Anarkali Salwar kameez sets are a rage in the traditional fashion arena and nothing talks of royalty and elegance more than a floor length Anarkali dresses. It adds grace to your countenance and gives you a tall and dashing figure to pull off. It is a great way to dress up for any traditional party and you are sure to turn many heads when you show up in a beautifully designed Anarkali. Anarkali dresses have been around for ages and with the evolving fashion and fashion cycles are back in vogue.

Here are Some Trendy Floor Length Anarkali Dresses

1. Royal Blue Anarkali with intricate neck pattern:

Royal Blue Anarkali with intricate neck pattern

In this royal blue floor length anarkali dress, the material is a light flowing fabric that gives a nice frame to the figure. It accentuates the curves and falls in a very elegant manner. A gold border is present at the bottom of the Kameez that is just brushing the ankles and it adds a good amount of volume to the dress. With an intricate neck pattern with a symmetrical design and a box shape, the neck area balances the otherwise emptiness of the fabric and adds a touch of completion to the Anarkali dress. This is a very good dress for a semi formal event and you can pair this up with a trendy gold clutch and large chandelier earrings for a great effect.

2. Beige and Black Anarkali:

Beige and Black Anarkali:

This Beige and black floor length anarkali dress, plays off the aristocratic English colours into a traditional Indian wear and manages to pull off a good job. The velvet type material of the black accentuates the chest area, adding the typical anarkali look to it .With net sleeves and a heavy border, the fabric is well balance in all respects and the neck design and the pattern and the symmetry add to the elegance of the dress. For the best effect, wear your hair in a bun and pair it off with high sandals.

3. Patterned Anarkali dress:


This heavily patterned floor length anarkali dress is a very good mix of the Mughal design and the Guajarati print and pattern. The colour combinations speak of a touch of Rajasthan and Gujarat and the cut and the make of the dress are of the Mughal type. The three fourth sleeves with a heavy gold boundary add to the traditional look while gold borders and patterns everywhere else add sparkle to the dress. The colour combination of blue and red and green sets off a tone for a great Anarkali dress for a wedding. For the best look, pair this with colourful bangles and a light makeup and bindi.

4. Long Anarkali suit in silver and maroon:

Long Anarkali suit in silver and maroon:

This floor length anarkali suit has been made with a long flowing maroon fabric and has intricate silver work at the neck. The gold boundary at the bottom gives volume to the suit and adds a solid colour to whole ensemble. The U shaped neck has a heavy silver work on it which extends till the cut sleeves and is mirrored in a similar design near the bottom of the suit which adds balance along with a look of great traditional charm. This is a great outfit for any traditional event where you don’t want to look too over the top yet look like you are in the mood for a celebration. Pair this up with a hair up do and silver chandelier earrings for the best effect.

5. Double layer Anarkali Dress:

 Double layer Anarkali Dress:

In this anarkali dress there has been a great use of free flowing fabric. A colour combination of grey, purple and pink has been used to the best effect with the bottom layer made up of a combination of pink and purple. This has been balance with a grey coloured top layer that adds volume and the typical anarkali cut to the dress. With long grey sleeves offset by small batches of pink to add colour, this is an elegant Anarkali dress that is simple and yet the sheer amount of fabric adds to its regality. Wear this with a side braid for a great hairstyle and add some hair accessory to add to its bling quotient.

6. Simple black Anarkali Dress:

Simple black Anarkali Dress:

This simple black floor length anarkali dress is all about simplicity and the use of colours. The long black Kurta adds to the length of the Anarkali while the simple colourful border adds to colour and gives a definition to the Anarkali dress. The white at the neck merges with the skin and balances the black of the kurta while the colourful dupatta is a mix of all the colours and adds a splash of colour to this Anarkali dress. Pair this up with dark kohl rimmed eyes and a stylish Goth inspired hair do for a great effect. Carry a trendy black clutch and wear black high heeled strappy sandals to complete your look.

7. Purple and gold work Anarkali dress:

 Purple and gold work Anarkali dress:

In this floor length anarkali suit the emphasis is on the fabric of the dress and how it falls over the legs to the ankles. The purple colour and the form fitting cut add to the length and charm of the anarkali dress. The V shaped neck has gold work on it that adds a richness of detail to the otherwise simple dress. A single gold line at the bottom of the dress balances the heavy neck and gives a wonderful mix of a simple Anarkali dress that can be worn on any casual outing. Since, this is a simple outfit, pair this up with a loosely tied braid and simple accessories like a pair of gold bangles or long earrings. Wear jootis and carry a nice looking traditional handbag for a great effect.

8. Anarkali churidaar with belt:

 Anarkali churidaar with belt

In this floor length anarkali dress, the kurti does not fall right to the ankles but stops before that to show the green of the churidaar. The colour combination of the kurti is such that there is a proper definition of the upper and lower half and a belt separates the two halves. This adds to the style of the Mughal era and the gold colour only accentuates the royal charm. A colourful dupatta with bold prints adds to the royal look of this Anarkali dress. Wear your hair in an elaborate up do with braids and buns and hair accessories if possible. Highlight your eyes with kohl and wear antique jewellery to complete this posh look.

9. Beige lace Anarkali:

Beige lace Anarkali

This floor length anarkali dress is made up of a beige lace fabric with a medium sized pattern that tapers down till the end. There is a maroon border at the end to add colour and solidity to the Anarkali dress. The round neck is paired with an intricate silver work that tapers down till the chest area and adds sparkle to the anarkali dress. With a beige and maroon thin dupatta, this Anarkali dress is a design lover’s dream come true. Pair this up with a sleek hairstyle and a stylish handbag and high strappy heels.

10. Pink and Green Anarkali print dress:

Pink and Green Anarkali print dress:

This pink Kurti matched with a green print dupatta is a great combination for an anarkali dress. The sleek V neck collar has a green boundary as does the bottom of the kurti which adds to the balance of the design and colour harmony. The Green Dupatta has a blue border which complements it and a gold work of design which adds bulk and sparkle to the whole outfit. This is a great anarkali dress for any traditional event and you can pair this up with a nice bun and a hair accessory for a great look. Pair this up with kohl rimmed eyes, a long hair braid and juttis for a complete traditional look. Wear accessories like bangles and earrings and avoid necklaces for a great look.

11. Peacock motif Anarkali:

 Peacock motif Anarkali:

This floor length anarkali is inspired by the motif of the peacock and is visible throughout its design. With a peacock blue colour that dominates the fabric, the border has a gold and red design that adds solidity to the whole outfit. With a gold peacock inspired work near the tip of the border, the dress looks very elegant. The long round neck has been worked with more peacock inspired tapering gold design that add length to the figure and make you look taller. A net sleeve and red dupatta add to this outfit and make it a very stylish one. Pair this up with an Anarkali cap to add to the style element and try a blue eye makeup for an interesting effect.

Anarkali dresses are all the rage and with the fashion world moving into a more indo western style Anarkali dresses are being inspired by western designs and loose flowing fabric. The grandeur of the Mughal era style is still there with the cuts and the colour combinations and these dresses are great for any person of any height and build and will make you look taller and more graceful.

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