There are many different hairstyles for strapless dresses to choose from. Whether you will be wearing a strapless wedding dress, strapless prom dresses or even short strapless dresses you have many styles for your hair to play around with, until you find the perfect look for the occasion you will be attending. There are formal or casual coiffures, romantic and playful hairdos to fit every event that you can wear a strapless dress for. You can find the best inspiration for your hair needs.

1. Sideswept Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

Sideswept Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

The sideswept hair is one of the easiest looks to master and suits anyone with long gorgeous locks. You can part your hair to one side, whichever you feel most comfortable with and brush all your hair over to your chosen side, whether right or left. Many people prefer one side over the other, either side is acceptable. You can pin your hair to the side to keep it in place or let it fall naturally, if you don’t mind arranging your hair later if it falls out of place. This hairstyle for strapless dress allows your shoulders to still be admired as well as your neck and bare back.

 Sideswept Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

The sideswept hairdo allows you to wear your hair straight, wavy or curly. This can save you quite a bit of time if you leave your hair in it’s natural state when creating this look. This style of hair is perfect for either a casual event or a more formal occasion, depending on how elegant you arrange your tresses. This is one of the easiest hairstyles for strapless dresses you can create.

2. Partial Updo Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

Partial Updo Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

Wedding hairstyles for strapless dresses include the partial updo. This is a soft, romantic look that will also compliment strapless prom dresses. Often the hair is curled before it is bound into a semi bun on the crown of the head and pinned into place. Some tresses are allowed to fall around the face and head to add softness to the overall appearance. The updo hairstyle may be adorned with flowers or other ornaments after it has been completed.


The partial updo adds volume and height to your hair giving you an air of nobility or sophistication. This can be accomplished by pinning the hair into place or with teasing the hair or some combination of the two. This is a perfect hairstyle to wear with a tiara, which many brides like to adorn their hair. The partial updo can seem like a fairytale coiffure to accompany a strapless wedding dress.

Learn how to create the partial updo by watching this Youtube video:

Tutorial: Partial Updo 

3. Updo with Headband Hairstyle

Updo with Headband Hairstyle

Hairstyles for strapless dresses always include the ceremonious updo or bun. You can play around with this look by adding a variety of headbands. A black velvet headband can work for just about any occasion you will be wearing short strapless dresses for. The headband can easily suit a casual look or more formal, stylized do.

This jeweled headband is a wonderful addition to this bride’s curly updo. Wedding hairstyles for strapless dresses always include the bun or updo as an alternative. This style of hair is perfect to adorn with ornaments and very elegant with the strapless wedding dress as it emphasizes the neck and shoulders of the bride. A great number of western wedding dresses have a sweetheart neckline which is strapless and the updo coiffure is a gorgeous match for them.

4. Poor Hair Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

If you fancy a poof hairdo to wear with your strapless dress, then you have a few ways you can create this look. An example of a poof hairstyle is pictured above. This look was created by teasing the top of the hair to add volume to the middle of her head. The teasing was done under the hair from the front near the face towards the back and then the outside was smoothed down. The rest of her hair was left to fall naturally. Some flowers were pinned in place to hide the height difference of the poof and to help keep the poof standing erect. This hairstyle can create the illusion that you are a little bit taller than you actually are.

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Poof strapless dress hairstyles can also be created to fake a partial updo, by teasing the hair at the back, near the crown of the head. This style can then be smoothed out in appearance and pinned into place to maintain its volume. Once again, the rest of the hair is left to fall naturally around the shoulders. This section of hair can be straight or curly, whichever you prefer.

5. Braided Updo Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

Braided Updo Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

There are an endless variety of ways to braid an updo. You can braid the entire updo and wrap it around into a bun or braid part of the hair to create an interesting style. As updo hairstyles for strapless dresses are one of the most popular, there are countless trends you can follow to create a special look. The hairdo in the photo above has the hair at the bottom of the head french braided towards the bun at the back. French braids are a classic coiffure that remains popular in western cultures to this day.

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Another cute way to braid strapless dress hairstyles, is to bring the braid across the forehead at the top of your face. This draws attention to your face and is a nice presentation for the updo. Braiding across the forehead in this way almost creates the look of bangs if you normally don’t have them. Simply choose which direction to braid your hair across to the left or the right and continue the braid around to the back of your head and tuck it into your updo. You can try different braiding techniques to help you find the look you like best.

6. French Twist Updo Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

 French Twist Updo Hairstyle for Strapless Dresses

Twisting your hair into an updo is a variation on the braiding used in the previous style. The french twist is a very popular choice for hairstyles for strapless dresses. You can create vertical or horizontal twists to achieve this hairdo. Simply twist and pin different sections of your hair until you manage to get the final look you are after. This trend can be used on long or medium length hair.

Please follow the instructions for twisting medium length hair into a horizontal updo in this video:

Sideways French Twist Tutorial

The second way and most classic style for creating a french twist is the vertical updo. This hairdo can be done very tight and formal or looser for a more romantic look, as in the photograph above.

To learn how to do this classic french twist you can watch this video:

How to do a French Twist

Long Hair

If your hair is long and you wish to show it off with your strapless dress, then you may choose to leave it natural. This look works whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly. You can brush your hair out and style it so it cascades nicely or wear it messy looking. This is the easiest of the hairstyles for strapless dresses you could possibly have as there is next to no work involved to create it.


A variation of leaving your long hair natural is to tease it a little to add more volume. Tease your hair underneath around your entire head and then smooth out the outside. Use your fingers to to smooth and separate your hair into segments to add even more volume to this look. Once again, just let the rest of your long hair fall naturally around you.

  • Medium Length Hair

As Katy Perry demonstrates, medium length hair can look gorgeous with a strapless dress, with very little attention paid to the style. She has simply added volume to her hair by creating many curls. This look is easier to achieve if you run your fingers through it to style it after you have curled it, rather than using a brush, which may flatten your curls. Her hair is parted to one side, to almost create a peek-a-boo bang on that side.

Medium Length Hair

If your hair is more on the straight side, you can still wear your medium length hair with your strapless dresses. You can tease your hair for some volume. You may choose to part it to the side for some variety or even curl it a little to add size and a little flare to your appearance. The nice thing about having medium length hair is that it will not hide or cover over your bare shoulders that have been exposed by the strapless dress.

  • Short Hair

Hairstyles for strapless dresses can include short haircuts as well. Having short hair can sometimes limit your ability to style your hair different ways, but it is perfect to accompany a strapless dress, as it is already designed to emphasize your neck and shoulders. However your hair is cut, it will suit a strapless dress for a casual event. If you wish to create a more formal look for a special occasion, then you may wish to tease it at the crown to mimic an updo, or add curls for a playful touch.

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This pixie hairdo is adorable with a strapless dress and leaves the upper torso, shoulders and neck completely bare, a look that can only be copied by those with longer hair if they put their hair into an updo. This is a very sexy style and can be worn for any occasion, but would be most alluring on a date. Your date would not be able to take their eyes off you.

7. 40’s Wave


This vintage wavy hairdo was made popular by the starlets of the silver screen back in the 1940’s. These types of hairstyles for strapless dresses are gaining fame once again. This is a gorgeous way to style your hair to show off its luxuriousness. The picture above shows this wavy look combined with the sideswept style. This look can be created using an curling wand or other ways to curl your long or medium length hair.

One no heat, overnight method for creating these opulent waves for your hair is described in this video:

No Heat Hair Waves


You may desire a softer look to your waves as shown in the picture above. To create this style, simply and carefully brush out your waves to diminish the stark look of the waves. This look is not difficult to achieve and the results are worth the small amount of effort it takes to create the wavy style. Hairstyles for strapless dresses do not have to take up a lot of your time or cost you any money at a hair salon, once you learn to do these styles yourself.

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