When it comes to trendy new hairstyles for the chic look, there’s no match than the layered medium hairstyles. The reason why layered hairstyles look more interesting than plain one-length haircuts is because layers in general offer more appealing shattered shapes which are sharp and very, very versatile to look at. These days layered hairstyles have come back in vogue with quite a vengeance and we strongly advise you to jump on the wagon and treat yourself with a wonderful new hairstyle.


What is a layered hairstyle?

Usually when we talk about a layered hairstyle, we generally refer to at least two layers and shorter fringes or bangs along the face. But as you all are aware of, a good hairstyle depends on the face shape and type of hair that comes along with it. So while for some there can be various levels of layered hair, for the others the fewer the fringes, the better.

When it comes to layered hairstyles, one should also decide on how to have the ends trimmed. Of course the options are nearly endless. From blunt choppy ends to smoother edges to a whole lot of thin feathers, one can experiment with a number of layers to choose from.

Why the layered hairstyle?

If talking about the layered hairstyle isn’t exciting enough for you, then the following hard facts might change the way you think about your hair. The primary reason why hairstylists over the world cut hair in layers is because no other haircut corrects the face shape so effectively. As all of us know, the hairstyle is always dependent on the shape of your face. This is where layered hairstyles become very popular because there’s a gorgeous layered hairstyle available for all kinds of face shapes.

For example, if you have a round or a square face you easily hide the unwanted facial width or the undesired jaw line through the help of graded tresses. On the other hand, if you have a long or a triangular face you may want to try the horizontal lines which flatter your layering. To sum it up, the perfectly done layered haircut can make your face shape appear as the perfect oval which we all sought after.

Layered Medium Hairstyles for Women


Speaking of hairstyles, one cannot help but notice that these days there is a huge popularity for medium length hair. The reason for this is very simple really. While we women (and our men) love the long locks and the voluminous sheet of hair falling on our backs, the truth is that with our hectic schedules and the air pollution around us makes it very, very difficult for us to maintain a lengthy hairstyle. On the other hand, carrying a short hairstyle becomes problematic because generally short hairstyles demand a radical personality. Not only that but unlike lengthy hairstyles which are suitable for more or less all kinds of facial shapes, short hairstyles suit only a few. Which is why, many of us consider it a risky factor to flaunt a short hairstyle.

Medium length hairstyles on the other hand are a perfect combination of both. Long enough to give your appearance a pleasing feminine aesthetic, this particular length is also short enough to be not very demanding when it comes to maintenance. Therefore medium hairstyles combine the best of both worlds for us.

Medium Layered Hairstyles


Now a fabulous way to spice up the medium hairstyles is of course to add lots and lots of layers to it. Medium layered hairstyles are the in thing right now. Here are a few more reasons why medium hairstyle for women is so popular these days.

If you’re bothered about the thickness and volume of your hair then medium layered hairstyles are the easiest and most stylish way out. If your hair is thin then layers add plenty of volume to your hair. On the other hand, layers make sure that styling thick hair becomes easy.

Medium hairstyles with bangs are just about the perfect way to spice up your hair. Be it curly or straight. They suit both. But what you need to remember is that the same haircut can look different if the ends are flipped out or flipped in.

Another plus point the medium hairstyles have is that their effect can be enhanced just by adding a shade of color and layering. Highlights or a single, strategically located stroke, the applications are immense. If this wasn’t enough to convince you to get a medium layered hairstyle for yourself, then check out the next segment.

We’ve compiled our top 10 medium hairstyles for women and we’ve a feeling that you’ll rushing off to your hairdresser after you’ve gone through our list.

1. The Fiery Look


Perfect for women who have soft facial features this layered medium hairstyle is decisively bold because of the irregularity of the layers and the sharp stroke of hair color. Copper hues are always preferable when you’re coloring.

2. The Heavy-weight


3. The Ethereal Look


Contrary to our previous look, this haircut is very light and airy. A medium layered hairstyle for thin air, it rests the body of hair on the sides of the face. The curls can also correct both long and round faces with ease.

4. The Layered Bob


This medium hairstyle for women is the ultimate chic. Bob haircuts in general do not call for too much of a layering. This is because less always looks more. Here the distinct layering in the front and the one length back gives it at once a professional but still playful look.

5. The Shaded Grading


Some women suffer from the misconception that layers generally imply shaggy hair. We couldn’t disagree more! This medium layered hairstyle creates a very soft, dreamy look which still is very sharp.

6. The Copper Chops


Chopped ends give out a bold statement. This medium hairstyle for women gives you a definitive rowdy look. Perfectly suited for thick hair, this haircut also gives you a relief during the Summer by making your hair light and airy.

7. The Bold and the Beautiful


This layered medium hairstyle is not meant for the faint hearted. Normally for this hairstyle, the front tresses are trimmed and shortened but who says that you can’t do the opposite? This is one medium hairstyle for women that make a definitive statement.

8. The Easy Breezy Look


This cute medium hairstyle is perfectly suited for those of us who have thin hair. The layers are cut strategically which make your hair look voluminous. The low side-swept fringes support the carefree appearance this haircut gives out.

9. Curly Couture


We always have something special stored for our curly haired sisters. This medium curly hairstyle makes the length looking light and the hair easier to manage. The front bangs make you look whimsical and not to mention classy.

10. The Funky Flip by Reba


We’ve taken our inspiration from none other than Reba.  She is known for her flirty layers and the gorgeous set of red hair. A curious mixture of voluminous layering and light texture, this medium hairstyle for women is just the right combination of style meets whimsy. And we simply adore it!

Experimenting with your layers and the ends can help you come up with an unexpected range of gorgeous looks. Try the haircuts from our definitive list of medium hairstyle for women. We guarantee you an increased self-esteem and innumerable head turns. We look forward to your feedback.

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