Punjabi Suits Neck Designs For Stitching

Punjabi suit is also known as salwar kameez and is widely popular in Arab countries and India.  It was mostly worn in North India especially in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and so it came to be known as Punjabi Suit. It is worn by both men and women, but the designs vary for men and women. Women wear a shawl or dupatta with it.

Punjabi Suits have become quite popular in South India where it is called churidar. Different fabrics like cotton, georgette, silk, chiffon etc are used for making Punjabi suit. Earlier, not much attention was given to Punjabi suits neck designs. Usually they were round or square necked.


Salwar Kameez

The salwar consists of loose trousers that are narrow at the ankle. The kameez or the top reaches mid thigh in length and may be plain or embroidered. A scarf or dupatta is also used with Punjabi suit, which is draped on the neck. The color of the dupatta matches the suit or it may be in contrast to the color of the suit. The material of the dupatta may be same as the suit or of a lighter material with embellished works.


The kameez is often highly decorated with mirrors, embroidery, fabric paints or precious stones. The price of a Punjabi suit depends on the fabric and the embellishments done.  Some are very simple but fashionable and they look very good on the wearer. For special occasions like wedding, parties, get-togethers etc expensive suits with lots of works are worn. For daily use and casual wear, women prefer simple well stitched Punjabi suits. Punjabi suits neck designs also vary accordingly.

Moreover they come in diverse varieties and prices. Some are very costly while there are many Punjabi suits that are available at budget prices. Simple cotton suits are available at very low rates. Silk suits with lots of embroidery and other decorative works are very costly making it fit for every big occasion be it a party or a wedding.


Choosing Necklines:

Some neck designs look good on broad shoulders while some look good on narrow shoulders. You have to choose the neckline according to the shape of your shoulder. Broad necklines are considered beautiful as long as the shoulders are not too muscular or bulky. If you have a broad shoulder, choose necklines that distract the eyes from the broad shoulders. Try not wearing kameez with boat neck, sweet heart neck, Sabrina neck, square neck, wide V neck, crew neck and wide scoop neckline. These neck designs make your shoulder look even broader. On the other hand, narrow and plunging necklines like deep V neck or U neck make your shoulder less broad.

If you have a very narrow shoulder, the neckline of your kameez must be such that it elongates and enhances your shoulder and make it look broad. You must choose boat neck, off shoulders neck, square neck or wide V neck when you have narrow shoulders. The horizontal lines of these necklines make your shoulder wider. Necklines with wider straps also help to make your shoulder broader. This is because wide straps make you shoulders look broad. On the other hand, narrow spaghetti straps must be avoided as it accentuates your narrow shoulders. Even horizontal stripes on your kameez will make your shoulder look broad. Another thing to remember is that the kameez should fit your shoulder properly and not hang out loosely or else you will end up looking thinner and narrow shouldered.

There are many Punjabi dress patterns nowadays for you to choose from that can blow your mind off. Basic patterns look good on all women. Patterns also differ according to the age. For younger generations modern patterns are more apt. Older women usually choose simple patterns that make them look simple and elegant.

Punjabi Suits Neck Designs

The neck designs play a major role in making a dress elegant and desirable. The necklines that you choose depends on the fabric, the work done and the shape of your neck- whether it is long or short, slim or broad, your shoulder and so on.

A well stitched kameez with a smart neckline makes you look beautiful. Some of the necklines found on the kameez are sweet heart neck,V neck, high neck with or without a collar, asymmetric neckline, illusion neckline, off shoulder neckline, jewel neckline, square neck, scoop necklines, halter necklines, boat shaped neckline, queen anne neckline and so on.


Sometimes Punjabi suits come with a neckline already designed. Here all you need to do is to stitch the dress. These necklines may be heavily embroidered, decorated with sequins or semi precious stones, painted with fabric paints, decorated with beautiful beads, golden or silver threads and so on. Punjabi dress designs vary greatly and the neck designs also vary with them. You have to choose a neckline that is suitable to you. The dress neck designs depend on various factors and one that looks good on a particular dress pattern may not look good on other Punjabi dress patterns.

Let’s Look at Basic Punjabi Suits Neck Designs in Detail

1. Sweetheart Neckline

The sweet heart neck for example looks good on Anarkali suits. This neckline is somewhat similar to V neck, but is quite different. It goes well with half and full sleeves, cap sleeves and three quarter sleeves. Laces and tissues highly compliment this neckline. Women with heavy bust usually do not look good with this neckline. It looks good on teenage girls and younger women.

2. V Neck

V neck makes your neck look longer and is suitable for women with short neck and round face. If your face is longer or if your neck is very long, V neck will not suit you. Heavily embroidered fabrics looks good with V shaped or round neckline. Wearing an embroidered kemeez with a small V neck makes you appear younger.

3. Round Neck

Round neck is one of the most common neck designs found on Punjabi suits. It is suitable for all women, but taller women look all the more stunning with round necklines. You may have this neck on all types of fabrics. Round neck with a slit makes your simple cotton suit look all more appealing. If there is embroidery around the neck, its enhances  its beauty.

4. Square Neck

Square neck is simple but gives you an elegant look. It looks good on all types of fabrics. A good quality cotton or silk dress with a square neck makes you look simple but fashionable. It is suitable for women of all ages. Women with larger busts look good in square neck. It gives your shoulder broader look. Women with square face must take care to avoid square neck. You may stitch square neckline on cotton fabrics as well as silk and georgette materials. The square may be large or small according to your preference.

5. Turtle Neckline

Turtle neckline that is embroidered look good on all women, especially the narrow shouldered women. Ladies with heavy busts do not look good in turtle neck. Turtle neck may be stitched on georgette, chiffon and other such fabrics.

6. Scoop Neckline

Scoop neckline gives you a sexy look. They are not very deep or very high, and reach above your bust. It looks good on all women but very thin women must avoid this neckline. This neckline is suitable for all kinds of fabrics.

7. Collar Neckline

Collar neckline consists of a band like collar around the neck. It looks good on women of all ages and may be used in cotton or silk.

Madrin Collar Suit Neck Design


Madrin collar is another neckline that is loved by younger generations. It may be fully closed or may have an opening. The collar may be of the same color as the kameez or it may contrast he color of the kameez. The buttons or thread attached to the neckline makes it more beautiful. Mandrin collar with u neckline is ideal to wear in summer. It also goes well with plunging V neckline.

Asymmetric Dress Neck Design


Asymmetric Punjabi suits neck designs are the new trend now, especially with the younger generation. Here you can design your neckline in any pattern that catches your fancy. It looks good on fabrics like silk, georgette, net, lace, tissue and so on.

Illusion Neckline


Illusion neckline looks good on various Punjabi dress designs. Here a net or ant transparent material is used on the neck to make you look gorgeous. This neckline is made on silk, synthetic and georgette fabrics. Off shoulder neckline looks good on heavily embroidered cotton and other fabrics and makes you look dashing in a highly sophisticated party. It highlights your collar bone and makes it look beautiful. Jewel neck design is more apt for high quality cotton fabrics and silk that are highly embroidered or decorated. They have a small round neck and provide you a sophisticated and royal look.

Embellished Halter Neckline


Halter neckline is another of the popular Punjabi suits neck designs that looks good on all women. It does not take the shape of your body, instead it takes the shape of your bust. The neck may be of the closed type or V shaped. It exposes your arms and the shoulders. This neckline makes you stand out in a crowd and provides you a stunning look. When you combine halter neckline with spaghetti styled straps, you will get halter strap neckline. This with heavy sequin work provides a classy look. It is ideal for any party or special occasion.

Stylish Boat Neckline


Boat necks are also one of the common suit neck designs. It may be deep boat neck or high boat neck. Deep boat neck gives you a sexy look. But high boat neck makes you classy, making you stand out among a crowd. It fits well with all shapes of body. A narrow shoulder looks broader with boat neckline.

Strapped Halter Neckline


If you like strapped dresses, you must choose thin spaghetti straps. This looks good on broad shoulders and exposes your collar bones making your shoulder look beautiful. Many think that it they have broad shoulders, they must choose wider straps to cover the shoulder. But this is a wrong conception. The wider the strap is, more broad you will appears. But some women do look good with wide straps also. Halter neckline is also good for women with broad shoulders as it makes the shoulder look narrower. Avoid collars and puffy sleeves. Dark colored kameez also helps to make your shoulders narrow. Necklines that reveal your shoulder and collar bones are best as they make you look sexy.

Net and Embellished Strap Neck


The shoulder straps are designed beautifully to give this Anarkali suit a trendy look. One strap is done with embellishments and the other strap has been covered with the net material used for the dress.

Go ahead and choose the best Punjabi suits neck design. This is sure to completely change your personality and make you stand out in a crowd.

Punjabi Suits Neck Designs for Stitching

Punjabi suit is also known as salwar kameez and is widely popular in Arab countries and India. It was mostly worn in North India especially in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and so it came to be known as Punjabi Suit. It is worn by both men and women, but the designs vary for men and women. Women wear a shawl or dupatta with it.

Punjabi Suits have become quite popular in South India where it is called churidar dresses. Different fabrics like cotton, georgette, silk, chiffon etc are used for making Punjabi suit. Earlier, not much attention was given to Punjabi suits neck designs. Usually they were round or square necked.

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