Indian beauties have always taken people in awe around the whole world from Aishwarya Rai Bachhan to Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Diya Mirza and many more through beauty pageants, Cannes and endorsing International Brands. Their features and beautiful body frame have been appreciated worldwide. But as everybody knows beautiful body also needs beautiful attire to complement it. Saree, is considered the most gorgeous traditional outfit for women in India. Saree craze is not only among Indian women but women in foreign land too love to drape a saree at least once. Saree can be worn for formal gatherings, occasions like weddings, engagement ceremonies and if you are equally comfortable on a daily basis too. So to groom our wonderful ladies, here is an article that will equip you with the latest and evergreen trends of saree blouse patterns that compliment the overall saree look.


Basic Pattern Vs Designer Saree Blouse Patterns

It has been a matter of debate whether one should go for basic saree blouse pattern that will not only provide simplicity but also elegance or to go with the designer blouse patterns which will add glamour with a pinch of style.

To begin with, depending on the type of saree and the occasion the design the saree blouse designs can be chosen.

Basic saree blouse patterns looks nice on cotton, silk and kanjivaram sarees with self designs, bold prints and with vibrant borders. But, if you would like to keep it trendy and classy you can get them stitched in latest saree blouse patterns with embellishments to make them into designer saree blouses.

Designer blouse patterns can be considered for festivals, weddings, engagements etc. You can choose elegant saree blouse patterns for a formal meetings or events, but it’s a suggestion not to overdo with the design.

Bollywood at its ‘Best’
Our bollywood divas have always been a source of inspiration for the young ladies who love style and are always on toes to go trend-crazy. So, here’s a few of the best saree blouse patterns on our countdown list .

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan
With a face like Ms. Kareena Kapoor Khan adorned with zero size , any saree can speak volumes. Kareena has always come out with the best and the latest designer saree blouse patterns especially, her high-neck saree blouses.

2. Deepika Padukone
With a svelte figure and those chiseled features , it won’t be a surprise if she dazzles herself so graciously in a saree even on international platforms like cannes , toronto film festivals and still able to stand out from the rest.

3.  Sonam Kapoor
She is a true diva and a known fashionista in the bollywood circuit with her sense of styling and is always in the “Best dressed list” to her credit. She not only defines style but in true sense a trendsetter. What say??

4. Vidya Balan
With a designer like Sabyasachi Mukherjee backing her, Vidya Balan has made a mark not only in acting but also her style in sarees. Her silk ‘kanjeevaram’ sarees with beautiful and pristine gold borders have made the fashion police to stop scrutinizing her once deformed fashion sense for good.

5. Priyanka Chopra
She has always proved her prowess in every field she has tried her luck in. Her charm, fitness and disciplinary mindset and style are responsible to get high scores in fashion sense too. Her full sleeved blouses at various award ceremonies and events has created a new trend among te masses

Here are Few Amazing Saree Blouse Patterns for the Lovely Ladies to Try n:
Sequened Blouse:

This evergreen saree blouse pattern works well with sequins shimmered fabric or velvet. Wear it with a net transparent saree so that the saree can very well complement the blouse pattern. You can also use net as a cover up shirt if you are uncomfortable with the pattern as itself . The net cover will give the same effect as the original piece. This design is a big no-no for ladies with slightly heavy bust.

Sexy Dori Style Back Blouse:

This choli with long back dori’ style looks best during events like dandiya – nights or mehendi ceremonies. It goes best with the bandhani fabric. Vibrant colours should be used while making this saree blouse pattern .You can team it up with a decent and simple neck pattern like ‘U’ neck in the front. Never consider taking front ‘palla’ or cutail as it will totally hide the back pattern  and will therefore ruin your over all worked look . Use pleats while draping it on your shoulder.

Boat Neck Design Pattern:


This straight boat neck saree blouse pattern looks best on less embroidery  or plain saree to make the blouse pattern more appealing .The borders of the blouse should be kept minimum and thin for that perfect finesse to dazzle the look of your blouse pattern.

Embellished Back Blouse with Tassels:

This saree blouse pattern will work best on crepe silk fabric. Use a heavy sequined or stone based strap border (as shown in the picture). If you have a very sleek body frame with pear shaped body, then it is one of the best saree blouse pattern that will work for you .You can use a fallen drape at the shoulder or a pleated one, as per your convenience.

Halter Neck Blouse Pattern:

This halter neck saree blouse pattern works best on any type of fabric .Ladies with heavy body frame should not try this patterned blouse. It is recommended that ladies with toned arms would be advised to try this pattern to your slim and trim body. Make sure to style your hair in a raised bun or pleated high pony with this pattern.

Dori Style Blouse:

This double dori style blouse with heavy hangings at the back is one of the most elegant and stylish saree blouse pattern that has made young as well as aged ladies go gaga over it since ages. You can also use a middle dori as shown in the picture to give a better fitting to the back portion .V- neck looks best with this kind of pattern. Looks good on almost all kinds of body shaped women.

Illusion Neck Design:

This net based design is very much in and a latest trend these days. Choose a decent design at the bust-line and team up the rest of the portion with net – fabric. You can also use contrasting colours in net fabric as well. You can also wear it as a half sleeve blouse but sleeveless blouses of such kinds will add volume to your look. Always use a falling drape with this pattern.

Frilled Blouse Pattern:

This deep ‘V’ neck blouse pattern at the back with frilled edges is the most creative latest blouse pattern in the trend. Keep it simple. You can you a simple and eloquent lace and get it done. Works well on satin fabric.

Strapped Blouse Pattern:

This strap based waist line saree blouse pattern works on almost every fabric like cotton, georgette silk and even with embroidered net fabric .You can use a lace as the waist strap. Hooks and other tying ends accessories should be carefully stitched.

High Neck Blouse:

This high-neck saree blouse pattern with stone and net design at the back is one awesome design. Don’t over-do so much with necklaces or any other neck jewellery. You can always complement this pattern with hoop-earrings.

Sweet Heart Neckline Blouse:

This sweet heart saree blouse pattern can set high standards for others to follow your fashion sense in any even .This is one pattern which works on almost all fabric. Fitting is the most important thing for this pattern.

Single Strap Shoulder Blouse:

This one shoulder or off-shoulder saree blouse pattern comes in last in our list because we believe to keep the best for the last. Works well on velvet fabric .

So that was all for our gorgeous ladies to guide them with their saree blouse patterns. Hurry up and try these patterns and shine at your every evening.

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