Pakistani Weddings
There’s this ethereal, royal charm to their weddings, which can only be expected, as that country has extremely rich culture and exquisite customs. Quite similar to the Indian traditions, even their weddings include distinct haldi, mehndi, wedding and reception ceremonies, where everyone joins together in the fun times. Mehndi, however, does stand out as that function where undoubtedly, everyone has the most amount of fun. And why should it be any other way? Every element of the event is utterly gorgeous, whether it’s the Pakistani mehndi dresses, or the Pakistani mehndi designs. It is the only ceremony that has unimaginable room for creativity and this ceremony has evolved to include fun, family activities including enthusiastic dance competitions between the bride and groom families.

A Pakistani mehndi event, traditionally known as Rasm-e-Henna Ceremony, is held one or two days before the wedding, when henna is applied on the Bride’s hands and feet. This is a common event for Indian weddings as well, but Pakistani mehndi designs are notably, very distinctive. The simple reason is that these designs incorporate the best of Indian and Arabic mehndi design elements, resulting in a unique fusion. Floral patterns with fine detailing can be considered as the signature elements of any Pakistani mehndi design.


This design has such a delicate vibe to it; it almost looks like lace. The symmetrical patterns surely look charismatic, and very different from the standard mehndi designs.


This is another beautiful design, with gorgeous sections. Notice how specific sections have been filled in with Henna, while some other sections haven’t. This aids in creating a visual impact resulting in an absolutely gorgeous final look. Even if you don’t wish to use this exact Pakistani mehndi design, it’s a great idea to fill in some sections, for an exclusive style.

As far as the outfits are concerned, the Pakistani bride gets to choose from a number of options because there has never been any particular outfit specified for the mehndi day. But of course, as a bride, you’ do good to wear free-flowing outfits, instead of anything tight, because mehndi is going to be applied on your hands/legs.

Getting into the nitty-gritties, traditionally, Pakistani mehndi dresses have varied between alternatives of Sharara, Gharara, or Salwar-Suit. Now, before we start discussing various types of attires suitable for a Pakistani mehndi ceremony, we would like to talk about the colorful & vibrant jewellery that goes along with it. Yes, you know what we’re hinting at- floral jewellery, which is totally hot these days, especially for Pakistani mehndi events. You can wear these as bangles,necklaces, earrings, mathapatti, maangtikas and even in your hair- there are endless possibilities.


Since the event is always held during the day, floral jewellery looks extremely charming and exudes a fairy like vibe. If you want to feel like an ethereal goddess, then you should definitely try this trend, like here.


If you’re still not sure how to rock this, and are scared of looking like you came out of a garden; then we have another option for you. You can use some floral accessories along with your regular jewellery. By using modest floral jewellery as earrings and wearing your usual maangtikka with it, like in the picture here, you can have the best of both worlds.

Now that the jewellery has been ticked off the list, let’s move to elusive Pakistani mehndi dresses. That day, when the Bride can wear her favourite colour or even a myriad of colours, and have fun to her heart’s content, while her outfit swishes around in a beautiful manner. The outfits can range from Shararas, Ghararas, Salwar Suit or even a Lehenga. Wondering about the difference between Shararas and Ghararas? Well, both of them are flared pants, worn under Cholis of suitable length. Sharara’s pants are flared throughout its length and give the illusion of being a skirt instead, whereas Gharara’s pants have fitted bands near the knees and flare out after that towards the end.

We are going to begin the list with the most obvious option- Sharara. Shararas have always been considered as the quintessential Pakistani bridal outfit, and with time, it has evolved beautifully. You can pair it with a long choli, or even a front-open jacket; and explore its effervescent, light weighted options for the Pakistani mehndi ceremony. Yellow/Orange are the most commonly worn colours, but that doesn’t restrict the options available in any manner.

1. Shararas paired with Long Cholis:

  • Turquoise Sharara

If you don’t want to look overwhelming on your mehndi day, and prefer wearing something very humble, then this yellow sharara paired with a long choli is for you.  The turquoise and maroon borders add just the right amount of elegance to adore.

  • Deep Red Sharara


On the other hand, you might want to go all out, and why shouldn’t you? It’s your special day and this beautiful sharara paired with deep red coloured long choli will make you look every bit as gorgeous as you’d imagined. There’s intricate embroidery all over the choli, which is complemented beautifully by the multi-coloured sharara.

  • Mighty Blue Sharara

Alternatively, if mehndi is the event where you want to try a fusion look, then this bright blue sharara paired with semi-sheer choli will definitely stop you in your tracks. This is certainly an interesting outfit, and if originality is your style, then this is your Pakistani mehndi dress. A refreshing take on the usual style; this will make sure that everyone has eyes only for you.

2. Shararas paired with Front-open Cholis:

  • Orange Coloured Sharara

Front-open cholis look absolutely magnificent with shararas. These are a great way to stay traditional, yet experiment with your look. So if you want to stay close to your roots, then this orange coloured sharara paired with a front-open Choli is exactly what you need. The choli has intricately done shiny embroidery, with oxblood and dark navy borders, bringing just the right amount of festivity to the outfit, and making it apt for a Pakistani mehndi ceremony.

  • Sharara with Pink Choli

Otherwise, if subtle elegance paired with a traditional vibe is more like your style, then you wouldn’t be ale to say no to this design. The all-over embroidered pink Choli has been paired with Shararas in contrasting colour. And we all know that colour blocking is totally in these days, so that’s always a good thing.

  • Lovable Peach and Mint Combo


If you’re a Pakistani bride who likes to stay minimalistic, yet make an impactful statement, then this mehndi outfit has been made for you. The front-open choli moves in a picturesque manner, and the colour-combination of peach with mint looks straight out of heaven. What else can a bride ask for?

3. Ghararas:
Sometimes, Ghararas seem like a more feasible option for a Pakistani mehndi ceremony. Besides being a traditional Pakistani bridal outfit, it allows more freedom to move about in a carefree manner. Have a look at our selections:

  • Rust Colored Gharara

Oh, this outfit screams Pakistani mehndi ceremony! The short saffron coloured choli paired with rust coloured gharara looks adorable. The net dupatta pulls the outfit together beautifully, and the sequins scattered all over lend a delicate charm to the entire outfit.

  • Embellished Fuchsia Gharara

Although if traditional designs are more your taste, then this outfit will not disappoint you. The fuchsia coloured short choli has gota-patti work all over, which extends to the knee bands of the Gharara as well as the borders of the Dupatta. As customary as it maybe, gota-patti is definitely in these days, and if your Mehndi outfit adorns such stunning patterns, then you’re definitely going to look like a million bucks.

  • Gharara in Bright Blue

Lastly, we have an option for our edgy, fearless brides who want to embrace the traditions in their own special manner. This bright blue gharara will surely turn heads for all the right reasons at your Pakistani mehndi ceremony.

4. Salwar-Suits:
Shararas and ghararas might be the traditional outfit, but nothing surpasses the charm of the classic salwar suit. They are available in numerous styles and are often what the bride needs to stay comfortable in her skin while henna is being applied on her hands and feet. After all, mehndi is mostly a family affair and all of us would definitely feel more at home in a salwar suit. Especially when there’s no rule that you cannot get pretty options in this attire, so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone- comfort and style.

  • Embroidered Lime Green Suit

This lime green outfit is literally the epitome of comfort and style. Notice how the bride has created this demure vibe by placing the dupatta on her head. The borders are exquisite with lovely embroidery all over the outfit.

  • Orange Silhouette


If lime green isn’t your colour, then we have another option that yet again combines comfort with style. The orange suit has a lovely yoke design on top, which is followed by a free flowing, almost anarkali-like silhouette. This is bound to look great on anyone, especially when paired with lovely floral jewellery. Here, instead of choosing only floral jewellery, the bride has paired her usual maangtikka with rest of her floral accessories.

5. Lehengas:
In all honesty, Lehengas aren’t exactly the prototypical Pakistani bridal outfit. However, times are changing and today, Pakistani brides do not shy away from trying lehengas even on their big day. Mehndi is of course, the more convenient option, if the bride wishes to stick to her customary outfit for the wedding night. However, Pakistani mehndi dresses do not appreciate too much skin show, and even their lehengas are mostly tailored in a conservative manner. But then again, this doesn’t take the prettiness away from the outfits even for a second. Have a look at our options and you’d have to agree.

  • Orange Lehenga

The colours of this outfit are quite fitting to a Pakistani mehndi dress, and so does the silhouette. The flared orange lehenga complements the long green choli beautifully, and the bride can easily dance around with her friends in this outfit. Plus there is no denying that the gota-patti work all over the outfit looks extremely amazing, especially on the fitted long sleeves which have been covered with lovely motifs.

  • Elegance in Pink

On the other hand, if you have taken the unconventional path of wearing a lehenga on your Pakistani mehndi ceremony, you might want to go all the way and wear something extremely offbeat.  This pink lehenga should meet your expectations then. A long choli with an asymmetrical hemline complements the flared Lehenga suitably, giving the right amount of sharpness to Pakistani Mehndi dresses. Even the dupatta has sheer fabric that gives a mysterious fairy like vibe to the entire outfit.


Before we wrap up, we’d like to suggest another idea, and that is to include your favorite trend/fabric in your mehndi outfit. Floral print, for example is considered really hot for mehndi ceremonies. So if that were what floats your boat, then this outfit would be a great idea to incorporate your choice for a Pakistani mehndi dress.


Isn’t this outfit just the epitome of floral perfection? The pastel shades work beautifully with the floral motifs and give the right amount of oomph to a lightweight mehandi dress. Notice how the sleeves as well as the borders of her dupatta incorporate the floral theme. If you love flowers, but aren’t all that keen on wearing floral accessories, well then, this outfit completely eliminates the need for any.

Last but not the least in any manner whatsoever, all-lace outfits are pretty big with Pakistani brides. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise, if you’d want your mehndi dress to be made of lace.

Whether you choose a traditional sharara or a modern lehenga, remember to not fret over tiny details, let your hair down and have a good time. After all, you’re making memories for a lifetime.

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