A woman carries her world in her bag. No wonder we find them clutching the bag tight and hugging it almost naturally. A bag is a very personal accessory, useful and fun all the same. It’s almost like a companion that hangs out with you, a witness that watches over and a helper that secures your belongings.

“You’ll know a lot about me, from the bag I carry!” – Anonymous

A girl’s attitude and personality is comparable with the bag she carries. Like there is a corporate bag for a serious working-woman to a funky bag for college goer sand a tote bag for the shopaholics. So as you cross various phases in life, the choice of the bag changes to meet with the hour’s demands.

Leather is the quintessential type of fabric used in making bags for its durability, smooth finish and general look and feel. Leather is the top choice among manufacturers to design fashionable handbags, wallets, mobile covers, laptop bags, clutches, totes and much more.

Leather bags are timeless, classy, very chic and must haves! Every girl must own at least a few leather bags of different kinds to know it’s worth.

Leather comes in various types; let us know what our bags are made out from:

  1. Cowhide Leather – This leather is sourced from the skin of cows. Its specialty is in its visible texture, that is a bit rough to feel and it’s long lasting qualities, hence, used to design fashionable handbags. Big players like Coach and Fendi use Cowhide Skin to design bags.
  2. Lambskin Leather– This leather comes from the skin of a sheep. As a sheep has less skin, it’s usually used to design smaller bags. However, smooth it may feel, this type may not be as durable as the cowhide skin, causing scratches, tearing and dents easily.
  3. Faux Leather– This is an artificial type of leather resembling high quality leather for it is sans creases or wrinkles. For customers who do not endorse the use of animal skin in their personal wardrobe, more often opt for this leather type. It is known to be far more durable than cowhide skin. Its USP lies in its perfect touch and long lasting fabrication.
  4. Patch Leather – Made from either cowhide skin or lambskin’s leftover leather pieces, this type of leather comes cheaper than real quality leather. Although, some of its patches may be high end but overall it doesn’t command a very high price.

A leather bags always makes its way into a woman’s arms for its typical irresistible charm.

Lets look at some irresistible leather handbags


A perfect corporate bag to brighten up your day. Match it with crisp shirts and trousers for boardroom meetings.

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Own this pastel shade messenger leather bag and match it with with a trendy Choori Dar and Kurta.

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This crackled leather shoulder bag can be paired with denims, a smart tank top and a pair of high heel shoes. Perfect for fanatic shopper!

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trademark Louis Vouitton bag that can compliment anything you wear!


An animal print leather bag is always a favorite among the fashionistas.

Lets now look at how these leather bags can be carried most stylishly.


Also look at how these leather bags can compliment you attire and make you stand out in the crowd.

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