Medium hairstyles for women are the rage in fashion today. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at today’s page 3 section and you’ll know what we mean. From Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez to our very own international rock star Priyanka Chopra, every single one of these divas flaunts their medium layered hairstyles unabashedly.

So the first question that inevitably comes to our minds is that why have a medium length hairstyle to begin with?
The answer is very simpleMedium hairstyles vouch for the fact that it is long enough to be feminine but short enough to be maintained properly. Of course we women absolutely adore our long locks and short fringes but let’s be honest over here. How many of us with our hectic schedule throughout the day can actually manage to take care of everything along with our precious hair?


The secret lies in choosing a haircut which is at once gorgeous, gives your face a smooth and sharp shape and not to mention is relatively easier to maintain. Medium length hairstyles convey all of this and hence the increasing popularity.

In one of our last articles, we had discussed at length about the trendy medium hairstyles for women While we love our wavy haired sisters just as much this time we wanted to focus on our sisterhood of curly haired beauties.


Let us tell you something which all of us know and think. Curly hair is divine! Just imagine having a head full of curls, the bigger they’re, the sexier they’ll be. Naturally curly hair gives you an exotic look which all of us sought after at the end of the day.

But having and maintaining a head full of curls is not easy. Women with curly hair often receive a lot of flak because curls are a bit harder to style and therefore maintain. Which is why it is very easy to have a love n’ hate relationship with your curly locks.

What we easily seem to forget is that naturally curly hair has a splendid texture. It has a naturally fabulous and effortless style about it which is at once unique and adorable. Unfortunately though many women fail to understand the techniques behind maintaining such gorgeous sets of hair and hence more often than not, cut it short or worse still straighten their curls out of frustration.


Why is curly hair harder to maintain?

Curly hair generally takes a longer period, around a day or so to dry off. After a morning shower it’s easy for women to be called a wet sheepdog because of their wet curls.

Blow drying is another different ball game altogether. It is never easy to find a diffuser which can help you to dry your curls without making you looking like a Christmas tree.  Once the curls are washed and then blow dried, your hair tends to become frizzy than usual and hence difficult to maintain.

Ladies, trust us when we say that we understand.

Here’s a little secret which we thought you would like to know. Clean curls are the bounciest and the tightest and of course can make up the best medium length hairstyles.

Therefore, a shout out to our lovely ladies with lovely curls out there. Do check out our top ten medium hairstyles for women with curly hair. Our comprehensive list comprises of everything. From layered medium hairstyles to cute medium hairstyles to of course everyone’s favorite, medium length hairstyles with bangs, we’ve got it all covered.

Believe us when we ask you to embrace your medium length hairstyle. Not only it’ll dramatically enhance your texture but also can be styled the way you want it to be. For example, if you want to go for the soft, romantic look then it is available or if you want to go for the voluminous ringlets, it is there at your disclosure as well. Enjoy!

Medium Hairstyles for Women with Curly Hair

1. The Sassy Bob


Whoever had said that the gorgeous bob cuts are only for straight hair couldn’t be far away from the truth. The sassy bob cut is a great medium hairstyle for curly hair. It is a classic cut with a modern twist. You can also give it an added boost of drama and dimension by coloring it golden blonde. The way to the after party from the office couldn’t have been any easier.

2. The Shag with Tousled Curls


An upgrade from our previous simple haircut, this medium hairstyle for women is a traditional A-line bob with a sexy twist. It is finished with loose curls and a bold platinum edge. A solid head turner medium layered hairstyle, it is sure going to catch some wandering eyes.

3. The Diva


We love Beyonce, Garcelle Beauvais and Mariah Carrey because they’re fearless, gorgeous and intermittently a diva. An ode to them, this gorgeous medium length hairstyle is an absolutely brilliant way to stop trying those straightening products and embracing your naturally textured hair. This style is most suited for dark hair because the shade takes the texture and dimension to the center stage.

4. The Romantic


Whenever we think of curls, the image that comes to our mind immediately is that of a beautiful young girl with lovely locks. Nothing can be more romantic than that. The perfect look for a weekend gateway, this medium hairstyle for curly hair makes the curls so soft that you long to touch them with your bare hand.

5. The Redhead


We love color and we just love ze curls. This medium layered hairstyle can be achieved by softening and playing with the texture and finishing it off with a razored detailed fringe.  A small tip: use your fingers to loosen up the curls.

6. The Wild One


We take our inspiration from none other than Rihanna. A variation of the sassy bob cut before, this gorgeous medium hairstyle for women add a ton of volume to the shoulder-length, otherwise plain bob. Just remember to spray some anti-frizz product so that your hair doesn’t fly away.

7. The Pinned-up Curls


This is a perfect medium length hairstyle for thin hair. After washing your hair, you need to pin them up a bit and then leave them to dry naturally. After the hair is dry, you need to pin up those curls with bobby pins. You can also twist your hair into a side bun and pin back any loose strands of hair.

8. With a Headband


This medium length hairstyle is simple and do not call for fancy haircuts. Just do a plain U-cut or a reverse U-cut according to your facial shape and then hold back those big curls with a colorful or plain headband. This headband adds an undeniable glam quotient to your entire appearance which is irresistible.

9. The Raven


Ringlets are our best friends when it comes to styling our curly hair. No matter what style you’re trying to create, it is very, very hard to go wrong with ringlets, whether big or small. Use your fingers to create those full curls and finish it fresh and trendy by twisting the hair and pinning them up with a bobby pin. The end result? A ravishing and stunning you.

10. The Vintage Look


Retro styles can never go out of fashion. Don’t believe us? Just go through the pictures of Marilyn Monroe and you’ll know what we mean. Wash and dry your hair before you set to this style. If you want to go for a softer look then we suggest you use a paddle brush to make those vintage curls stay.

There you have it ladies! Out top 10 selections of gorgeous medium hairstyles for women with curly hair.

Try them out and let us know what you thought of our list in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

And last but certainly not the least, never forget to embrace and rock your curls!

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