High Neck Saree Blouse Designs always remind me about elegant ladies and regal princesses. There is a charming sense of style to these saree blouse designs that spells class. It is not a new innovation either – we have been following quite a few eminent ladies who loved to flaunt their glamorous saree in combination with high neck blouse designs. From Bollywood stars to politicians, the high neck blouse is a favourite these days. The easy elegance that comes without compromising comfort is the main reason behind the popularity of high neck blouse designs. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many varieties either. From backless blouse neck designs to long blouse designs there is a style for everyone to choose from this trend.


If you are looking for inspiration, better head to B-town. Sonam Kapoor has been spotted in a variety of high fashion blouse neck designs that compliment her unique saree styles. Madhuri Dixit, who is the reigning queen of saree fashion, has had her share of high neck saree blouse moments. While sheer fabrics like tulle is being used to experiment the high neck designs for blouses, traditional silks and zari are not far behind either. Embroidery, Kundan and stone work are the favourites when it comes to embellishments. Mirror work, contrast piping and patchwork are also being used on casual saree blouse designs.


Collar necks need special mention when it comes to high neck saree blouse designs. Ideally, collar neck blouses are suitable for tall and lean women with slender necks. But there’s always a way out in fashion and you needn’t stay away from collar necks if you have a short neck. The right cut and embellishments can guarantee a stylish look in high collar blouse neck designs. You can take your pick from the half-mandarin/Chinese collar, the Nehru collar or the lapelled tennis collar. Drawstrings, buttons and embroidery also bring variation to these saree blouse designs.

Latest Blouse Neck Designs

Take a look at some of these latest blouse neck designs you can take inspiration from:


This is a half-jacket like pink blouse with intricate white embroidery and dori detailing in the front. Short sleeves with white borders match well with the cut of this high neck blouse. A lehenga saree would look stunning in combination with this blouse neck design. You can also wear the saree in a simple style, but make sure you adjust the pallu well enough to flaunt the saree blouse design. Let your hair down and accessorize with heavy silver dangler earrings.


Not all collar neck and high neck saree blouse designs have covered backs. Take a look at this backless collar neck saree blouse design. In the front, the blouse neck design shows off a classic tennis neck collar with intricate embroidery. This is followed by a deep key-hole neck pattern in the middle. The rest of the blouse is plain except for the vibrantly embellished border. There is a button behind the neck to hold the collars together. A temporary tattoo or mehendi at the back would make a great accessory for this backless blouse neck design.


Take a look at this open half-jacket style high neck saree blouse design in blue and black colour combination. Embroidery and stone work has been used all over to up the glamour when wearing this blouse. The collar is clasped at the top and then the blouse is let open in the front. Accessorize with long earrings. Necklaces are best avoided when wearing high neck blouses. Try the Gujarati style saree drape for this high neck blouse. Pleat the pallu thin enough to let the blouse grab some attention.


High neck saree blouse designs can also come without collars. Check out this designer high neck blouse from Satya Paul. If you think the front neck design for the blouse is too simple, take a look at that back. The is a one of a kind design you can be inspired from. The sheer back is embellished with crystals and beads in a scallop pattern. Contrast green piping adorns the neckline.


This is an interesting neck design for a saree blouse with wide embroidered lapels for a deep v-neckline and sheer full-sleeves. Gold beads and thread work has been used to thickly embellish the front of the blouse which is definitely the highlight of this saree blouse neck design. Matching gold motifs on the sheer sleeve compliment the whole look. You can wear this with a simple black saree with thin gold borders to channel all the attention towards the blouse neck design.


Now, if you need a really simple high neck saree blouse design, why not try a boat neckline? Boat necks are ideal to show off those slender necks. It also gives an illusion of wider shoulders too. Here, you can see how the same fabric is used for the neckline as well as the sleeves – this broadens the shoulders further. This blouse neck design is ideal to achieve those perfect proportions we all crave for.


Say you have a really plain and simple off-white or cream saree, but don’t know how to wear it stylishly. Guess what, you can be glamorous in that plain saree at a celebratory event to-all you need is a statement blouse like this. This saree blouse neck design is vibrant with multi-color thread embroidery and bead detailing. Also, notice the high Nehru collar inspired neckline and keyhole neck inspired front and back detailing.

This beaded high saree blouse neck design is the perfect choice for any plain saree. You can wear it with a variety of colours. But no matter what, your heavily embellished blouse design with catch all the attention. It is a simple closed Nehru collar neckline, but the beaded body makes all the difference.


If you are really tall and lean, try high collar neck design for blouses with long sleeves. Keep it simply by focusing all the embellishments on the collar and the sleeve ends. Alternatively, you can also choose to leave the sleeves plain and decorate the collar and yoke intricately. If it’s just the collar you want to show off, wear this saree blouse neck design with a simple plain saree. And if you are looking for some bling, go ahead and pair it up with a heavy designer saree.


Have really toned arms and shoulders? Try Ash’s sleeveless high neck saree blouse design. The neckline is a simple high round neck that grazes Aishwarya’s long neck. But the real charm lies in the decorative gold embroidery that covers the neckline and down to the yoke. A simple black sheer saree is enough to set this saree blouse design apart.


Love the look of high neck blouse designs, but not too keen on covering up in this heat? This is what you want – sheer sleeves and yoke with a simple Nehru neck collar and rich base fabric to show through. Wear this only if you have a toned upper body and slender neck – sheer fabric does not guarantee good looks for everyone.

Love halter necks – this high collar neck blouse design can help you flaunt it with a saree. I love how they have used similar embroidery detailing on the collar and hemline. The pleated sheer fabric also adds more glamour to the saree blouse neck design. Discreet embroidery has been done on the base fabric too.

If short height is stopping you from trying high neck saree blouse designs, try the v-neckline with collar neck designs. V-necklines can help in adding an illusion of height to your figure. Deep v-necks are ideal for high neck blouse designs, However, you can also choose a simple short v-neckline in combination with a mandarin collar and short sleeves.


If short height is stopping you from trying high neck saree blouse designs, try the v-neckline with collar neck designs. V-necklines can help in adding an illusion of height to your figure. Deep v-necks are ideal for high neck blouse designs, However, you can also choose a simple short v-neckline in combination with a mandarin collar and short sleeves.


This a mandarin collar high neck saree blouse with gorgeous embroidery detailing around the neckline and collar. Instead of the usual v-neckline in front, this high neck blouse has a defined scoop neck with front opening. This saree blouse design is best worn with a red sheer saree to compliment the neckline embellishment.


If you are not in favour of wearing a lot of jewellery but still want to look perfect for that celebration, you should try a high neck saree blouse design like this. Intricate embroidery is used in layers from the collar and down to the yoke – this creates a similar image to tiers of heavy gold necklaces. These saree blouse designs usually come with long sleeves and are not recommended for those of you on the heavier side. But you can balance out your figure with a shorter sleeve and vertical embroidery patterns.

High Neck Saree Blouse Designs Of Bollywood Celebrities:

Check out the high neck saree blouse designs our celebrities flaunt on and off the red carpet.


Deepika complimented her exquisite Sabyasaachi saree with a matching black high neck blouse design with golden panel work and embroidery under around the neckline.


Sonam chose a simple black sleeveless high neck blouse design for her red and black saree. She took the style up a notch with a heavy statement necklace that compliments the blouse design.


Bipasha’s sheer high neck saree blouse design has been embellished with a dazzling diamond neckpiece.


Sridevi looks every bit the elegant lady she is in a heavily embroiderd chinese collar high neck blouse design in velvet.


Sridevi nails it again with a high collared blouse design in velevet and embroidered yoke with a sheer black saree.
Hope you’ve had enough inspiration to try out high neck saree blouse designs. Let me leave you with some more images.


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