As the hairdo is evolving from time to time, side buns have been stepping up the game. With more women trying side bun hairstyles, it has become a trend in every party or meeting.  But side bun hairstyles are not only simple but also vary from types to types.  A good side bun updo is always looked up to.

Given below are few really easy bun hairstyles for a side bun updo that you can try of you are planning to do something new with your hair. We are here to tell you how to make a hair bun step by step.

Low Side Bun Hairstyle

Here’s a very simple step to try a low side bun

1. Combed hair is must. You cannot tie a low side bun with tangled hair. So, brush your hair really well so that they are smooth enough to get tied.

2.  Part your hair properly. Make sure that the parting is done sideways and very neatly. Both the sides should be well combed.

3.  Now gather your hair on one of the sides where you want to tie your bun. And comb it now so that it is evenly placed in the side.

4.  Now tie your hair with an elastic band. This will help you to keep your hair intact at one side before you proceed to tie any low side bun.

5.  Now you can separate your pony tail into two pieces and twist them with each other. Bring it upwards in the form of a bun and tuck the tip of your twisted ponytail under the bun. You can now pin it with a hairpin so that it is perfected and do not get spoiled.

Now there are several styles of tying a side bun.  Women with short hair might wonder as to how they would tie a side bun. But a side bun for short hair is as smart as for long hair. Well, it is not difficult. All you need to do to have a side bun for short hair is-

1.  Put your hair on one side so that it is neatly parted. Comb it well. You can even use a serum if you want.
2.  Tie your hair into a low side ponytail.
3.  Now bring it to the top where you have to tie your bun.
4.  Use bobby pins to secure it tightly.

Here you are! You might have to use more bobby pins to secure the strands which might come off from the bun because of your short hair length. But in case you want a messy bun, you can leave it as it is. It will look good anyway. Who said side buns aren’t for short hair?

We will give you few easier bun hairstyles.

These hair bun step by step tricks are easy to try.

Side Bun with a Headband

To give your bun more beautiful look, a headband will come to your rescue.

1.  Comb your hair very properly. In case you feel the need to smoothen to hair, you can anytime use a good hair serum.
2.  Part your hair to one so as to decide a side place for your bun.
3.  Now comb it well to the side so that no section of the hair is left out.
4.  Now you have to divide your hair into three sections. Make sure that you have to divide them while being on the side. You do not have to take them backside.
5.  Gather strands from the centre portion to the side of the bigger part, and bend it into a low bun.
6.  Begin twisting the hair from the littler part, gathering strands as you move along. Tuck braid into the bun.
7.  Pull back the hair from the greater part, wrap it around the base of the bun and tuck it in.
8.  Now use a headband over your head to give a pretty look to your side bun look.

Rolled Triple Low Bun

1.  Use a serum to smoothen your hair. Brush it well. A good serum will give you shine and you will be able to hold on to your hairstyle for a longer time. So, choose your serum well.
2.  Divide your hair into three sections. Make sure that the division is even and neat. You can use the tip of your brush to part your hair.
3.  Now you have to twist each section and tie each into a ponytail with the help of an elastic band. You can either go for a loose twist or a tighter one. If you want to keep it messy, keep the twists very loose.
4.  Roll the ponytail, wrapping it around the elastic and make a bun. Roll it in such a manner so that it is evenly brought up where it has to be tied.
5.  Use bobby pins to intact the bun. If you feel that your bun may come loose, use as many bobby pins as you want. But make sure that you are comfortable in using them and it doesn’t spoil the look of your bun.

Boho Braided Side Bun


1. Comb your hair really well. Again, do not hesitate to use a serum if needed. It will be anyway useful for your hairstyle.
2. Part your hair neatly into two sections.
3. Start braiding one section to the other side. Do the same with the other section. Tie one elastic band to each side. In case you find it inconvenient, you can fist tie them into ponytails and then start braiding.
4. Now twist two braids into each other on one side. Do it very properly. You don’t want to make it too tight that it might stretch your scalp roots and make it uncomfortable for you to carry your bun.
5. Roll them upwards into the shape of the bun. Use bobby pins to keep them placed at one side.
6. Use a hairspray for a longer stay. But go for a good hairspray. You don’t want to ruin your hair.

Make sure to have a neat braid for a proper low side bun hairstyle.

And you are done!

Twisted Side Bun Hairstyle

Twisted Side Bun Hairstyle

Twisted bun styles look really cool and girls prefer carrying it even to college simply because it is convenient to carry and easy to style, a twisted side bun is always a thumb up.

For a twisted low side bun hairstyle, you need to-

1.  Brush your hair well so that no section of your hair is left tangled.
2.  Divide your hair into two sections neatly and evenly.
3.  Now comb and bring one section to the other side.
4.  Twist the two sections into each other.
5.  Tie them with the help of an elastic band.
6.  Roll them up in the shape of a bun.
7.  Use bobby pins to tuck the bun with the hair.

Knot Side Bun Hairstyle

Knot side buns are messy, cool and pretty. Perfect combination for your next hairstyle, eh? If you plan to keep it messy and fun, this knot side bun hairstyle is the one for you. Just a little bit of time and you’ll be done.


Here’s how to get the perfect look for your knot side bun.

1.  Part your hair evenly.
2.  The two sections should be evenly divided.
3.  Now bring one section to the side of the other section.
4.  Tie them into a loose knot. Or if you want a tighter bun, you can go for a tight knot.
5.  Keep tying knots till the bun is not made.
6.  Now that you have the bun, use bobby pins to get it intact with your hair.
7.  You can use a hair spray afterwards.

French Braid Side Bun Hairstyle

Here you go with simple steps on how to do French braid side bun:

1.  Start by making a French braid but to one side. Instead of carrying it to your nape, you have to carry it on one the side where you want your bun to be tied.
2.  After you are done with the braid, tie its tip with an elastic band.
3.  Now roll it upwards to the direction of the braid.
4.  Use bobby pins to secure it at the side of your nape.

Not too difficult to implement. Few basic steps are needed in all these hairstyles. It is all about twisting and curling here and there and you can have your own side bun.

These are just few side bun hairstyles that you can try yourself. Be it a party or a casual meeting, you can always keep a side bun hairstyle on your list.

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