Turn The Heat Up With Chiffon Blouses!

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Oddly enough, Chiffon gets its name from the French word for rags. It is a beautiful, light weight fabric with closely woven netting and Chiffon is softer and lighter than

Here’s How To Look Like A Beautiful South Indian Bride?

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India is a country of varied cultures. And the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ is world famous. From the north to the south, each region has its own way of celebrating

Why Wear A Boring Saree When You Can Spice it up With a Lehenga Saree!

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Lehenga style sarees are the fashion trend of the season. Easy to wear, chic and glamorous Lehenga style sarees are fast becoming the choice for all those who crave to

Madhuri Dixit in Saree

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With her debut in 1984 in Raj shree  Production’s Abodh, Madhuri has been a winner all through. She achieved stardom with Tezaab in 1988 and proceeded to give various hits

Katrina Kaif in Saree

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Owing to her foreign upbringing and accent, Katrina Kaif often exudes a Disney-princess-like charm. However, this long-legged princess can carry off a traditional Indian saree just as well as or better than

Most Popular Saree Draping Styles – Do it Yourself Guide

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How many ways can you drape a saree? Don’t try to answer that – the possibilities are infinite. Traditional saree draping itself varies from region to region and these are

Best 28 Lovely Half Saree Designs for Weddings

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Half sarees have been popular in south India for a long long time. But Alia Bhatt’s gorgeous looks in 2 States and Deepika Padukone’s innocent charm in Chennai Express seem

High Neck Saree Blouse Designs to Pamper your Style Quotient

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High Neck Saree Blouse Designs always remind me about elegant ladies and regal princesses. There is a charming sense of style to these saree blouse designs that spells class. It is

15 Bridal Lehengas to Spice Up Your Mehendi Ceremony

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To unveil the hidden beauty, to catch a quick glimpse as she passes by, to notice her from head to toe, to watching her mehendi design…. A bride is no less than

The Most Beautiful Girl Aishwarya Rai in Sarees

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a God – gifted beauty and a bundle of talent, born on November 1st, 1973 started to work in the glamour industry since she was 16 years