Move over simple earrings or even multiple earrings and stud on your ear, ear cuffs is the latest trend this season, a trend that is so cool and trendy that it is sure to stay on for a long period of time. In this article we shall look at how to wear ear cuffs for a trendy look. Ear cuffs are the latest accessory for your facial make up and one which is unique yet common in the sense that it suits all. Depending on your face cut, the size of your face and your hair style, you could choose from a wide variety of ear cuffs that are thronging the markets right now. From celebrities to fashion icons to brides, everyone is wearing them.

Wearing trendy ear cuffs

Ear cuffs although a craze right now, it has always been a part of the Indian tradition. Ear cuffs are basically large and dangling earrings that cover a larger part of the ear including the ear lobe. Kashmiris, Gujaratis and Maharashtrians use their own version of the ear cuffs for special occasions like marriages and religious ceremonies. Here also, while tradition required everyone to wear it, the rich wore diamonds and precious stones set in gold as their ear cuffs and others wore pearls and silver ear cuffs. Since this was used as a regular ornament, never did one think that it will garner such popularity till Rodarte sisters’ Spring 2013 line was launched where many modifications of the traditional ear cuffs were used along with western wear. They gave a totally new dimension to our age old ear cuffs and the rage caught on. Ear cuffs have also been modified to use with ear studs teamed up with a chain.

Check out this picture of Emma Watson with this delicate ear cuff where studs earrings have been made into a beautiful ear cuff. These suit her heart shaped face and she was a heartthrob at the Screen Guild Awards of 2015 and the Cannes film festival. Many took inspiration from her and soon this type of ‘modified’ ear cuffs became a fashion statement of its own.


Chloe made these ear cuffs look stylish and chic when she sported them at the Oscars. A true to the form ear cuff, this one made of crystals really accentuated her look. This is also the typical ear cuff with the base wider at the ear lobe and tail of the cuff tapering like the shape of the ear. Kudos to her to carry this off so well.


Ear cuffs are the most fashionable and stylish accessory of the year 2015 and has been used at various fashion weeks starting from Vogue fashion week to Miami fashion week. In the Mercedes Benz fashion week and Thakoon, ear cuffs were a runaway success. Although originated in India, this fashion trend is now more seen in West than here. With the make up kept minimal with the use of ear cuffs, it is this which is the main ornament which adorns the model. Used in various shapes and styles, this trend is sure to say.

Below are some of the pictures of international models wearing ear cuffs:


The first one is a different kind of ear cuff with an oriental twist to it. The model is wearing a dragon ear cuff and this one goes pretty well with any kind of western outfit to give you a ‘punk’ look. The second picture is of Cara Delevigne at the Mercedes Benz fashion week sporting a stylish ear cuff in oxidized silver. The last one is the model at Thakoon wearing a really stylish yet elegant ear cuff of semi precious stone, Topaz. Look at how well it is complementing the costume that she is wearing with the same shades on the ear cuff as on the clothes.

There are various styles and varieties of ear cuffs. The wedding style or bridal ear cuffs are the ones which are heavy in weight and have to be supported using ear chains. The jhumka extends to the major part of the ear and is usually set in pure gold with kundan, meenakari or theva work done on it. These ear cuffs also extend beyond the ear lobe and some part of it is hanging to give it a more regal look. Then we have the Western style ear cuffs which are usually done in sterling silver or oxidised silver or even plastic. In this particular style, there are many kinds like cute earrings kind consisting of only studs and extensions to these using chains to cover the ear and sometimes you can also wear the chain long. Then there are rings that you can wear and you don’t even need to have a piercing to be able to wear those. You can just clip them on and attach these to your earrings using chains. The other variety is the long one, covering the whole ears, which usually has twisted wires to enable you to put them on properly. You do not need to have another piercing for this as just the wire takes care of the part where the ear cuff is attached to the cartilage. These steps depicted in pictures below will give you an idea as to how to wear the ear cuff.

How to wear an ear cuff – Step by step procedure

1) Step 1 – Place the ring on your ear cartilage wherever you want to fix it. Then press both the ends and clamp it. Make sure you tug at it to see whether it is tight enough and needs no adjustment.


2) Step 2 – After placing it and tightening it, flatten your ear using your fingers to secure it tightly and so that the ring does not become loose by the movement of your ear.


3) Step 3 – Now tug at it and try to pull it so as to check whether the ring will be able to bear the weight of the chain.


4) Step 4 – Now wear the stud where your ear is pierced.


5) Attach the chain from the back of the stud and secure the screw or the clamp and take it right till the back side of the ring and place the other end there. Make sure you tug at it to check if it is tight enough.


Now that you know all about ear cuffs and how to wear them and look super cool, let’s take a look at some bridal/wedding ear cuffs which are much in demand these days:

1) This ear cuff is perfect for both the Indian and the Western bride. Set in silver, the ear cuff covers a large part of the ear to give you a heavy look and is also relatively less heavy than many so as to save you from paining ears later on. This piece has crystal and cut glass work done on it and gives it a classy appearance to go with other diamond jewellery pieces and also shades of silver and pastel shades with crystal or silver work done on the outfit.


2) This ear cuff is a very elegant one, giving it a heavy appearance although extremely light in weight since it is made with just wires. The entire design is a single long wire which is twisted to give it a shape of the ear cuff and you just need to clamp it on. Crystal work gives it the right amount of shimmer and it is perfect for Western weddings as it matches well with majorly white outfits. This piece of jewelery can be also used with dangling earrings to give them an overall heavy appearance or simply put as it is.


3) This beautiful piece of ear cuffs is perfect for the Indian bride. Set in gold and with kundan and meenakari done on it, this will add to the resplendence of the bride on her big day. The earrings are delicate yet sturdy at the same time with the design giving it a delicate touch and the use of metal along with kundan and beads provide the necessary strength to the piece. Although a heavy piece of jewellery to sport, the regal look that it will give leaves you with the option of wearing minimum ornaments like neck pieces, tikka etc. The lower part of the ear cuff extends much below the ear lobe thereby making it a complete adornment with a jhumka and others. This piece of ear cuffs can be made in different colours so as to go along with the outfit of your choice.


4) Suitable for both western and Indian brides, this is a dangling kind of ear cuff. The use of deep red colour in the ear cuff makes it stand out and since the length of the chain along the shape of the ear is done differently, all of the dangles will fall at different lengths thereby covering the whole ear. This is a simple piece and will look good with gowns as well as with lehengas or heavy suits which do not need to be accentuated with heavy jewellery.


5) Perfect for the Indian bride, a colourful ear cuff to match with your blue outfit. This particular ear cuff is totally for the bridal wear as it is made to give a heavy appearance. The ear lobe will have the flower like design made from topaz and diamonds and a part of it will hang from the lobe giving it the appearance of an earring. The rest of the part with crystals and semi-precious black stones cover the cartilage of the ear. This piece worn with your hair kept open will surely stun everyone.


6) This is for the petite bride, a pretty ear cuff done in diamonds and pearl set in gold. This piece will go well with all pastel shades and also with white. This is a simpler set of jewellery and also suitable for day functions or pre marriage ceremonies. This piece is for the keeps and once the usage at the wedding is done, this can be used for other functions also.


7) This is a chain and earring piece making a combination of the ear cuff. The earrings are to be worn like normal danglers and the chain can be attached to the hair with a pin or fastened around the ear with a silver ring clamped on the upper side of the ear. A little dash of blue adds to the design as well as the style of the ear cuff. The design is a typical leaf and filigree design and can go with both western as well as Indian outfits.


8) This type of ear cuff is a bold ear cuff with symmetrical design all over, a rage at the international fashion weeks. The ear cuff has studs all over and the outer edge of the ear will get covered entirely by this. Perfect for both Indian and Western brides, you can team it up with cute earring studs or even simple small length danglers.

9) This pair of ear cuffs has a mix of the antique and modern styles. This design has pearl, crystals and gold pattern to it. The design is made in such a manner that they will go with Western and Indian outfits. With Indian outfits, it will go with all colors especially the ones which have gold sequins or gold patterns to it. With the Western outfits, this adds to the ‘punk’ factor to your outfits as this will surely stand apart.


10) This piece is inspired by traditional tribal jewellery wherein the ear pieces have a protruding outer edge and an earring dangling from the bottom. The piece is set in silver and crystals are embedded in it. This will go well with all kinds of outfits and will also look different than the conventional ear cuffs. Team it up with a pair of long skirt or with a traditional outfit like lehenga or a heavy suit and you do not need to dress up any more.


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