What are Bio Gel Nails?
Bio gel nails can be sculpted onto your natural nail to give your nails the length you would like if you are not able to grow your nails long. This system is also used by people who bite their nails and wish to stop, as well as people that have thin, damaged nails that they would like to grow healthier. Bio gel nails claim to be flexible yet strong like a real nail rather than hard and stiff. Bio gel nails must be done in a salon by a certified technician. They are not available for home use. The technician must be educated in the proper use of the bio gel system before they can use the products. Make sure your nail salon and your nail specialist are bio gel certified to ensure the best results. Bio gel nail polishes and some treatments are available for home use however.

Making the choice to use bio sculpture gel nails limits you to using only their products. Any other products, such as regular nail polish will damage the bio gel nails. Using other products can cause splintering or even cracking of the bio gel nails. This system can be used directly on the natural nail without the use of any binders or primers and promises not to damage your natural nails. It claims to protect your nail and help your natural nail to grow and repair themselves during use. It can also be used over top of any previous acrylic or gel enhancements that are on your nails. However, the bio gel system can not be mixed with other gels systems or products, but the process must be kept separate using only bio gel products. For the best results, make sure your nail technician is not combining any other products or gels that are not bio gel. This may just be a marketing ploy to ensure the greatest sales for the bio gel companies, so only you and your nail specialist will know what works best for you.

Please watch this informative video to see the process of gel nail extensions using the bio sculpture gel:

Gel nail extensions can be done to any length that you desire and they can be shaped with any nail trend shape you want, too. The photo above shows the steps of achieving bio gel nail extensions with the end result of finger length nails that have a slight fan shape to them.

Step by Step Guide to get Bio Gel Nails:

  1. The natural nails before beginning the bio gel nails process.
  2. The result of two days using the bio gel nail treatments.
  3. The nails with the bio gel nail extensions done with a slight fan shape and painted to look like a classic french manicure.

You can have your nail extensions done any way you want using bio sculpture gel. Bio gel nail extensions last about three weeks before needing a touch up. To remove your extensions they need to be soaked in the special Bio Gel Remover solution for five to ten minutes for the gel to peel off of your natural nail. This is the best way to remove the extensions without damaging your real nails underneath.

This picture shows the nail being done in a long stiletto style. With longer nails you can create lots of gel nail polish designs easily. You can apply your favorite nail art to bio gel nails using bio gel nail polish. Other nail polish can damage your bio gel nails, so be sure to use only bio gel nail polish.

Leaving the long, stiletto shaped, gel nail extensions clear and adding nail art over the tips is a very popular look. The design above has a lace pattern in white with pink flowers and buds painted on them.

This style of bio sculpture gel nails is done in the fan shape where the nail widens the longer it gets. These tips have been enhanced using glitter bio gel polish and then flowers and stems have been added. You can pattern your nails any way you want using the large selection of bio gel nail polishes.


A word of caution for the use of UVA curing lamps. These can cause skin cancer but it is quite rare. The more frequently you use the lamps the more damage you will cause to the DNA of your skin which makes you more susceptible to skin cancer. Most people are fine with the use of these lamps, but be cautious. Do not use UVA lamps in your home to dry regular nail polish. There is no benefit to using UVA lamps for regular polish drying, you can use a fan based dryer to lower your risk of skin cancer, if you insist on using a dryer rather than just letting the regular nail polish dry naturally. Bio gel nail products have to be cured using UVA lamps or they will not set properly. Make sure you use UVA lamps with the correct wattage for best results.


You can use bio gel nail polishes at home on your natural nail or have them applied at your favourite nail salon by a certified technician. Bio gel nail polish can be applied directly onto your natural nail without the use of a base coat of any kind. You are best not to apply a top coat unless it is a specially made bio gel top coat as you cannot mix bio gel products with other types of nail polish products as it can cause damage to the bio gel products. Bio gel nail polish should give your nails a high-gloss finish that is more durable than regular nail polish. If you are using bio gel nail polish at home be sure to get the bio gel non-acetone nail polish remover for the least amount of damage to your natural nails.


Whatever gel nail polish designs you use your nails will look super shiny and your bio gel nail polish will last longer than regular polish. With the bio gel nails system you can have the long nails you have always dreamed of by giving yourself natural looking and feeling bio sculpture gel nail extensions.

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