A bracelet is a thin piece of jewellery worn by women around their wrists. Bracelets are made from metal, leather, cloth, plastic or other materials and sometimes contain stones, , gems, pearls, wood, shells, crystals, metal or plastic hoops, They vary in shape and size and are worn by women of all age groups.

History shows that in the earlier days bracelets for women were made out of leaves, shells, animal bones and string from trees. The kings and queens wore bracelets made of gold and precious stones as a status symbol.

Women have always considered bracelets to be a favourite fashion accessory. Never too old to die, always in vogue, they enhance your outfit and make you look  daintier.


Cultural use: Bracelets have a cultural connotation in some countries like Egypt.

Religious use: In many religions, women wear bracelets made of beads that have some sort of religious significance to ward away the evil eye and to protect themselves from bad omens.

Medical use: Allergy bracelets and temperature bracelets are used to keep a check on the health conditions of the patient.

Uses in Sports: Sports bands are used to track the distance in marathons and also to check the calories burned. Some sports personalities don a bracelet as a fashion statement.

Whatever be its use, there is always one for everyone:

1) Crystal bracelets for Women


Crystal bracelets are made out of crystal beads. They signify wealth and status.  They are expensive and they look and feel like glass. Crystal bracelets are worn with  formal attire. . They look best with an evening gown worn to a formal party or dinner. They can be found in different colours and shapes. They add glamour and  feminity to your look.

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2) Beaded bracelets for Women


Beautiful Turquoise blue beads with mosaic patches and a pair of gold feathers with a pair of gold beads on either side to catch your attention.


The Silver plate bracelets are affordable. These bracelets are strung with 3-ply elastic and silver plated filigree alternated with colourful and beautifully patterned beads.

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Semi precious gemstones of amethyst colour alternated with delicate silver filigree, attached to the black fibre and connected at the ends with silver lock.

Beaded bracelets are made of small beads of various colours put together. They can be plastic, glass, metal, fibre or clay. They add colour and peppiness to a boring day’s outfit. They make you look more youthful and are mostly worn by college goers.

3) Coloured thread bracelets for Women


Braided thread bracelets with tiny trinkets hanging from them enhances the charm.

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Combination of metal and fibre is awesome. Available in various hues.

Coloured thread bracelets are usually strings and threads put together creatively. The most famous ones are friendship threads. They are worn on casual outfits and make a cool arm accessory. They are usually  knotted by criss-crossing threads and serve as a good gift.

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4) Bangle Bracelets for Women


Bangle bracelets are a fusion of bangles and bracelets. They can be worn on traditional as well as western outfits. They are chunky and as a result, suit people with thin frames.

5) Silver bracelets for Women


Silver bracelets are the most commonly worn type of bracelet. They are found in different shapes and can be worn on most outfits. They come in  neutral colour palettes and you can never go wrong with a silver one! Couple it with your watch or add another accessory and you’re good to go.

Fashion tips for the day-

1) On a gloomy dull day, wear light casual and a bracelet on your wrist. Try a combination of beads, crystal, threads, and charms for that kitschy punk look.

2) With formal attire, wear a thin delicate silver bracelet along with your watch.

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Rules for wearing bracelets-

  • Always colour co-ordinate your bracelet with your outfit
  • If in doubt go for a neutral colour; like black, white, silver or gold.
  • Wear a small one with heavy outfits and go in for comparatively bigger ones with a simple outfit.
  • Mix and match two or more bracelets for a funky look.

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