Stunning Bridal Lehengas for Wedding Receptions

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Indian wedding reception, what to wear- sari or Bridal lehenga? This is one question most women ask themselves- regardless of they being a bride or a guest. A wedding lehenga

Hema Malini and Family in Wedding Sarees and Bridal Lehengas

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An accomplished Bollywood actress, a skilled Bharatnatyam dancer, a thoughtful politician and an acclaimed producer-director, Hema Malini is all that and more. Born into a Tamil speaking Iyengar Brahmin family,

Here’s How To Look Like A Beautiful South Indian Bride?

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India is a country of varied cultures. And the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ is world famous. From the north to the south, each region has its own way of celebrating

Why Wear A Boring Saree When You Can Spice it up With a Lehenga Saree!

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Lehenga style sarees are the fashion trend of the season. Easy to wear, chic and glamorous Lehenga style sarees are fast becoming the choice for all those who crave to

12 Bridal Lehenga Designs to make heads turn

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Indian wedding dresses are the most colorful and beautiful pieces of artwork on this planet, period. As a bride, you will be at the epicenter of all the attention and

Wedding Gowns Worth Marrying!

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A wedding is a milestone event in the lives of a couple.  It brings your family, friends, well wishers together to witness what is made out to be the most

11 Choli Designs For Sexy Desi Girls!

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Who could forget that controversial song, Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai? Yes, different choli designs are special as they are close to a woman’s heart and represent the elegance of

15 Bridal Lehengas to Spice Up Your Mehendi Ceremony

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To unveil the hidden beauty, to catch a quick glimpse as she passes by, to notice her from head to toe, to watching her mehendi design…. A bride is no less than

What to Wear At a Beach Wedding

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Weddings are the most fun events with family and friends in full attendance. There is a very happy vibe in the atmosphere – at the venue, celebratory with music, dance,

Indian Wedding Dresses – Pink is the New Red

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Indian Wedding Dresses have with time, seen numerous changes in style. With the growing trend of wearing different colours at weddings, Pink has emerged as the new Red. Inspired by