The Troublesome Teen Years

You are a teenager, stuck between childhood and adulthood and you don’t know where to go. As a teenager there is a lot of stress in life, from school work to friendships. You need to look your best and be your best. There is a lot to learn and many milestones to achieve and you try to go through all this every day in your life as a whole person. And yet there are so many woes, from friend troubles to school work, from parents to trying to enjoy your freedom. There are boundaries to be pushed and doors to be opened and you try to cram everything in your life all in the hope of a better future. What you wear is what you are is a simple proverb so teenagers are more conscious about their appearance and take utmost care in choosing fashion designer dresses or pick the best designer dresses. Choosing teens clothing or dresses for teenagers is a difficult task for the parents so leaving this task to them is a better option.

Teen years really do help you grow up and to de-stress there are fabulous parties, awesome hangout spots and friends who stick with you no matter what.

The Sweet Sixteen Party

She is pretty, she is fabulous and she is turning sixteen. Sweet sixteen is the age every girl looks forward to, she is morphing from a caterpillar to a butterfly and looks her best and wants to flaunt that. She has grown up from jumpers and overalls she wore as a child and needs to show the world that she is a grown up now. Casual dresses for teens are not an option for a sweet sixteen party. There is a wide range of party dresses for teenagers online to choose for. She has her own sense of style and her own personality and is not afraid to show it.  A sweet sixteen party is the best way to show the world what a wonderful young lady she has become.

Sweet Sixteen Style Statement


At sixteen, you need to show the world that you have grown up and you have a whole lot of fashion inspirations to look up to. From Disney sweethearts like Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez to some animated ladies like Elsa, you know what you need to look like.

This is a precarious age and you need to look your best at it. This is the time when you can make your own style statement and rock it. But before you do that, you need to understand, what is the best aspect of your personality and what is your asset? You need a dress that reflects you as a person and does not make you look like a 30 year old woman and yet does not take away from the fact that you are a grown up woman.

Grooming for a sweet sixteen party is an all important ritual, from taking care of your hair to cleaning up and exfoliating your face. Here are some grooming tips you can follow before a sweet sixteen party:

  • Deep condition your hair to get a soft and fuller look.
  • Exfoliate your face with a scrub and moisturise it afterwards.
  • Dip your nails in olive oil to get soft cuticles.
  • If you have acne or pimple, apply toothpaste over them to dry them.

Sweet Sixteen Dresses for Teenagers

Here are some dresses that you can look at for inspiration for your sweet sixteen party. You just need to be sure that the dress reflects your personality and highlights your assets and you are good to go.

1. One shoulder glitter Dress:


This glitter strap shoulder dress is all about bling and standing out of the crowd. This look goes well with soft wavy hair and you can team it up with a small party clutch and white pumps. You can go all monochrome with this look and look all fabulous.

2. Violet Blue A line Dress:

Violet Blue A line Dress

This dreamy dress made up of a silk lining and sheer material is all about the princess look. Accentuate your arms and shoulders and show off your collar bones with this off shoulder dress and you can team this up with a tiara to complete the whole princess ensemble and look every inch a princess.

3. Gold Sequined Dress:


This dress is for the daring girl in you as you get to show off your svelte figure in this. Gold is the colour of the season this time and you can tone down your dress with a black short jacket, black pumps and a black clutch.

4. Plum mini Dress:


This multi-coloured mini dress is for the preppy girl in you. With a fitting bodice that breaks into a colourful play of fabric over your knees, this dress is perfect to show off your colourful and playful personality. Team up this dress with a pair of peep toes and a long chained purse for the best effect.

5. Sequin and Organza Dress:


This dress is sweet sixteen take on the many formal gowns that beauty queens wear. Show off the beauty queen inside you with this dress and highlight you beautiful smile and personality. Team this up with a high up do and gloves for an elegant look.

6. Short off-Shoulder Dress:


This dress is sweet sixteen take on the many formal gowns that beauty queens wear. Show off the beauty queen inside you with this dress and highlight you beautiful smile and personality. Team this up with a high up do and gloves for an elegant look.

7. The Red Corset Dress:


If royal elegance and an old world charm is what you desire, this dress is absolutely perfect for you. With a corset that adds a Victorian charm to the dress and sleeves made up of sheer fabric, this dress is for the royalty in you. Create an elaborate hairstyle and add beads and jewellery to your hair to add extra oomph to this dress.

8. A Line Ball Gown:


This A line ball gown is all about elegance. A full length off shoulder gown that accentuates tour arms and collar bones. This is for the girl who is mature and not afraid to show it. Team it up with long gloves for an added touch of elegance.

9. Classic Tulle Dress:


This dress teams up silver with blue and creates a wonderful colour combination. The blue skirt of the dress resembles the ostrich feather look which is a rave on the runway. You can show off your fashionista knowledge and style with this dress.

10.Animal Print Bodice:


This dress packs quite a punch and if you are a girl who likes to make a statement, this dress is for you.  This dress has a mix of animal print and a large bow at the waist to give it a sporty look. Team this up with boots to add a kitschy flavour to the dress.

11. Purple Sequin Bodice:


This dress takes elegance and style to another level. With a purple mini dress full of sequins and sheer fabric behind it, this dress is for the stylish diva in you. You can show off your legs and your personal style statement with this dress. Team this up with strappy high heels and a tied hair up do for best effect.

12. The Frozen dress:


This dress is a take on the dress Elsa wore in the hit film Frozen and you can show off your contemporary princess look with this dress. Team this up with a pair of white pumps and a white clutch to complete the outfit.

13. Fuchsia Pink Rhinestone Party Dress:

Fuchsia Pink Rhinestone Party Dress

This dress is for the stylish and the sexy girl in you. Show off your toned arms and shoulders with this dress. This is for the confident girl who can carry off this look. Pair this up with rhinestones shoes for a perfect look.

14. Strapless A line Cocktail Dress:


This dress is an elegant form of a body hugging dress. With soft material and skirt that gently brushes the knees to a wide purple belt that gives a thin appearance to your waist. Team this up with long soft hair and matching pumps. You can accessorise this dress with a thick bracelet and small pendant for the best effect.

15. White Organza Dress:


This dress has beautiful work on its bodice and is a perfect mix of casual statement with a party like elegance. You can pair this up with red earrings, red nails and red pumps to create a statement or go for silver strappy sandals and open hair for an understated elegance.

16. Short Red A Line Dress:


This dress packs a punch with its bold red colour and is for the girl who likes to make an entrance. Pair up this dress with crystal earrings, a tiara, a bracelet and red pumps for the best effect ever.

17. Purple Lace Dress:


This dress will truly make you feel like a queen. With a full bodied skirt and a tight bodice, this dress is right out of the Victorian era. If you are a girl who loves sophistication and elegance, this dress is for you. As it is a full length dress, wear high h heel and pair this up with a tied hair up do and a tiara.

Sweet Sixteen Makeup Tips:
When you are a teenager going on being an adult and need to look grown up, you have to be very careful with your makeup. Although your makeup is a reflection of what you feel as a person, you still need to careful so that you don’t look like an overgrown kid or a weird looking adult. Here are some makeup tips you can follow on your sweet sixteen party:

Try going for a nude makeup as nothing says elegance than a highly polished face with no bright red lips or heavy eyes.
Accentuate you cheeks and assets with a peach coloured blush as this does not stand out too much and yet adds a hint of a blush to your cheeks.

  • Do not go overboard with the bronzer as you will end up looking too mature and too orange for your age.
  • Do not apply fake eyelashes and thick mascaras as they will give a sultry look to your eyes and will not look good on you.
  • Do not try bold eye colours like white, green or anything else as that is a casual look and does not suit a party.
    Do not paint your lips red. This is a big makeup no no.
  • Use a hint of natural coloured gloss on your lips or if you want to use a lipstick go for natural pink or peach colours that do not stand out too much.
  • Do not use any type eye shadow as that gives you a very grown up appearance.
  • Try to highlight your best assets using primers, foundations and compact powders.
  • A lip liner is a big no-no. Do not even attempt this as it will make you look too grown up.
  • You can go overboard with your nails and can try the various nail arts that are in abundance. You are a teenager and you can get away with things like this and there is no harm in trying it. Go for the nail art.
  • Kohl should be restricted as it gives a very mature look to your eyes and makes them stand out. This is not a very good look for a teenager.
  • If you want to try dark colours, try wearing them down by toning other parts of your makeup. For example, you can have cherry lips with a plain eye makeup or thick mascara on your eyes with just a gloss on your lips.
  • Do not, under any circumstance use coloured mascara as they give a disfigured appearance to your eyes and make you look all confused and grown up.
  • Do not colour your eyebrows or try to give them a very thin and pronounced shape as eyebrows which are too thin give a mature appearance to your face and take away the charm from your eyes. So, be very careful with these.

In the end, it is your sweet sixteen party, dress up and look gorgeous and enjoy yourself.

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