How about putting away your favourite denims for a while and add some beautiful colours and prints to your wardrobe? Fashion today allows us to experiment with myriad styles, prints and colours. One such fashion invention are the leggings.

What are leggings?

Leggings are bottom wear and are a substitute to heavy and bunky pants as well as denims. These are available in a variety of colours, fabrics and designs. Along with style, they also offer comfort to the wearer because of their light weight and lycra (stretch)material. Leggings can be worn with tops, tunics, kurtis or even kurtas.

Women are often seen wearing printed leggings in different prints and bold colours. The colour and print you wear often depicts your personality. Loud colours and bold designs resemble courage and strength whereas subtle colours and light prints show calmness and peace.

What are jeggings?

Jeggings(jeans + leggings) are leggings made from a material which looks similar to the denim fabric. It is a substitute to skinny jeans. They can compliment any top, sweater, or blazer and are a highly versatile.

What is the Difference Between Leggings and Tights?

People often confuse leggings with tights. Tights are thin bottom wear which is a blend of nylon and lycra. It starts from the waist and covers the foot. Usually a transparent panty hose, it can be opaque as well as transparent, even found in different colours. They are worn under short skirts, shorts and dresses.

Tights are generally worn underneath other clothes with the primary objective of keeping ones legs warm and covered. Women who wear skirts and dresses to their workplace often find it unprofessional to show skin, which can make tights an attractive option.

Leggings, on the other hand, are less frequently worn with professional attires; they are generally seen as casual and tendy to be paired either with exercise clothes or as a layering piece to sweaterst-shirts, or other less formal clothing.

Types Of Printed Leggings

Animal printed leggings:

Animal Printed leggings can be paired with solid tops in bold colours. Can be worn to a party or semi-formal occasion

Stripes and chequered printed leggings:

Stripes can be horizontal as well as vertical stripes. Vertical stripes in dark colours makes you makes u look tall, whereas horizontal stripes makes your legs look fat and those who have very skinny legs should opt for these. Leggings with checks make u look chic and on the go.These can be worn on a day out with friends or a casual day at college.

Floral printed leggings:

These printed leggings can make a dull day fun and will add glam to the overall look. To pull off a floral print, team it with tops in pastel shades. Consider investing in statement neck pieces and cute ballerina shoes for a stunning look.

Aztec or tribal printed leggings:

The hottest style this year are the tribal or Aztec prints. The prints include bold geometrical shapes, daring colour combinations and a fusion of patterns and lines. The colours can range from bright neon’s to dusty earth tones. Wear them with a contrasting top and make an impression.

Self-colored leggings:

self-colored leggings are leggings in plain colours. They are classic and go with all kinds of apparels and can be worn to any on formal occasion. These suit most body type as they have no prints or designs. Select the right fit and your good to go.

Purchasing printed leggings has become very convenient. These can either be purchased online or can be bought from any retail store for apparel. It is a great fashion investment and good for all seasons.

So what are u waiting for? Grab a pair today!

We’ll leave you with a couple of printed leggings and show how you can style each of them.

Wear electric blue leggings with white prints coupled with a clutch bag and a classic pair of pumps for that party mood.

A Black top studded at the cuffs paired with Aztec printed leggings. Nude pumps and light makeup completes the outfit for an evening occasion.

Aztec printed leggings with a white coloured solid tee and a long chain for a fresh summer look. Geometric shaped pendant complements the Aztec print.

On a comfortable and relaxed day, wear a simple long white t-shirt over printed leggings to give a much chilled look.


Gold and black leggings for a royal vintage look coupled with a chain giving it a more glamorous look.

Sweater leggings with a top and scarf for warmth and style and in the winters. Ankle length fur boots, bow bobby pins and shades for the complete chic look.


Studded black leggings with a black tee for a gothic look. Black pumps and Smokey eyes for a stunning look.

Animal printed leggings with a black tank top for the bold look.

Rainbow coloured leggings with abstract prints for a peppy look. Studded gladiator slippers match perfectly with such prints.

Vertical stripped leggings give a tall look to the wearer. Plain black blouse with black lips and nails for than defined look.

Galaxy rainbow leggings with a black top and smart shoes give a very sporty look.

Leggings with design sat the hem with a grey tee for a normal casual day.


Shiny leather leggings is a wardrobe must have. It is worn with black suede shoes. Looks classy with a chiffon top mostly to a club or party.

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