Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, for they stay forever on her as if lending her its charming company.  A little known fact about diamonds, is that, it is derived from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means ‘proper’, ‘unbreakable’, ‘untamed’, just like  marital relationships and hence playing a key role in the union of two souls.

For diamond novices, here are some basic facts. They are available in two kinds – Rough or Uncut and Polished. Rough diamonds are mined and uncut, hence larger in size than polished diamonds.  Whereas, a polished diamond is cut to refract light and achieve design, customized for jewelry.

Diamond stones were found in ancient India as long as 3,000 years ago in the alluvial form, flowing along the rivers Krishna, Godavari and Penner.  Diamonds gained greater popularity in the 19th century with the boom in gemology, making way for better cuts and polishing methods, increase in disposable income and alluring advertising campaigns.

Apart from keeping a woman happy and giving her a sense of fulfillment, it plays a key role in winning her over. Yes, the all important wedding proposal demands a beautiful piece of jewelry as a symbol of unending love and a strengthened bond between two mates.  It is also spiritual as the diamond connects two people , making them  grow fonder of each other and reminding them of the value of their commitment.  When a man slips this seemingly simple jewel on a woman’s finger, she is assured of being that special someone for life. In fact a story goes that the ring finger on one’s left hand has a a nerve that connects straight to the heart.

The market value of a solitaire diamond varies depending on the carat. The higher the carat the more expensive it is.  Starting from about 10,000/- they go all the way upto 100,000/- + However, a good bridal solitaire starts at no less than INR.40,000/- While selecting a diamond ring, ask for the following information – Diamond Weight and its resale value, diamond color, diamond clarity, diamond shape and diamond certification.  Also, choose the metal you want to set it in. Lately women have been drifting away from the traditional yellow gold and are leaning towards platinum, white gold and even silver. Yet the traditional yellow gold still manages to hold its own in a market exploding with choices and constantly swayed by the ever-changing fashion trends.

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Here’s the menu of your solitaire ring! Pick in style, order what you wish.

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Here are Some Best Collections Of Solitaire Diamond Rings


The perfect love band! 18 K White Gold Metal, Rounded Solitaire Diamond Frame with claws to secure the diamond


Feel like a princess! Adorn this beautiful princess cut Solitaire diamond, supported with smaller diamonds on the band, made up of white gold.

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A rough vivid yellow diamond in the center with small diamonds engraved on the band

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Stunning Princess Solitaire Diamond cut, standing out amidst a plain white gold band


The perfect engagement ring! Ditch the small ones; go for a well rounded big Diamond for her.

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Highly polished 1.0 ct Vintage Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond with patterned band on each side.

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variation with a well rounded 1.0 ct Diamond

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Mix Gold, Silver and Diamond to flaunt your perfect soliataire diamond ring!

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