The Antique Jewellery is a kind of Jewellery that is at least a century old. This type of antique jewellery usually use large amounts of gold with large sized stones with artistic workmanship. They are usually one-of-a-kind with rich history and heritage behind them.

These days it’s fashionable to wear Indian antique jewellery designs at weddings or other traditional family occasions where multiple generations gather together helping on a trip down the memory lane. Wearing Indian antique jewellery pays homage to our great traditions and help relive the past.

Indian Antique Jewellery can be available in pure gold, silver or metal. To give it an antique look, the jewellery is given a special coating that gives the jewels are little old look making it resemble to those that were made centuries ago.

Some of the Popular Types of Indian Antique Jewellery

Polki: The term “Polki” means uncut diamonds. These diamonds are mined from the earth in the natural process and there is no enhancement and no synthetic or lab is used to create these Jewellery pieces. Due to this nature, Polki always has a great demand in the international market and these pieces always maintain their market price and value as these are counted on as a great option for investment.

Pacchi: Pacchi work is one of the antique Jewellery works. The detailed artistry and the uniqueness of these Jewellery pieces are spreading from Jaipur to other parts of this country. The main theme of this type of Jewellery is to assemble different contrast stones in a specific design. All the designs are elaborate, attractive and traditional.

Kundan embedded antique Jewellery: Kundan embedded gold Jewellery designs are one of the popular Jewellery types as well as these are one of the most precious antique Jewellery pieces. This type of Jewelleries were mainly created during the Mughal dynasty and then got better with several years of experience.These pieces are also different because of the gem setting. These kundan Jewelleries are created with amazing finesse in which the gold foil and the gems are combined to get a great vibrancy.

Antique Necklaces – These are One of the Finest Jewellery Pieces Ever Made

Antique Necklaces
Antique Necklaces
Polki Golden Bridal Necklace Set Long Rani Haar

Antique Earrings : These antique Jewellery pieces are a must for every occasion and can be teamed up with any dresses.

Polki-Earrings and Kundan-polki-earrings
Paisley-Kundan-Polki-Danglers and Polki-And-Kundan-Earrings
Royal-Maroon-Kundan-Polki-Earrings and Pink-polki-kundan-earrings

 Antique Bangles : These are another great form of Indian antique Jewellery and can be worn always.

Temple-Jewellery-Style-in-Antique-Gold and ANTIQUE-BANGLE-SET
POLKI-BANBLES and Polki-Bangle
Polki-Pearl-Bangles and Ravishing-Indian-Diamond-Bangles

Antique Payels: The antique payels have been a popular choice among the modern brides and these can be matched perfectly with the conventional attires.

Antique-Payal-with-Toe-Ring and Ravishing-Indian-Diamond-Bangles

Antique Mangtikas: A bride does not look complete with the mang tikas and if it is an antique one, then it makes the look more special.


Indian Antique Jewellery is also available in Temple-designs. This type of jewellery is worn mainly in the Southern parts of India. Most Bharatnatiyam dancers are seen wearing this type of jewellery. Even the brides from this part of the country wear these beautiful designs of Goddess Laxmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Balaji and many more. “Kaas” or coins, are also a part of this type of jewellery.

Some of the Designs of Wedding Jewellery


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