Us, women have too many priorities to attend to  – college, work, social engagements, family and more. Often, these come at the expense of our personal health which takes a lower priority unless we make a conscious effort to stay fit and healthy. I personally am a mother of a 4 year old, who is always oozing energy 24/7. Though its hard to find personal time, I promised myself to walk and jog few minutes each day to keep not only my body but also my mind healthy and energized.

Of course, I needed good sportswear for women to get started and hence started researching online. Since I wasn’t sure how long my resolution would last, so I wanted to kickstart this with a bargain deal. You bet, it wasn’t easy browsing over 20 websites to find sportswear for women. But I have narrowed it down to a few collections and would like to share them to save you from similar ordeal.

Collection 1 of 3: (Bargain = Rs 1593)

Zovi is a private label apparel and accessories online ecommerce store which offers sportswear for women. Although the catalog isn’t vast but still trendy and useful.

The top is a sleeveless light purple racerback top with a beautiful body hugging fit made of super soft fabric. Its center ruche (pleated stitched cloth) gives it a trendy look. (Source:, Price = Rs 319).

The cotton stretch capris are extremely comfortable with a supple thick waist band. The purple colour also makes it stand out and the combination with the top makes it look beautiful. (Source:, Price = Rs 349).

Bright solid or yellow stripes coloured pair of socks go well with your capris. Its also a great deal for a pack of 3. (Source:, Price = Rs 159).

Zovi how ever didn’t carry any sports shoes for women, so had to look elsewhere for a bargain. The grey and pink combination on this sports shoe seemed to go well with all the other clothing already hand picked. (Source:, Price = Rs 696).

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