Pearls are the jewels of the ocean and have captured our fantasy for centuries. Essentially, a mineral formed inside an oyster shell, the finest pearls are regarded as gems.

Available in a variety of colours – white, pink, silver, cream, brown, green, blue, black, yellow, rainbow – pearls are usually round, but can also occur in shapes like tear-drop or baroque. Natural pearls are extremely rare and valuable because they are formed in the wild. Earlier, pearl divers used to fish them out from the seas for sale, but now the majority of pearls available in the market are cultured in oyster farms. These are called ‘fresh water pearls’ and are immensely popular.

Imitation pearls made from materials like acrylic are also available for inexpensive jewellery – but these are less lustrous. Distinguishing genuine pearls from artificial ones is easy. The trick is to check whether they are cold to the touch – real pearls remain cool irrespective of the temperature outside.

The majority of the world’s pearls are used for jewellery. In olden times, pearls were sewn into clothes for the elite and royalty. Pearls have always been associated with elegance – then and now. However, pearls are not restricted to casual occasions. In fact, their quiet elegance make them suitable for daily wear, while multi-strand pearl necklaces can set you apart an make you the life at a party.

Pearls are well suited for all ages. With their simplicity and discreet elegance, pearls are the perfect jewellery option for daily wear and formal occasions. Team them up with pant-suits or skirts for power dressing at work or style them to add a dose of glamour to your ethnic office wear. From sarees and kurtas to skirts and jeans, pearls can complement any attire.

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Pearl Earrings for Work and Upgrade Your Formal Style

Keep up with your conservative office dress code, and yet add a hint of glamour to your formal work routine with these pearl studs. These simple pearl earrings are good value for the  price you pay, yet  discreet enough as daily wear.

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Pearl Danglers

If you are on the lookout for a healthy dose of attention at your workplace, tune up your glam quotient with these pearl danglers. Available in low cost rhodium plated varieties as also in precious metal, these elegant pearls will help you add some glamour to the boring neutrals in black office wear.

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