Priyanka Chopra- The Real Beauty

Priyanka Chopra is a well-known famous Bollywood artist. She got herself recognized to the world by winning the Miss World pageant in the year 2000. She is also recognized as a talented singer and has released an album with the famous artist Pitbull. She has been recognized as a style diva and style icon all over the world. She has won many renowned awards and even established herself as the most talented female in the film industry. Priyanka Chopra hairstyles have raised the hairstyles trend to a high level and have indulged women in thinking about glamorous looking hairstyles and haircuts. She is proven to be a role model for many young girls in the country and she is idolized in different ways by different categories of people all around the world.


This Priyanka Chopra hairstyle is simple yet elegant with her wavy hair. The wavy hairstyle suits her face and even enhances the overall look as well. This hairstyle is quite suitable for all kinds of occasions and goes well with traditional attire too.

Hairstyles of Priyanka Chopra always created a buzz in her movies and also admired by her beloved fans. Haircuts of Priyanka Chopra in different lengths, and styles is all to love her. She doesn’t believe in repeating her looks for any of her movies unless and until it is essential for the role. She has her own personal style to carry which highlight the latest trends. She has been indulged in the most bizarre to the most elegant hairstyles and haircuts. Her hairstyles in wavy hair has been a trend in the past and also in the recent times. She has managed to impress the people and have transformed from a normal looking girl into a fashionable diva.

Priyanka Chopra Hairstyle in Dostana Promotion Event:


Priyanka Chopra choose a wavy puff hairstyle for the promotion event and we must say she looked utterly gorgeous.

Priyanka Chopra Latest Hairstyle with Wavy Hair


Hairstyles of Priyanka Chopra have always been in the top news and she has the guts to carry it with style. The oomph and ooze of her looks are admired by each and every individual in the industry. Not only in India but she has flourished her style all over the world. The pictures above defines her latest style statement with bangs and wavy hair.

Though her preference most of the times is straight hair but recently she has even adopted the wavy style which she used to flaunt as her signature style. This haircut and hairstyle makes her look more mature and sophisticated. The classy look is more on the cool side of the fashion statement and hip & happening. The bangs makes it more powerful and graceful as well. The waves and curls enhances the look even more with the long length of her hair. She has tried, experimented and flourished all kind of hairstyles and has done justice to all of them.

Priyanka Chopra Haircuts


Priyanka Chopra likes experimenting with her hairstyles, and these are a few hairstyles that she flaunted at various events. Wavy hairstyle suits her the most and she carries it really well with her style and body language.

In movies like Krish, Pyaar Impossible, Whats your Rashee etc. Priyanka Chopra hairstyles look pretty and elegant with her wavey hair. Her different looks from corporate to village girl role completed with her dressing and hairstyle. The look, the dressing style and her attitude fulfills the requirement of the character and as everyone is already aware about her confidence and elegance to carry it.

Movies like what’s your Rashee and & 7 khoon Maaf she has played several characters in one single movie itself with different looks for each of them. She has transformed herself from tip to toe in each of the characters played by her in both the movies. Most of her looks comprised of wavy hair and curls to accompany the same. She has proved to the world that she can and she will always experiment with her looks and would never fail in it. She has tried and tested almost every possible hairstyle and haircut which would suit her body type and face cut.

Side Swept Wavy Long Hair


In the year 2013, hairstyles of Priyanka chopra had transformed into long hair with curls and waves and layers. This trend is in vogue with traditional attire. She has the power to carry western attire as well as the Indian attire with elegance and grace.

Messy Waves with Side Bangs


Priyanka Chopra has always managed to change her look often. Competing with the top actress in Bollywood, she has managed to stand out in the crowd with her ultimate fashion sense and hairstyles. Not only in the movies she works in but also in the fashion shows that she takes part in, she has proved herself as the ultimate style diva with her elegant looks. In various fashion shows she has appeared in traditional wear with her natural waves and has looked beautiful and pretty. As it is known that Priyanka Chopra has natural wavy hair and the way she has managed that is outstanding. Though her natural hair being wavy, she prefers straight as it suits her the most.

Wild Waves


Priyanka Chopra off lately has emerged as the style icon and the most stylish actress in the Indian Film Industry. In the past few years of her carrier she has rediscovered herself several times with her looks and dressing. Overall she has made herself look presentable and elegant with such marvelous efforts since many years. She has even managed to reduce down the complexion her skin to a few tones lighter and she looks pretty with that. All in all at the end she has proved to be totally new person and proud of it. Further in her public appearances, she has evolved with her looks and hairstyles and has managed to impress the masses and audiences with it.

Curls for Wavy Hair

This hairstyle of Priyanka Chopra is elegant and glammed up with wavy hair. She looks sophisticated and chic in her wavy hair. The waves that drop down her cheeks till the shoulder gives her a playful look and makes it more refreshing and glamorous. This hairstyle can be adopted only by few as it requires the perfect face cut and class to carry it. Priyanka Chopra tries to have a different look always and even succeeds in her task. She can look macho, graceful, petite, classy, sophisticated, rough, cute, girl next door all at the same time etc.

Geeky Look with Wavy Hair


Usually it is noticed that soft curls and waves portray a romantic beach look to anyone, but Priyanka Chopra does it in her own style and gives it a geeky look with the glasses. She has this casual look at one of the events that she attended. The hairstyle and the glasses compliment each other and end up making her look pretty and stylish. The casual look with the wavy hair makes her look more beautiful.

Wavy Bun


Usually the curly beach kind of waves done on hair gives a carefree look yet the sex appeal of the look lasts with it, and this is the one look with which Priyanka Chopra would always do justice to. The hairstyles with wavy hair and curls ought to suit her the best.

How to do the Classic Priyanka Chopra Hairstyle with Wavy Hair?

  • In order to try Priyankas classic wavy hair look you can use a curling iron or tongs or even individual rollers by rolling individual sections of hair around it.
  • The sections are to be rolled from top to bottom and then have to put the curling iron at the top part of the roll of hair and wrap the rest of the hair around it.
  • Once the hair is curled, brush your hair with the help of your fingers to open up the curls gently in order to gain that wavy look similar to Priyanka Chopra.
  • You can also achieve the same look without the help of tongs and ironing machines. You can twist your hair and then tie it into a bun on the top of your head. Keep it overnight and let it stay.
  • Open your hair in the morning and see the magic of converting your normal looking hair into a wavy hairstyle.
  • The result would be even better if you apply gel or mousse and even a curling spray on the hair before tying it up in a bun at night. This would make the waves more firm and evident and make it last longer.
  • So this was one of the ways and the best way to get wavy hair similar to Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra hairstyles are famous with the young crowd especially her bangs and bob hairstyles. She has managed to have control over her looks and flourish by working with popular hairstylists. She has natural wavy hair and she doesn’t deny about it. The look in the above picture is one of the rarest look which can be noticed now in her style. This look was adopted by her in her early days in the film industry and gradually she has proceeded into different hairstyles.

So it is very evident and appropriate to say that the fashion diva Priyanka Chopra is fond of her personal style and hairstyles and even loves experimenting with them. She has revived the styling league and explained that beauty is not the only asset of a woman, even her styling, hairstyles, dressing, elegance and her body language matters. Her attitude is in true sense of her work and her looks defines a person. She is the perfect example of style and glamour. Though she has various competitors in the industry, she manages to have her stand and tops the chart with her sense of style and sophistication.

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