Gone are the days when the wedding saree hairstyle option was simply a 3-strand braid and a string of flowers. The modern Indian bride is on the lookout for innovation and variety – not just in hairstyle, but every aspect of her wedding look. Let’s take a look at the top 10 hairstyles for brides in sarees.


Everything in the Indian culture happens on a grand scale. Take for example the big fat Indian wedding. Be it any region of the country – a wedding without music, dance and great food is considered a boring affair. Equally important is the wedding look for the bride and groom. The groom could get away easily with an impressive outfit. But the bride has a lot more to think about. Beyond her wedding dress, the bride has got to get her jewellery, make-up and hairdo right.

When it comes to bridal wear, the lehenga and saree share the popularity. However, when we consider traditions and cultures across the country, the elegant saree takes centre stage. The variety in saree draping itself is a strong reason to choose the embellished 6-yard fabric for your wedding day attire. For jewellery, antique designs are often favored. There are brides who take the minimalistic approach too, but compensate for glamour with their make-up and hairdo. Minimalistic or elaborate, bridal hairstyles need to be well planned and executed. For those brides who take a dupatta or saree pallu over their head, a neat updo is often preferred, so that their hair does not come in the way. For the South Indian bride, a thick long braid and a head full of flowers is the usual do. Maang tikkas, hair combs and decorative pins are also used for accessorizing.

Braid Hairstyles for Wedding


The long braid has been a bridal staple for generations – both in the north as well as south. Probably because it is one bridal hairstyle that can be easily managed and decorated. There are several options in embellishing the braided hairstyle for sarees. You can either use flowers or hair accessories like Jada and hair pins. Traditionally, the 3-strand braid is the usual hairstyle for sarees. But now we can also try the fishtail side braids, rope braids or French braids with sarees. Braided updo’s are also popular these days. You can also try a twofer hairdo with a bun at the base of your head and a long thick braid with the help of hair extensions.

Chignon Hairstyles for Wedding


Chignons are basically hair buns made at the nape of your neck. This hairstyle is particularly popular with those brides who need to take a dupatta or saree pallu over their head. The chignon hairstyle with saree is also popular among the Indian Christian brides. These can be decorated with flowers, beads and jewelled pins. These decorated hair buns are also ideal for pre-wedding ceremonies.

Hairstyle Accessories


Traditional hair accessories called jada are quite popular when it comes to long braids. These are either made of flowers or embellished in gold. Readymade flower Poola jadas are now available for bridal hairstyles. These are often used in hairstyles for sarees. For an even elaborate look, pure gold Jadas sometimes encrusted with diamonds and gems are also available.


Flowers are the most cost effective and simple bridal hair accessories for saree hairstyles. You can either use a simple strand to wrap around your braid or use a bunch of flowers to decorate your updo. Jasmine and rose are the favourites traditionally. But now others like delicate orchids are also being used. Readymade flower hair accessories are also available.


Maang tikkas are a popular traditional bridal hair accessory in every part of the country. Usually the gold ones are preferred. But there are brides who use pearls and flowers too. Kundan work, diamond and precious stone inlay etc are also preferred. A good maang tikka can be a stunning statement jewellery for the bride’s hairstyle with saree. Elaborate mang tikkas with several strands of jewels or beads are also used.


Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Indian Wedding Hairstyles for Sarees


This South Indian bride has minimalistic take on her wedding look. Her saree style is simply perfect with an elegant gold cummerbund and heavy necklaces for that unmistakable bridal look. The hairstyle with the saree is a simple 3-strand braid with central parting. The central parting is essential for that perfect placement of the mang tikka. Jasmine flowers adorn the back of her head while, the braid itself is decorated with gold toned hair accessories. Apart from the carefully placed decorative hairpins, a strand of golden beads is also weaved into this bridal saree hairstyle.


Who said your bridal braid has to be a 3-strand? Try the new and easy rope braid hairstyle for sarees. This bride looks stunning enough in a goergette saree and her minimal jewellery and so, the hairstyle with the saree has been kept simple. The rope braid is quite easy to do – just part your long hair into two sections, twist them tight and wrap them over each other. You will have to tie up the base with tight elastic to keep the twists in place. This bride has in fact, made a flat bun before rope braiding her hair. The base of the braid has been covered with a elastic band. Maang tikka with extensions are added as statement jewellery on the forehead. You can also add gold jewellery as an accessory to the braid.


If you need a quick fix for your bridal hairstyle on saree, try readymade Poola Jadalus like these. This is best suited for the south Indian brides who like to flaunt their long braids. These hair ornaments are available in various lengths and styles. This particular one is decorated with several flowers in colours that can match any sari style. All you need to do is get one of these pre-woven flower arrangements for hair, braid your hair into one thick long tail (use hair extensions if needed) and simply fix the Jadalu onto the braid.


If gold and bright colours are not your style, take notes from this Kerala Nair bride’s wedding look. The Kasav saree and golden ornaments add enough opulence to her bridal saree style. The hair has been simply braided with a central parting. A thick bunch of short jasmine strands have been fixed to cover the back of the brides head. Then a long garland of the fragrant white flowers has been twisted down the thick braid. You can try this style even if you want to cover your head – just let the braid hang down your shoulders like a side tail.


Have short hair? Forget the hair extensions and braids – be comfortable naturally. If you have short to medium length hair, this wavy hairstyles for sarees is your best bet for a bridal look. It is easy to do and can be done quickly without a lot of skill or hair accessories. Just get your hair well conditioned and curled. If it is naturally wavy, better it gets. You can simple use a statement maang tikka to bring that bridal glow to your look. This hairstyle on saree is also ideal for pre-wedding ceremonies – especially the sangeet when you may have to let your hair down and shake your legs a bit. Bridesmaids can take note of this saree hairstyle too.


One more for the short-medium length hair – try this half updo with romantic curls grazing your shoulders. All you have to do is make a central parting, puff up the front a bit and neatly pin up the loose strands at the back. Let the rest of the hair fall over your shoulders in graceful waves or even curls. You can use a maang tikka and a jeweled clip at the back to accessorize this bridal hairstyles for sarees. The Indian Christian brides can try this hairstyle with sarees too.


Looking for a braided bridal hairstyle, but don’t want to try the usual 3-strand braid again? Try a fishtail instead. Braided hairstyles are a big trend this season. Especially the fishtail side braids. This braided hairstyle with saree can be further glamorized with a puffed hairdo in the front and floral hair ornaments. To keep it simple or elaborate is your choice. Try tiny jeweled beads to decorate the intricate braid. However, this bridal hairstyles for sarees looks best on thick long hair.


Braided updos are also popular hairstyles for sarees nowadays. For the bridal look you can decorate it with jeweled hair accessories. From simple braided buns to elaborate braided chignons, there are a variety of hairstyle ideas you can try. These are also ideal for the Christian bride’s hairstyle with the white saree.


Here’s one more half updo you can try for the bridal hairstyle. In this style the hair has been pulled back into a voluminous low pony with curled strands of hair. Beads, clips and flowers have been used to hold it all together and decorate the hairstyle on saree. You can choose to go minimal by avoiding that floral ornament. Instead use a delicate jeweled comb on the side.

Now that you have seen the top 10 hairstyles for sarees, we’ll leave you with some more bridal hairdos to be inspired from.


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