South Indian’s long Hair: The Incredible Beauty of hair!

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

South India has a unique and incredible culture, be it the dressing style, food, rituals and ceremonies or any other part of their day to day life. The reflection of the astounding South Indian culture best appears on the personalities of South Indian women.

The women of South India are recognised for their mesmerising divine features, and of course their long and thick hairs which they embellish with different festoons that add grace to their beauty.

It is interesting to understand that how these women of South have different kind of hairs and how they manage to maintain their beauty.

Knowing the Features of South Indian Hair

Long Hair: South Indian women mostly have very long and shiny hair. The credit goes to their healthy food and intake of coconut oil which is used not only to nourish hairs but in cooking as well.

Thick Hair: The elegant ladies have thick and strong hair which they always tie up in plaits and jewel it with flower garland. Tying up the hair in plait makes their long and thick hair protected from pollution.

Wavy Hair: Generally it is observed that these women have wavy and curly hairs. The reason could be their habit of tying up hairs in plaits which gives such shape to their hair.

Secrets for Long Hair

Pamper Hair with Coconut Oil:

South India has ample amount of coconut trees with best of the quality. Mostly people have direct access to coconut trees and use the purest form of it. They use coconut oil in cooking, for hair nourishment, body massage and for different other purposes. It makes their skin glows and brings them shiny hair.

Healthy Sea Food Diet:

South India is mainly located amidst the coastal line and people in the larger part resort to sea food. Sea food makes their skin and hair look healthy and shiny. It adds to the healthy growth of hairs and thick consistency.

Proper maintenance:

Women take special care of their hair by properly tying up them in braids. They rarely keep their hairs open and always protect them with spiritual jasmine flowers.

Why one should have hair like South Indian women?

Elegant and Graceful: These women have the most elegant and graceful hairs. It gives them a tinge of incredible and unique beauty that is hard to find at any other place.

Mesmerizing at every occasion: The best part of having South Indian bridal hairstyles is that they fit into every occasion. Be it any religious ceremony, wedding occasion or friend’s birthday, they can be easily shaped into any style and looks complementing with any occasion.

Adds Femininity: South women have long hair which is considered to be most attractive and appealing. They add more feminine beauty to the personality of a woman.

Divine Beauty: Another side of having beautiful long and thick hair is that they give reflection of divine beauty. It gives look of a Goddess and tinge of amazing peace and humbleness to the woman’s personality.

Hair Problems stay away: You can rarely hear complaints of hair from a South Indian woman as they take special care of their hair with using traditional methods of nourishing them.

Graceful South Indian Hairstyles for weddings

Indian women are blessed with thick and long hair which is the jewel to add elegance to their beauty. Their way of carrying hair and giving them multiple attractive hairstyles is phenomenal. If we talk about South Indian Bridal hairstyles, there is a huge store out there to learn different hairstyles.

Having great looks and thick hair is a great advantage especially on the wedding. You get huge liberty to style your hairs in different ways, festoon them with different jewelling items and do much more with them.

Here are some of the easy and best ways of doing Bridal Indian Hairstyle. It is vital to know that artificial buns can be added to short hair, which will look as perfect as the original long hair. Bridal hairstyles for short hair can be same as that of the original ones.

Long Plait with Retro Frontal

The best way to style long and thick South Indian hairs is to tie them as plait. To add grace and uniqueness to the hairstyle, you can style the front hairs in a retro style. Take front hairs and comb them with side partition and get upward light curls on them. This is unique and maintains the traditional touch to the look of bride.

Loose Plaits with Centre Partition

A perfect way to give an traditional touch to South Indian hairs is to tie them as plaits from mid length and keep the above portion loose. The frontal hairs should be parted from centre and can be festooned with elegant ‘Maangtika’.

Braided Bun

Styling hairs in a form of bun is very common in India. To have a graceful South Indian Bridal Hairstyle look, you can give a unique touch of style to the bun through wrapping it with braids. This is a kind of complete South Indian bridal hairstyles and goes perfect with beautiful Odni.

Bun with half Braids

Another way of using the blend of bun and braids to have a perfect Indian bridal hairstyle 1900 is here. Make the bun at top and let the loose extension of hairs open and style them as braid. You can jewel the hanging braid with different festooning items.

Side Partition Bun

You can style the bun on your wedding day by playing with different hair partitions. Side partition looks attractive and goes with Indian attire. You can take a zig zag side partition and take few hair flicks and give them a wavy look and pin it back. This gives a different frontal look with a simple bun.

Back Puff with Curls

It’s not necessary to always go for bun for a hairstyle on wedding occasion. You can choose to have a big puff that can closely look like a bun and give side partition to front hair. The best way to add grace to the look is to curl the back hairs and leave them open. You can embellish them with flowers or Maangtika to give a tinge of South Indian look.

Loose Back Bun

Go for a big back bun loosely tied and keep the centre partition of hairs in front. This gives an erotic and mesmerizing look to the woman. You can keep the curled hair extensions hanging in front and style your hairs with different embellishments.

Inverted Heart Shape Bun

It is quiet difficult to make gives an attractive and elegant look. Making bun and styling it as an inverted heart shape gives a unique look. You can take the center partition in front and make a small inverted heart shape bun at back. You can also take the hair fringes from front and pin it back in beautiful wavy styles.

Accessories to Embellish South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

South Indian bridal hairstyle can be best described as long and thick hairs styled in traditional manner and the best part is that they are jeweled with different embellishments. This is certainly something that outshines South Indian bridal hairstyle and gives liberty to try different styles by embellishing hairs with different items.

Embellishing accessories is something which is frequently used in hairstyles in South Indian weddings and gives unique identity. Each and every accessory used has some traditional significance and one can observe the same in the South India’s mythology and historic narrations. The ritual of using such embellishments is running from ages till present date.

Here are some of the best hair accessories used to style the South Indian bridal hairstyle for and how to make the best use of them, these can also be used for bridal hairstyles for short hair.

Jada Billalu

Jada Billalu

Jada Billalu is most frequently used embellishing accessory. It comes in huge variety with different shapes like round jada bilalu, star shaped, floral, diamond shaped, heart shaped and in number of different patterns. These jada bilalu are jewelled with different kinds of nuggets and gems that make the hairstyle look much elegant.

Hair plaits of bride can be embellished with the blend of flowers and Jada Billalu that adds grace and simply to the look of bride. Both are the integral part of South Indian attire and gives traditional look.

Simple Jada Billalu on the hair extension is used to embellish the braids. It adds weight and beauty to the hairstyle of the South Indian bride. It gives an elegant look and make the braid attractive. Generally they are pin on the braids in a linear order. They can also be pinned in the side front or on the centre of the bun.


Kanjivaram sarees

Mathapatti comes in wide variety and in different precious metals. Gold is common in South Indian weddings and gold mathapatti can absolutely look complimentary with Kanjivaram sarees and other ornaments. This is an integral part of head ornaments.

Graceful chained Mathapatti is giving a classic and traditional look to the bride. The jewellery gives an absolute South Indian look with stunning Chandrasuryan.


Mangtika adds phenomenal beauty to the bride and gives perfect South Indian bridal look. It can be best used to add grace to the hair partition and gives stunning look. They can be used for both side and centre partitions.

A simple triple chained mangtika is perfect to give a sober and decent South Indian Bridal look. It has attractive centre mangtika with simple light weighted side chains.

Jasmine Garland

Jasmine Garland

The most simple and traditional of embellishing hairs in South India is to jewel them with garland of Jasmine flowers. They can be used to festoon the bun and the braid as well.

Garland is the basic and integral part of South Indian jewellery. Flowers are covering the bun and beautifully jewel up the braid. It is giving simple and divine beauty to the bride.

Naga Jadai

It is ethnic hair accessory which is popularly the part of temple jewellery. It is available in different metals and nuggets and have inscription of Lord Krishna who is dancing on Kaliya.  It can be put on the braid or on any portion of the head.

It has mythological significance and can be worn on the braid or on the head portion. It is generally available in gold.


South Indian Bridal look

It is an extraordinary hair ornament that has three portions, one is put at the centre partition vertically and other two portions are put horizontally on the frontal side. This gives complete stunning bridal look.

Beautiful Thalaisaamaan completes the South Indian Bridal look. It completely covers the head and give a beautiful display of it. It complements other jewelleries and bridal attire.


traditional temple jewellery

It is the traditional temple jewellery which consists of two pieces of ornament, one depicts the Sun and the other depicts moon. The Sun ornament is worn on left and Moon ornament is put on the right side of head. This completes the South Indian bridal look and adds divine beauty to the bride. It is believed to be very auspicious in South India and add cultural value to the bride’s attire.


rounded hair embelleshing accessory

It is the rounded hair embelleshing accessory which is available in the collection of nine pieces. It can be used to jewel the braid and can be put in different ways to style the hairs.


Generally bangles are worn in hands but to have a different look of hairstyle, they can be used to embellish the hair plait. Bangles can be arranged as Jada Billalu on the braid and it gives the perfect South Indian bridal look.

Traditional Braid Cover

It is a complete traditional head jewellery that covers the long hair braid. It is one of the most auspicious hair accessory and complements the bridal look.


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