Indian hairstyles for long hair include many different ways to wear your hair, from long and loose to up do’s, and from casual to formal. We will start off looking at some the of the easiest hairstyles to create and then see some of the more difficult ways to style your hair. Learn new techniques for braiding hair, so that you can master these methods and never run out of new hairstyles for women to try. Many of these hairstyles are also suitable as Indian hairstyles for girls, if you would like to try them on your daughters or nieces perhaps.

1. Center Part


Easy hairstyles for long hair can be to wear your hair naturally as it is. Try parting your hair in the centre and just wearing your long, flowing locks loose. This style suits all hair types and looks just as good with curly hair as it does with straight hair. Depending on the occasion, you may choose to leave your hair plain or decorate it with various ornaments. This hairstyles takes very little work to create and is a quick method to use when you don’t have much time. Black hairstyles for long hair can look stunning and eye catching when worn this way.


2. Side Part


A variation of the previous style is to part your hair at the side rather than in the middle. You can part your hair on either side, whichever you prefer. Once you have created the part, simply brush your hair following the part, so that most of your hair is to one side. Once again, this hairdo can be worn straight or curly. You can wear your hair naturally, as it is, for an easy hairstyle for long hair. This hairdo will look good whether or not you have bangs.

3. Side Swept


Similar to parting your hair to the side, is to have the side swept hair. This Indian hairstyle for long hair is simple to manage, all you have to do is brush your hair to one side, whichever side you prefer. You can then leave your hair loose and adjust it as needed if it falls out of place or you can pin it to the side so it will hold. These hairstyles for long hair once again, can be worn straight or curled, however you prefer. You may choose to decorate your hair or leave it alone. Just about anything goes for the latest hairstyles for long hair nowadays, as the rules for proper appearance have relaxed and women have more choices available to them.


4. Braided


Braiding / Braided hairstyles for long hair, is a long held tradition, but today’s global access through the internet and world travelling offer far more options and techniques for braiding to create an endless variety of hairdos. Indian hairstyles for girls often use braiding for a neat, worry free appearance. French braids are very popular for women everywhere. This style of braid is created by starting with a small section of hair at the top and front of the head and then adding more hair to each side as the braid continues. This gives the hair a more interesting look.

To learn how to do French Braids for yourself or others, please watch this informative video:

How to French Braid


Another braiding technique which can be used for Indian hairstyles for long hair is the fishtail. It helps to learn as many different ways to braid your hair as possible, so that you can expand your repertoire to enable you to copy all the latest hairstyles for long hair. The fishtail braid is started slightly different from the normal braid, in that it only uses two strands of hair rather than three. A small section is then taken from each section and criss crossed over the other section to create the fishtail look.

To show you how to do a Fishtail braid please watch this video.

How to Fishtail Braid


Indian hairstyles for long hair, now include many styles from different parts of the globe. Look online for tutorials and step by step instructions to learn all the different methods for braiding your hair. This photo above gives examples of different braids and what they are generally called, so that you can search for the instructions online, if you would like to try any of these. These braids can all be done for black hairstyles for long hair and look  fabulous. If you are just starting out learning how to braid, then be patient with yourself and start with the simplest method and slowly work your way up to the more intricate patterns. Practice makes perfect, so don’t expect to create an elaborate braid design the first time you try to braid.

To learn how to do Dutch braiding and then 6 different ways you can change up your hairdo using that method, please watch this video from YouTube:

5 Dutch Braid Hairstyles


Once you have mastered braiding hairstyles for women, you can create your own hairdos. You can braid ribbons and other items into the hair and decorate it anyway you wish. There are endless possibilities for Indian hairstyles for long hair, when you use braids.

Braided Updo


Not only can braids be worn down as hairstyles for long hair but they can also be worn up. Large braids or small braids can be wrapped and twisted into up hairstyles for long hair. These can be tied or pinned in place so that the hair stays up and does not fall down until it is taken down. Up dos tend to be worn for more formal occasions, but they can also be wonderful on hot days, when you need to stay cool. Mastering the art of braiding can be very handy to create many hairstyles for everyday wear and special occasions as well. Braiding is not difficult to do, it just takes a little time and practice to master the different techniques. Once you have learned, you can have beautifully styled hair everyday without fail.


In the photograph above is a waterfall braid bun. This bun can be worn at the back or to the side, whichever you like best. Start with the waterfall braid at the front on whichever side you wish and continue it around the back and then braid the length of the hair normally. Wrap the long braid around into a bun and set in place with a hair elastic and pins to hold it. You can then decorate your hair if you wish.



Indian hairstyles for long hair can be transformed into updo buns without the use of braids, if you desire. This is another traditional look that can be adorned with many different ornaments of your choosing. This hairdo is perfect for special occasions or when you want to look formal. Try different methods for creating this look, until you find one that works best for you. Search for step by step instructions or tutorial videos online to learn how to recreate this gorgeous style.


Up hairstyle for long hair can be as simple or detailed as you feel you would like. This hairdo in the picture above, sports many curls on the outer layer which have been highlighted with little flowers in the center. The beauty of having long hair, is that you can style it anyway you want. You have the most options of how to style your hair out of all the hair lengths. Whether you wish to wear your hair long and flowing or bound up, you have the ability to do it. You can wear all the Indian hairstyles for long hair with ease.

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