If you love being stylish you need to know fashion first hand! Fashion doesn’t just mean wearing trendy clothes but can be applied to makeup, hairstyle, accessories like hand bags etc. Its also about matching those with your personality and attitude to bring out the best in you.

My mantra for selecting the best fashion is searching the trendiest stores and finding clothes and accessories that match my skin colour and complexion, body type, shape and of course my age. Often I come across women who don’t consider their body type, shape and age while picking wearables and accessories for themselves.

But remember, being comfortable and being yourself will help bring out the best in you. Today, lets check out some of the latest styles in handbags for women. Let me start by introducing you to six basic styles of hand bags:

Baguette Handbags

Baguette hand bags are small bags cylindrical in shape with chain or thin-long straps to be hanged over the shoulder so your hands remain free. Its small size does not cover your dress entirely but adds an ultimate zing to your style. Baguette bags are extremely popular with young party going women.


Clutch Handbag

Cutch handbag for women is a small handy handbag without a strap or handle. Because they are small, they are not suitable if you plan to stay out long or need to carry makeup accessories. But some of the designer ones are beautifully adorned with laces and crystals etc. Its great for small parties or quick outings where you don’t need to carry much and it will help you flaunt your style. If you are looking for some of these latest clutch handbags, you can find them at online stores like Khoobsurati at discount prices.


Hobo Handbag

Hobo handbag is a large oversized style of handbag with a characteristic U or cresent body shape between the two straps. Hobo bag is best suited when you have to carry along a lot of stuff while outdoors for example shopping or even office and is best suited when worn along with casual wear. You can wear them to your office everyday, but these bags do not look appropriate if you have formal and official meets.


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Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are medium sized bags that you regularly see people carrying over their shoulders. Plain, glossy, patterned finish over leather or cloth material will decide whether they are suitable for formal or casual occasions.


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Satchel Handbag

Satchel hand bags for women are bags with a flap that covers the mouth or opening and has buckles to close the flap. They are available in leather, cloth and suede material to suit the occasion and style you choose. They will help you make a great fashion statement.


Messenger Handbag

Messenger bags are best for students as they look like laptop bags and sit across your one shoulder, front crossing and touching your hip. But they are extremely convenient and can give you a great casual look. They are usually available in fabric, vinyl and sometimes leather. Every design decides its destiny in your closet.


Handbags from brands like Gucci, Fendi and Prada have a premium associated with them not only because of their brand value but also because they bring out some of the best designs each year. They playing with material and colours to create an unbelievably beautiful product that aesthetically pleasing and also trendy. If you are interested in finding a great discount deal for your purchase, check out Picodi.

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