chic look. Amanda wore it with a cute red high neck dress with no sleeves – isn’t she charming in the minimalistic do?

The style looks good on both long and short hair – preferably layered to get that naturally messy look. You could try a variation using the Dutch braid which is a reverse French braid. Keep accessorizing to a bare minimum – just a sparkly elastic band for the tip will do.

Naya Rivera’s Braided Half up do


Love to leave your hair loose, but want it out of your face? Take notes from glamorous Glee star Naya Rivera’s style file and try this half up do with braided hair. You know how easy braiding hair is once you know the right technique. With a little creativity, you can turn simple hair braid styles into celebrity style hairdos. Here Naya’s stylist has parted her hair into three sections in the front. Each section has been then French braided separately. The three separate braids are then brought together at the back – see, as this celebrity braided hairstyle is as simple as that.

This hairstyle with braids can be done on long or short hair. Better if you have highlights like Naya. Don’t worry if you don’t – you can always use highlighter hair extensions. For accessorizing, you could use a tiny hairpin at the back.

Jennifer Lopez’s Braid Around Bun


Jennifer’s sporting a simple traditional top bun hairdo, glamoured up with a single braid encircling the base. This does look elaborate, but it is as easy as piling your hair up into a bun and covering up the base with a simple 3-strand braid – a thick one in JLo’s case. Though the stray strands has been kept out of her face, the celebrity’s stylist has kept the updo a little messy for that casual chic but elegant look.

This celebrity braided hairstyle can be tried on medium to long hair. Make sure you have enough length to wrap the braid around the bun at least once. Try other variations with a fishtail braid wrap around the bun or a bunch of tiny braids.

Olivia Munn’s Low Back Crown Braid


If messy isn’t your style and the usual crown braid reminds you of school days, take a look at Olivia’s chic low back crown. The modern variation to the innocent milkmaid braid is as perfect as it can be. And don’t think you will need a stylist’s help to get the look. Part your hair in any way you want – in Olivia’s case it is a simple side part. Make two longand thick braids and cross them over at the nape of your neck and tuck in the ends with discreet bobby pins.

Medium to long hair is ideal for this braided hairstyle. Use hairspray to maintain the neat look. If it is a celebration you are attending, use accessories that spell glamour. A single sparkly hairpin will do. Brides can consider pearls or beads.

Venessa Hudgen’s Short Hair Braid


Who said braids are for long and medium hair only. Super short hair can flaunt braided hairstyles too. Take a cue from Venessa’s effortlessly stylish hairdo. Must’ve taken less than 5 minutes to do that hairdo – Venessa has one lucky celebrity hairstylist. All that is there to do her is part hair in the middle and make tow messy braids on either side with elastic bands. Try this on longer hair too – just leave the braids with colored neon bands for a sexy look.

You may accessorize with a tiny crab clip or pretty pins and beads. Or, if you are in for some fun, why not try a bow accessory for this braided hairstyle.

Anushka Sharma’s Traditional 3-Strand Braid


Since we are talking about braided hairstyles, how can we forget about the all-time traditional Indian favorite – the simple 3-strand braid? To stay with the present day trend, here Anushka has left the upper half a little loose and messy. But the sidetail is the usual thick braid we are so familiar with. I think she nailed the look with that saree, bindhi and chunky earrings.

You can try this too – with a gorgeous saree like Anushka. But don’t restrict yourself. Go experiment with other ethnic dress options. Make sure you wear some chandelier earrings for that elegant charm.

Try out these celebrity hairdos and flaunt those braids in style anywhere.

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