Red Lipstick makeup has the divine power to give you an instant makeover from dull to absolutely gorgeous. The perfect red lipstick is one indispensible piece of makeup that can transform you into a complete diva in a few seconds. It is a versatile makeup that has brought about a revolution in the world of fashion and beauty, by enhancing the sensuality of women. If there is one single makeup product that can make for all the galore of makeup tools, it has to be the red lipstick.


But, when you visit the local beauty supply store, to pick your red lippy, the long aisles of gorgeous shades of red can get you baffled. While the right shade can make you look beautiful, a wrong choice can be a disaster. The right shade of lipstick is the soul tool that can make or break the look. More often than not, you tend to get home with a wrong shade of red that does not actually work for your complexion.

Plus, the wrong application can lead to color bleeding and flaking, etc. This in turn can make you wish you never wore the color in the first place. Thus, you need to master the application technique to harness the benefits of this life saving makeup tool. The right application can not only make you look sexy, but also last you for long hours of meetings, parties, date nights, etc.

How to Pick the Best Red Lipstick Shades?

The suitability of a shade depends not only on your complexion, but also the intensity and undertone of the lip color. No matter how much survey you do, you will hear a totally different answer every time.


So, here are few basic pointers that will help you choose the right red lipstick shades meant for you:

1. It does not always matter what the color is, it is more important to find the level of contrast that the color creates against your complexion. Also, it is important to choose a color that has similar undertone as your skin, to have a perfect impact. Too high a contrast can mar the entire look, by drawing all attention to the lips. Plus, the lip color should match the eye and hair color too else, the red lipstick make up can turn up pretty awkward and ghastly.

2. Depending upon the warmth and intensity of the complexion the same red lipstick make up can look complementing or overwhelming. For example, if you have a wheat-ish to dark skin tone, you can easily carry even a bold flaming orange-ish red lipstick makeup, without much trouble. But, in the case of lighter skin tones, the bright lip colors will appear even more striking, making the look even louder. So, you should choose a blue based red lipstick that is a little softer, if you want o play safe with the color. If you have got a medium to dark complexion, even you can do justice to the blue based red lipstick, for a more subtle impact.

3. According to the color blocking trends of hot red lipsticks, you can experiment with bolder red lipstick shades. But, to enjoy the best red lipstick shades without looking over the top, it is recommended that you pick a shade that is a tad bit on the side of orange. So, go slow before you finally break out of your comfort zone. The degree of orange should be toned up with the intensity of the complexion, as darker skin a have greater color receptive capacity.

4. To pull off the bold makeup with red lipstick you must stick to the bare minimum with the rest of the face. Opt for natural make up and flawless foundation. For the eyes, you must steer clear of the colorful or heavy shadow and go for clean kohl rimmed eyes or lighter hues. This will give a classy yet glamorous appearance that will instantly enhance your features.

5. If you fail to judge your complexion undertone, you must test multiple shades at the store before you finally bag the product. Check the shade by drawing swatches on your wrist, as the complexion and of the skin is much closer to that of your face. Look for bright white light, as yellow or colored light do not show the real shade and intensity.

Why is it Important to Apply Lip Liner?

Your red lip makeup can be an out and out nightmare if you do not know how to wear red lipstick the right way. Red lipsticks often tend to spread along the fine lines around your lips or transfer to your teeth. The dirty blurry lines can be the most horrible makeup experience ever.


So, once you have got your hands on to the best red lipstick shade, you need to pair the lipstick with the similar shade of lip liner, to have the picture perfect pout. The right lip liner should prevent the lipstick from spreading out of the lips. Following are the quick steps for an ideal lip liner application,

The right method can ably plump up your pout for the classic Marilyn Monroe effect. Line both your upper and lower lips carefully along the natural lip line.

At the Cupid’s bow, pull the line further inside such that the lines intersect each other, drawing a cross at the centre of the upper lips. This will add oomph to the pout, making it appear fuller and more delicate.

To make your lipstick last longer you should not only line the lips with the lip liner, but also cover the lips entirely with an even coat of the color. This matte layer forms a base for the lipstick, preventing it from fading out quickly.

How to Apply Red Lipstick Makeup?

Following are some simple steps that will help you to achieve the ravishing red lip makeup

Keep The Makeup Light: The red color in itself tends to bring out the redness in your face. Even minor blemishes, vessels or a flushed face can be very damaging to the ultimate look. So, if you desire to create the optimum impact with your red lip makeup, you must keep the rest of the face clean and flawless. Apply concealer to the corners and also the inside of you lips, to have a neutral base for the lipstick shade to pop up. The attractive pout should be the only highlight of the makeup. Avoid heavy eye makeup and instead apply multiple coats of mascara to awaken the eyes. Thus, keep your makeup fresh and dewy. Sweep a soft peach or pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.


Color Lips Right:


Line the lips with a matte liner in the same shade as the lipstick along the inside of the lips. Fill in the lips evenly with the liner. Then, use a brush applicator to apply the lipstick, to prevent it from settling in the crease. Gradually, build the lip color with soft brush strokes. Blot the lips with a tissue paper or blotting paper and re-apply, for long lasting red lips.

Do Not Go All Matchy-Matchy:
Do not ever commit the crime of pairing all the aspects of you make up and clothing. Pick complementing but subtle or metallic shades, like gold, rust, copper, nude, peach, pink, black or as a matter of fact any light color to build up the red lip makeup.

Fix The Shade:
Most lipsticks have more or less the same chemical composition. So, do not panic or dump the expensive but not so perfect red lipstick that you have picked in your past. Instead, like most makeup artists, mix one or two different shades to create the right color. Often a hint of tangerine orange can boost the glam quotient of a blue-red lippy. Similarly, a little purple and tone down the bright reds.


Go Light To Look Young: Lips tend to get thinner with age and a dark shade can make the lips appear thinner. So, if you are older, you must pick lighter shades of red like the flushed pink or peach reds, to give a more youthful look to your lips. Also, for a fuller and thicker look, after you have applied the lipstick, you can dot the centre of your upper and lower lips with gloss. You can even skip the lipstick and try lip crèmes or glosses in the desired shades. They will do job more effectively, making your lips appear more plump.

Check Before You Step Out:
While most women look ravishing in the red lip makeup, sometimes if you are careless, the results can be quiet awful. So, to be sure, you must double check your makeup in bright white light, just before you are ready to step out. Also, keep a mirror and the lipstick handy, for little touch-ups through the day.

However, there are still many, who believe the makeup with red lipstick spells danger, if they are unable to wear it right. But the best part is that when you dawn the red hot lipstick, you can forget your heavy layers of makeup at home. This classy red lippy can lift even a dull outfit, as if you never went wrong in the first place. But, at all cost, you must try to keep the focus to the lips, to sport the sexy red lipstick makeup at the very best.

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