When it comes to Salwar Kameez, Indian women know how to get the exact look. There are so many variations of Salwar kameez that it is humbling to look at the sheer magnitude. For women all over the country, it is a regular fare; they wear Salwar almost everywhere and enjoy doing it.

Salwar kameez patterns or designs have evolved through the times and have been influenced from all areas of the country from Mughal era influence and the Anarkali Salwar Kameez to the Punjabi inspired short kurti salwar kameez. There is the lucknowi Salwar kameez and the western inspired sleek Salwar kameez. The embroidery changes, the printing changes and the salwar kameez patterns evolved with variations but nothing talks more than the combination of salwar kameez neck designs with lace. Indian designer salwar kameez has undergone variations keeping in mind the urban women who are donning many hats. Looking stylish and sleek at workplace is the criteria which evolved new trends in salwar kameez neck patterns.

There is a large variety of lace to choose from when it comes to designing Salwar kameez neck designs with lace. A lace pattern is an ancient pattern of handicraft making where a fabric was taken and holes and patterns made on it with hand. Lace fabric can also be woven with the holes and patterns on it to create a flexible lace. Cotton is one of the most common materials chosen to make a lace with and you can have a lot of variety with it. Nowadays, synthetic materials and machines are used to make laces and try on new intricate designer salwar kameez.

Trendy Salwar Kameez Neck Designs with Laces for you to try

1. Green Floral Patterned Lace Neck:

Green Floral Patterned Lace Neck:

This is a bandhani Salwar kameez with a textured material where a pale green lace has been used. The lace is used to create a rectangular boundary around the V shaped neck and gives a more of a solid shape to the kameez neck design. The dull colour of the material and the soft texture of it complement the bright green and the large circular pattern of the lace. The main point of this design is a contrast the large pattern of the lace and the large rectangular boundary plays with the otherwise plain textured cloth and you can try similar designs with other shapes and colours on similar clothes.

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2. White lace V neck design:

White lace V neck design:

In this simple cotton salwar kameez neck designs the lace has been chosen as a balance point for the Salwar and the border. The yellow kameez and the white salwar set off a good colour combination and the gold border at the end of the kurti and sleeves gives a finished look to the salwar kameez. The white lace matches the white of the salwar and gives a thick boundary to the large V neck and tapers to the end of the neck. The pattern on the lace is small and does not stand out very much but this white lace manages to highlight and bring to light the white design on the material of the kameez. In this kameez neck design a balance is maintained in the lace and the print on the kameez. You can try other colours and designs by choosing a dominant colour on your kameez and finding a matching lace to highlight that colour.

3. Long tapering lace neck design:

Long tapering lace neck design:

In this design the plain blue salwar kameez neck pattern has a long asymmetrical lace with large blue floral pattern running down to almost three quarters of the length of the kameez. At the end of the kameez is a white lace border that compliments the pale blue of the kameez. This design gives a solid colour and focal point for the eyes as they focus on the large pattern of the lace. The lace has a thick black boundary to highlight it and make it stand out even more. In this design the plain cloth material has been transformed into a stylish piece by adding a large patterned lace at the neck and you can try this with other plain clothes that you have. Be careful to choose light fabrics like cotton or net for this design.

4. Large patterned lace bodice:

 Large patterned lace bodice:

In this neck design for salwar kameez, the cut of the neck has been kept simple and a large patterned lace with heavy floral pattern has been used to create a design. The lace starts from the collar of the neck and goes down to one side covering the chest area and tapering towards the end. This lace has been used on a pink net fabric of the kameez and adds colour, design and volume to the otherwise plain designer salwar kameez. The kameez has a border of silver and the lace also mirrors this colour to create a balance in the design. You can try this design with other plain monochrome salwar kameez sets that you have. Just find a large lace pattern and attach it to the salwar kameez or get a net piece to be sewn around the original set for a more demure effect.

5. Drop down coloured lace:

Drop down coloured lace:

In this designer salwar kameez the colour combinations have been played with very well. Two colours maroon and black gel very well with each other and a white and black lace has been attached at the border to give texture to the material. Near the neck the simple round neck has been highlighted with a maroon floral work lace attached to it. The pattern of the lace is medium in size and it tapers down to a three quarters of the length of the kameez to give it a heavy look and texture. This design uses the lace at various places to create a full designer ware which you can wear at traditional parties and functions. You can also try this lace neck design by taking a monochrome colour and using a complementary colour lace at the neck. Some colour combinations can be white with a deep grey, magenta with blue etc.

6. White lace round neck:

White lace round neck:

In this neck design for salwar kameez a white lace has been used on top of a black kameez material. The cut of the neck has merged with the lace pattern and through the lace you can see the black material. Here a symmetrical lace pattern has been used that slowly increases in size as the lace travels from the neck and goes down. This lace neck design covers half of the chest area and gives a heavy set look to the kurti. The white is a major contrast for the black and stands out in the design. You can try this look with contrasting colours of lace to turn your simple salwar kameez sets into something magnificent. A lace border adds a touch of balance to the heavy neck as does the embroidery at the end of the salwar kameez. This design is all about creating balance with lace at the top and the bottom present  the two ends of the same coin and looks spectacular.

7. Same colour lace neck:

Same colour lace neck:

In this Punjabi suit neck designs a delicate lace has been added at the top of the neck of the white kurti to add texture to the design of the kurti. This salwar kameez has a vertical border and a heavily printed dupatta and the lace does not clash with the designs on the either side. Instead the standing collar neck has been elongated with the use of a delicate white zari lace with small patterns that tapers till a quarter of the length of the kurti and add texture to the cloth. This design is all about subtlety with the use of the lace and creating a delicate balance with the heavy embroidery and colours. The lace is of the same colour as the kameez in order to not push attention at the lace design. You can add a lace neck to your heavy salwar kameez sets by following this design and choosing subtle lace with intricate pattern and the same colour as the kameez.

8. Heavy lace neck:


In this salwar kameez a high neck has been garnished with a thick lace and large floral patterns for the full sleeves. The lace covers most of the chest area and tapers down and is a wide design for the neck. This lace gives volume to the salwar kameez set and with a matching design at the border of the kameez and a large matching pattern right in the centre of the kameez this design is perfect for a traditional event. The point of this design is to create shape and give volume with the help of the lace and you can try this with your plain Salwar kameez sets by using multicoloured laces with large patterns and attaching them around the neck and the border to create a stylish design.

9. Multicoloured lace over texture:


In this design of salwar kameez neck design a simple round cut neck is accentuated with a multicoloured lace design that tapers till the chest below. The pattern on the lace is not too heavy and is symmetrical in nature adding colour to the plain white texture of the kameez. The colour of the lace matches with the colour of the dupatta and the salwar and the overall look is that off symbiotic balance. The idea behind this lace design is to add to the texture of the salwar kameez and to create a colour balance with the colours on the dupatta and the salwar. You can try this with your similarly coloured salwars kameez sets and add a lace pattern that matches your dupatta or salwars to your kurti to create a great design.

10. Full lace neck and sleeve design:


In this Punjabi salwar kameez neck design the lace has been used to make the whole kameez in floral design with the neck and the sleeves again with a attached border with lace. The collar neck is offset with different patch attached. The lace adds a three dimensional touch to the whole salwar kameez set in white and pale green and there is more lacework on the kameez and at the border as well. The plain cloth of the salwar kameez is accentuated with the delicate textures of the lace and come out looking very elegant. The idea behind this design is to give texture to lace fabric and you can try this with your plain salwar kameez by adding lace with medium sized patterns and more texture.

Salwar Kameez has been worn by women for centuries and with the right colour combination and a design that suits you the best you can look absolutely perfect for any type of event. There are casual salwar kameez sets with minimal designs and more practical use and there are the heavy ones that you can wear at traditional events and parties. Salwar kameez sets often look good with a good ensemble of Indian hairstyles like a braid or a bun and a handy Indian makeup coupled with a bindi. To accessorise your Salwar kameez, you can carry a matching clutch or handicrafts bag. Often gold and silver jewellery looks the best with salwar kameez sets.

With these lace neck designs you can try many varieties and not just for your salwar kameez but you can try them on any type of ethnic wear to bring out the designer in you. Although many different types of laces are available in the market today, you need to know how to select the best one. A lace fabric should be flexible to touch and should be soft and easily manipulated. There should be no loose strand of thread coming out as a single one of that will ruin the entire piece for you. Although there are many cheap laces available that are machine made you can try and get the authentic ones that are still made by hand and you will know the difference in the quality and the texture once you touch that lace. As such, you can be creative with your lace designs and create styles that suit you the best and make you look good. A lace is a simple and an easy addition to any salwar kameez and will always add a touch of elegance to it.

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