Dainty flowers, tiny butterflies, animal prints or text – can you manage to paint these on to your nails with the usual nail polish? I think not – maybe the nail art professionals at the nail salon can. But that consumes a lot of time and money. So, why not try Konad nail art?

What is Konad Nial Art?


Konad nail art is an easy nail-imprinting technique brought to you by the Korean company called Konad Stamping Nail Art Cosmetic. Just as the name says, Konad nail art uses a stamper to transfer your favorite pre-designed images on to your nails. It is sold in over 100 countries and is currently one of the most popular nail art techniques because of its easy no-fuss nature.

Usually, patterns and tiny designs are painted on to nails with the help of brushes and dotters. Skilled nail art professionals can pull of a variety of designs using this basic technique. But can you? You may manage to pull off a few lines and dots, but the detailed designs will leave you in a fix. Konad nail art kits can solve this problem.


Konad nail art kits have revolutionized stamped nail art. We no longer need to go to a nail salon to flaunt perfectly manicured nails with stunning designs and patterns of nail colors. It is a do-it-yourself project that can become your favorite. The Konad nail art kit comes with a quick-dry Konadnail art polish, image or design plates and a stamper. What you do is apply the polish on to the image plate, transfer the image on to the stamper and then stamp it on to your nails in minutes– Konad nail art is as simple as that. And guess what, you can use the Konad nail art on other surfaces too. Use Konad nail art polish and stamper to design your cellphone covers, pendants, watches, gift boxes, sunglasses etc.

The DIY kit is easy to use if you first get the technique right. Start with a basic trial pack to get the hang of it. You will need a bit of practice before you can get the Konad nail art right. And once you learn to transfer the delicate Konad nail art designs on to your nails without any smudging or scraping, you can flaunt a variety of complex designs every day. You will find many designs in the Konad nail art kits that even a professional nail artist cannot paint on with a brush.
Can’t wait to get started? Let’s find out how to perfect the Konad nail art stamping technique at home.

How to do Konad Nail Art?

Konad Nail art kits are available in several sizes and combinations. You can choose from a variety of pre-designed patterns and colors. You can use other branded nail polish for the base coat, but for stamping the pattern you will need the special Konad Nail Art polish. The image plates have more than two choices of design – from single flower motifs to complex geometric and animal prints. I would advise you to first practice with a Konad nail art trial kit that contains a single image plate and nail color, before experimenting and investing in larger kits. But once you get the hang of it, you can get all your favorite designs and colors.

Now, let’s find out how to do Konad nail art:

1. Konad image/Template Plate: Ametallic plate on which the pre-designed Konad nail art design is engraved.


2. Konad nail art polish: a quick dry nail polish specially made for stamping. You can use other nail polishes for stamping too. But it is advised to start practicing with this.

3. Konad Nail Art Stamper: used to transfer designs from the image plate to the nails.


4. Konad Nail Art Mini Scraper: used to scrape off an excess polish from the image plate.

5. Colored Nail Polish and Base Coat: you can pick any colour of your choice

6. Nail Wipes: to clean the image plate between stamps

7. Special top coat for stamp nail art. You can either get the Konad top coat or any other top coat polish for stamped nails.

8. Nail polish remover and Cotton buds/Q-tips for correcting any errors.

Now Let’s Start Practicing Konad Nail Art:

Nail art is a process that requires absolutely clean nails. Wash your hands and fingertips well before starting any nail art. They have to be dried well too. Any moisture or dirt can result in smudges or errors. Make sure you have removed your any existing nail polish well before starting Konad nail art and file your nails well. Well-maintained long nails look best with stamped Konad nail art.

1. Firstly, apply the base coat and base color.Allow it to dry well.

2. Apply a single coat of regular quick-dry top coat. Wipe away any smudges or errors with a Q-tip dipped in remover without disturbing the base coat.

3. Now take the image plate and make a thick coating of Konad nail art polish over the desired design. The Konad image plate will have 2 or 3 design options.

4. Scrape away any extra polish from the image plate using the scraper provided. The Konad Nail art polish should settle neatly in the design.

5. Now, press that stamper over the image plate to transfer the design to the stamper. Do the last three steps quickly, as the Konad nail art polish dries fast.

6. Make sure the whole resign has been transferred on to the stamp. If not wipe off the nail polish from the stamp head and try again, until you have the desired result.

7. Once you have a neat design on your stamp, put the stamper on to the side of your nail and transfer the design in one smooth roll over.

8. Once you have gotten the design stamped perfectly, apply the special top coat to finish your Konad Nail art.SaveSaveSave


 Here are Some tips for Konad Nail Art

  • Make sure everything you need is within your arms reach before starting the Konad nail art. Keep the nail polish bottle open and cotton swabs ready, as this process needs a quick graceful pace. Also, you do not want to mess up your manicure while opening bottles in between.
  • After every stamp, clean the image plate and stamper well with nail polish remover to avoid any errors.
  • Apply a thick coat of the special stamping Konad nail art polish on to the Konad image plate so that the design can be transferred perfectly.
  • When scraping off excess nail polish from the image plate, make sure it is not transferred to another design on the plate.
  • It is better to use a plastic scraper than the metal ones, as they may scratch your image plate.
  • Konad top coat does not streak, so it is better to use this. But in case you are using any other regular top coat, make sure the stamped design has dried well.
  • You can also use a regular nail polish instead of special Konad nail art polish for stamping. Just make sure that it has a thick consistency and is opaque.

Check 10 Beautiful Konad Nail Art Ideas for Inspiration.


Here you can see a simple black net pattern over a white base colour. Looks simple but this pattern is not easy to paint without the Konad nail art kit. The fine lines will be a challenge to achieve with brushes. But with the Konad nail art image plates and stamper you can achieve this look easily in just minutes. Try this on with an LBD or a black and white saree.


So we practiced with the leopard print, now let’s try some colourful Zebra stripes. Here they have used contrasting hot pink base colour and black Konad special stamping nail polish for the stripes. Imagine how good this will look with a white shirt and blue jeans. This Konad nail art design can look good on short nails too.


Now that looks almost like a stick on. See how complex Konad nail art designs can be. Here we have a pleasant blue base with black floral patterns that looks impossible on nail paint. But with Konad nail art kits, even the most delicate designs can be flaunted on your nails. You could try white instead of the black too.


Next on the Konad nail art gallery is a unique nail art design that combines elegant French manicure and delicate Konad nail art design. You need long strong nails for this. Once you have the nails manicured, just stamp on the floral pattern with the Konad nail art stamper and image plate. Though there is no base colour the minimal design looks simply classy.

Check out this red and white Konad nail art idea – see how many varieties of designs you can paint on to your nails with the Konad nail art kit. You can try this style with a variety of colors too. Either use only floral motifs or a mix of everything.

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Here’s a lustrous example of Konad nail art. Silver Konad nail art polish has been used to stamp on this pretty design on to a black base coat. You can try this on long nails too. But as you can see from the photo, it looks best on short nails. Instead of the silver design, you may try a golden shade to add more glamour.


The base color here is a bright yellow from Maybelline Color Show range. Fun sun motifs have been stamped on in black for that summery look. You could try a bright orange or green for the stamped design too. The base colour could be pink or blue as well. This design is best for long nails, as you can see that there are gaps between the motifs.


Snow flakes and dots on black – now that is a very different design! If florals and stripes are not your thing, try quirky motifs like these. You could try just a single snowflake motif on blue base color too. Mixing and matching motifs can also be done. Try stripes and dots, dots and stars, stars and flowers etc.

The chevron print is a big trend these days. Why not try it on your nails too with Konad nail art kit. Here the Chevron print inspired Konad nail art idea has been done using black Konad special nail polish over a red base colour. You can try out other colour combinations too.

Doesn’t this Konad nail art idea remind you of mehendi designs? Of course you may have also used such floral motifs on your nails with mehendi. Now it is the Konad nail art’s turn. You could either use this design over a base colour or use it just over the base coat as you can see in the image above.

This is not all that Konad nail art has on offer. There are hundreds of other designs you can choose from.

Inspired by the Konad nail art ideas yet? What are you going to try first? If you have never tried Konad nail art, my advice is to start simple – use a single motif design first. Practice well and then move on to complex designs like the chevron print or stars and stripes.

Let us know how much you enjoyed your designer nails.

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