As you all know that the season of weddings is going on and so are its preparations.  The best part of weddings and its functions is that people tend to get ready to their best with the heaviest jewellery and clothes wrapped around. Wedding season is one such season where every person being a family member or close relatives or even friends of the bride and bridegroom grabs that perfect outfit for themselves which though may be seen as loud yet blissful. And every one is ready to don the heaviest of the costumes for the final day. As too many functions take place along with the wedding, everybody especially the girls wish to look their best in every shot. But when it comes to bride, she is one woman, who has to be the prettiest amongst all showcasing panache, charm and elegance. It is her day so it is mandatory that she stands out in the crowd.

Selecting an Outfit for the Bride

For a bride in India, there are several options to choose from- a traditional lehenga or a beautiful gown or a dazzling designer sareeDepending on the wedding traditions you follow and depending on the different functions you have to host, you can choose the dress. However, one option that stands out from the rest and will ensure that you look gorgeous in is the saree.

designer bridal saree is one of the most sought out wedding dress among Indian brides. It is not just because of the traditional value that saree upholds, but also because of the beauty it adds to the one who drapes it. Be it a traditional Kanchipuram Saree or a trendy designer saree, the bride always dazzles in it. These days almost all brides depend on famous designers to create a perfect bridal saree for their special day. Unlike regular sarees, designer sarees are unique and are made just for you. You are the one designing it so you can choose the color palette and the patterns that you like. Hence make your bridal saree a perfect style statement.

Sometimes, hunting for the perfect saree can be an exhausting and time consuming task. However, with such designers like Manish Malhotra & Sabyasachi and a little guidance and help from your friends and relatives you can make it a fun affair and ensure that you find the most suitable designer saree for your wedding. There are millions of catalogues on various web pages that offer latest bridal fashion, whether its lehenga or designer bridal sarees. You can visit these sites to understand the changing trends in the fashion industry, especially in the bridal fashion industry.


There are many bridal saree collections available in the market that not just provide the ideal collection of sarees for newly wedded or soon to be wed brides but are cost effective too at the same time. With huge number of options from bridal silk sarees to bridal designer sarees and for brand freaks from Manish Malhotra sarees to Sabyasachi sarees, every bit of style, design, texture and quality is available in the market. Depending on the functions which you have to host and the cultural traditions which you follow, you can choose the finest of outfits from that collection. During wedding season, these shopping things excite everybody. Preparations, looking pretty in events, taking selfies etc. and obviously ethnic clothes are everyone’s choice.

The bridal saree collections are designed according to the latest trends as well as the traditional look. There are numerous websites that offer a vast variety of sarees whether you want a designer one or a simple one. Though online websites offer a great deal and variety of sarees, one thing you must look out for is fabric. Fabrics play a vital role in sarees and a designer saree with poor quality of fabric is not appealing or comfortable.

Why choose Branded Bridal Saree Collection?

While shopping, opting for a particular collection or brand is considered good and always preferred over street shopping. With Designer wedding sarees or Designer bridal sarees, designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi make special efforts for making this dream of bride come true. From pretty lehengas to fine silk sarees, brides get a wide range of choices.

  • Big brands like Manish Malhotra store a wide variety of bridal sarees, wedding sarees etc.
  • These can cost you from as low as 4k-5k to 1 lakh or even more. Subtle designs and fine prints always look classy on brides. So despite being expensive, these are classy choices.
  • One of the good things about choosing a brand collection over street shopping is you don’t have to run from place to place for buying bridal clothes. You can get everything at a single place.
  • From bridal sarees to designer wedding saree, designer bridal sarees to bridal silk sarees, you can get anything in every range and variety.

Designer wedding sarees are costly but they add a mind blowing touch to the brides’ beauty. The patterns and colours are a spot on thing and give you a perfect style statement. Apart from sarees, one can go for lehengas too. Designer lehengas are also available at these stores and they give you a pleasant look, when worn with a matching choli and duppatta. Every girl has a childhood dream of looking the prettiest on her wedding day with the perfect set of jewelry and the accessories to go along with their designer bridal sarees .

Choosing Designer Wedding Sarees

The saree is considered to be the India’s most popular fashion item for women. Because of the popularity of this item of clothing, wedding sarees are a common choice for an Indian bride. Now a days, designer wedding sarees are in trend. Designer wedding sarees come in all different colours, patterns, designs etc. Fabric of the dress or the sari should me smooth on skin. Sometimes poor fabric creates discomfort. Just keep some points in mind and you are ready to select your perfect attire. Points to consider while choosing designer wedding Sarees:

Design & pattern – Designs and patters should be chosen very carefully. Girls, especially bride should keep her complexion in mind while deciding what to wear.

Comfort – The dress should be comfortable whether its saree or a lehenga.

Fashion trends –  Wearing an outdated dress is not suggested when it comes to marriage events. You want to look your best, so keep an eye on the latest trends in fashion so that you do not look outdated.

Season – You should not go with a dress that’s not according to the weather. Obviously you don’t want to end up sneezing all around when its cold and your dress is not upto it.

Looks – Looks are everything in a marriage. Try to wear as different as possible but according to the event.

Color of the Saree is an important Detail

Winters are here. And so is the wedding season. Some girls are getting married, some are going to attend the wedding. The common factor between these both groups of girls is what colour to choose for wedding dress.

Designer Wedding Sarees

Here are some common colours that work almost every time you attend a marriage, whether you are going to be the bride or the invited guest.

1.  Red- Red is the most preferred colour for sarees in Indian weddings. Red is considered sacred and holy. Even designers design the sarees with a hint of red when they are working on bridal wear in a different colour. Most importantly, it looks good on most of the complexions, whether fair or wheatish.

2.  Yellow – Another colour that is very prominent at Indian wedding ceremonies and indeed is picked for wedding sarees is the yellow. This colour is considered sacred because it represents wheat and mustard and a good harvest as well as religion and healing. Yellow sarees are soothing to eyes and they look very pretty.

3.  Purple – Another colour in the list. It is seen as a very royal color and looks good on most of the people.

4.  Royal Blue – As the name suggests, girls look classy in the royal blue sarees . Go for it.

Green-Last but not least, green looks awesome on almost any complexion. Green stands for nature and is a cool soothing color to the eyes.

Point to be noted here is that you must choose a colour that’s vibrant, complements your personality and looks good on you. Contrast colours bring out your personality very well.

Overall, choosing the perfect dress for one’s wedding is a big task for most of us. Follow the mantras that are written above and you will be all ready to dazzle the world with you look. Try different colours, combinations, and patterns until you find yourself exactly as you had dreamt of. You can also go for embroidory, they look exceptionally good. Just a good vibrant colour on a designer bridal saaree, and voila, you look like a princess in no time. Hunting for perfect saree ain’t easy but once you have read this, you won’t waste a minute to get the dress that will make you look beautiful.

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