There are a variety of wedding nail art designs available for every bride. Whether you want your nails to be plain, simple and classic looking or beautiful and elaborate or maybe even a little wild and fun there are nail art ideas for every bride. You can do your own nails or have them done professionally, depending on the amount of time you have and how much money you want to spend. If you find a wonderful picture online that you wish to copy on your nails, print the picture out to take to your nail technician or if you choose to do your own nails, practice the pattern on your nails a few times until you feel you can master it for your big celebration.

1. French Tip Wedding Nails

The french tip is a classic nail art form and many brides choose to have their nails done this way for their special day. If you like this idea, but want to spice it up a little, there are a variety of wedding nail art designs you can try. The most simple scheme to liven up a classic french tip is to add glitter to the white end of your nails. This adds a touch of sparkle to your fingertips.


Another version of a bridal french tip is to add glitter and gems just above the white tip, as seen in this photo above. This is a very pretty presentation for wedding nail art. Here is how to copy this look:

Items Needed:

  • base coat
  • pale sheer pink or sheer nude polish
  • white polish
  • small glitter in a clear polish or loose glitter
  • 10 small gems
  • topcoat
  • clear polish (optional)
  • french tip stickers or scotch tape

Step by Step Bridal French Tip:

  1. Paint one coat of the base coat over all of your nails. Allow this to dry.
  2. Apply the tape or french tip sticker onto your nails in the place you want them to cover your own natural nail tip. Try your best to make the length of the tips even on all your fingers.
  3. Paint just the tips of your nails with the white polish in one or two coats to achieve the look you want.
  4. Remove the tape as soon as you have finished applying the white polish before it has a chance to dry for the best appearance. If you wait for the polish to dry before removing the tape, the polish will have adhered to the tape giving you an uneven finish.
  5. Now that all your tips are done and all the tape has been removed, apply one to two coats of the sheer polish color you have chosen over all of your nail, including the white tip. This will give you a more natural look and the white tip will still show through your sheer polish nicely.
  6. When all of your nails are dry, you can use either the glitter polish or loose glitter at this stage. Use a thin nail art brush and create a line of glitter just at the top of your french tip on all of your nails. (If you use loose glitter, you will need to create this line with the top coat or clear nail polish and then dip your nail into the glitter.)
  7. When the glitter has dried apply a dot of top coat or a clear polish in the spot you wish to place the gem. Carefully press the gem done into the polish dot so that it will adhere in place.
  8. Once you have completed all of the steps and everything is dry you can apply a layer of topcoat over all of the nail to hold everything in place and to help your wedding nail art last longer.

(Note: this may be difficult if you used loose glitter, so you may wish to do this step before step 6.)


French tips do not have to be the traditional white. The wedding nail art in the photo above has used a deep red for the tips. They have further enhanced this by adding white and silver lines as branches with some small white leaves. You can do your french tips in any color you wish and you may want to match your nail art to the colors you have chosen for your wedding.

If you would like to keep your nails more subdued but still want to have a bit of fun with wedding nail art, then nude polish may be the answer you have been looking for. You can keep your nails a natural, soft color, but liven them up a little with an accent nail. The picture above shows that the ring finger has been made the accent nail using a quilting technique and adding tiny gems or beads. As your ring finger is the most important one for your wedding day, it is ideal for the accent nail. This is one of those simple nail art designs that isn’t too flashy or garish and is classy enough for a bride to wear.

To learn how to create the quilted pattern on your own nails, please watch this video:

How to do Quilted Nails


Just because you choose a nude color polish for your wedding day, doesn’t mean your nails have to be boring! Adding a floral pattern with gem centres can add a touch of elegance to nail art for weddings. Try your best to have all your fingernails match as perfectly as possible for a symmetrical display that will look fashionable.

2. Gemstone Wedding Nails


Gems can add sparkle and shine to your nails and make them more noticeable if you would like use them to complete your bridal aura. As demonstrated in the photograph above, you can use gems of different shapes and sizes, whatever fits your wedding nail art. This cute plan uses flower gems on most of the fingers. The groom nail has tiny beads for buttons, a small gem for a larger button and a bow tie gem decal, while the bride just has one large gem on her dress. Pearl gems could be used for the necklace, too, if you have them. This is a fun layout for the bride with a sense of humor and amusement. It will probably give the groom a chuckle when he reaches to put the ring on her finger.


Gems can be fun or elegant or even a little wild to match the bride’s personality. They can be glued to your skin as well as to your nails, so that patterns can be extended past the borders of your nails. One word of caution about using gems is to make sure they are not too big or stick out too much that they will prevent your wedding band from being placed on your finger. Try to keep that in mind if you have a tendency to walk on the wild side with your wedding nail art.

3. 3D Floral Wedding Nails


Flowers are a main part of any wedding and are a preferred theme for wedding nail art. 3D nail decals or stickers can be used to compliment your nail art for weddings. 3D flowers can look particularly pretty when applied to your nails. Look for flowers that you plan to wear or have in your bouquet or pick your favorite flower to adorn your fingernails. You can use Fimo clay decals, or sculpted acrylic flowers for your 3D artwork.


These 3D flowers have been embellished with gems for a more complicated pattern. There are other 3D items that can be used for wedding nail art such as wedding bells, swans, wedding rings, champagne glasses, peacocks, or whatever matches the themes or colors you have chosen for your special day.

4. Stamped Wedding Nails


If you plan to do your own nails for your big day and want your nails to look perfect, then stamping may be the solution for you, unless you are a talented artist. By using stamping, you can replicate the pattern perfectly on every nail. Purchase stamping kits that are available for brides and weddings. Use whichever colors you like best or will match your wedding decor. The nails in the photo above have been painted all over in a nude colour with red roses and green stems for a natural yet beautiful appearance.


Designs of nail art are simplified with the use of stamping. It can take a little practice to perfect your stamping technique so be sure to practice the look you have chosen a few times before your wedding takes place. Try different color combinations and patterns to find the ideal wedding nail art for you. There are many different brands of stamping kits and plates, so shop around to find what works best for you. Ask people you know that use stamping for their nail art, what they prefer and why, to get an idea of the products you might like to try.

5. Roses on Wedding Nails

Once again flowers are an important part of your wedding, and roses seem to be an all time favorite. Roses can be used in a number of ways to decorate your nails. This picture has used them on a couple of nails, including the ring fingers for a highlight on this french tip pattern. This creates a tasteful display of red roses with a hint of color to an otherwise classic french tip color scheme. Once again, you can use roses in any color you prefer.

Here we have a more colorful look and mixed assembly of ideas for designs of nail art. You can mix and match or just choose one pattern your prefer. This is a great way to use the colors you have chosen for your wedding. You can combine your wedding colors to create cute wedding nail art. These roses have been painted using nail polish.

To learn the best way to paint roses on your nails please follow the step by step tutorial that I myself use from the Nail Nerd at NailNerd.com:

How to Paint Roses On Your Nails

6. Lace Wedding Nails

Lace is a popular material that many brides have on their gowns or veils, so why not on your nails, too? This can be a little tricky to apply, so be sure to practice this technique if you plan to use this. For the best results you want lace with a small pattern and tiny honeycomb netting. You will need base coat, nail polish in whichever color you want, topcoat, scissors and your special lace. You might also wish to use tweezers to place and help adhere the lace to your nail or nails.

Step by Step How to Apply Real Lace to Your Nails

  • Cut out 10 pieces of the lace to fit each of your fingernails as best you can.
  • Apply base coat to all of your nails and let it dry.
  • Apply 1 to 2 coats of your chosen nail polish color and allow this to dry completely.
  • Apply a layer of topcoat to one nail only. Before it has a chance to dry attach the lace to your nail. Press this down gently to make sure the lace is stuck down to your nail and no sections are sticking up. Use more topcoat if you need it to help adhere the lace to your nail.
  • Repeat step 4 for each of your nails, one at time until they are all done.

If you have difficulty trying to use real lace, then you can always use a stamp plate with lace, a lace sticker or even create a lace pattern by hand. Nail art ideas like this can usually be created using a range of different methods. Quite often the simple nail art designs are the best and look the most dignified.

7. Gradient Wedding Nails

These nails are gorgeous and work the accent nail in the opposite way most nail art does, by having the accent ring finger nail a plain, beautiful, metallic nail polish color. Meanwhile it is the other nails are more detailed in their appearance. Most of the nails have been done using a gradient from pink to beige (or nude) with a darker color stamping design over top. Using the stamp creates the exact same pattern on every nail.

These cute nails have been created with a pale gradient in pink and white, then stamped over with a lace like flower impression in white. All the nails have been painted exactly the same for continuity. This is a simple bridal look that is toned down and yet playful.

8. Red Wedding Nails

Many women decide to wear red nails for their wedding, especially in the east, where red is considered the best color to wear. Red wedding nail art can look exquisite. Quite often gold is the color chosen to accompany the red for nail art of this nature. The photo above has created french tips with a jagged pattern in gold with teensy dots in a line just above the tips. Flowers appear to have been stamped onto the tips as well. I would guess the flowers were stamped on first and then the solid tips added later to match the stamping.

Here we have gold embossed roses stamped in a row down the middle of the nails to create these wedding nail art designs. You don’t have to use gold with the red, you can use any colors you wish and copy any of the styles you have seen here or find online. There are hundreds if not thousands of wedding nail art pictures you can search for online to find the perfect idea for your own wedding.

9. Wedding Nail Art with Mehandi

Red nails with a little nail art, like these daisies and dots in the photograph above are an example of what can be worn that will compliment your mehandi. You can copy patterns or elements such as flowers that are used in the mehandi onto your nails to complete your bridal decorations.

If you would like to do something a little different and festive you can cover your nails with glitter in multiple colors, such as reds, golds and silvers or whatever colors you wish. This will add some brilliance to your nails and yet not take away from the beautiful pattern of your mehandi. Play around with different polish looks until you find one that is appropriate for your wedding nail art.

Don’t forget your toenails, especially if you are going to be wearing sandals or shoes that show your toes. You will want to paint them with a beautiful wedding nail art that will enhance your look. These red nails have been left plain except for the big toe, which is the easiest to paint art on. White flowers and stems have been painted on red nail to add a little flare to this look and it does not take away from the mehandi design at all. Even if you are not going to have mehandi on your feet or legs, it is always nice to have your toenail painted pretty for your wedding.

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