Looking good is not a bad idea for anyone. But it could be hard to get yourself motivated to take that plunge into a healthy lifestyle and stay fit and healthy. Here, take it this way — if you work out every day, you get to show off your cute workout clothes every day. Challenge accepted? OK, let’s check out some super stylish, but functional workout clothes for women.

Before you go shopping for your new women’s exercise clothes, there are few things to keep in mind. Though we all love good looking outfits that flatter our body shape, when it comes to picking out women’s workout clothes, fit, fabric and comfort comes before fashion. Ill-fitting or tight workout pants for women can easily restrict movement and thus do more bad than good. Clingy and hot workout shirts for women can tire you out well before your limit. So, tread carefully and avoid the mistake of spending a bomb on the wrong stuff. But you won’t. We’ll help you prepare.

Best Workout Clothes for Women

How to pick out the best workout clothes for women

Unique Needs

First and foremost, you need to identify the unique needs of your workout regime. If you are planning to go out for a brisk walk with the neighbour or friend, comfortable cotton clothing is good enough. But for other types of exercise and sports, you need more — sweat absorption, breath-ability, stretch etc matter. For a general workout at the Gym, well-fitted breathable pair of workout pants and t-shirt is good enough. Look for specific fabrics that are crafted for workout and gym. There often categorised as Active wear. Active wear for women come in a variety of styles and functions. There an active wear for every activity — from walking and running to yoga and Pilates.

The Fit

Fit is foremost. ill-fitting workout wear — loose or tight — can be hindrance to your activity. By no means should you opt for body hugging outfits when doing yoga or Pilates wear stretching is required to hold various poses. This could cause a lot of discomfort and irritation. Similarly, if you wear extra long track pants for running or cycling, there are chances of you tripping on the excess fabric and causing accidents. Very important in women’s workout clothes is a good sports bra. Bad support systems can cause damage to your body; so make sure you give the right support and care before engaging in any sort of exercise.

Now, all said and done, we have to remember that we started this post in the name of fashion. As said before, it is not bad to look good, so go ahead and pick exercise clothes for women that appeal to you — but after fulfilling the fit, fabric, and comfort requirements. How do you do that? There are numerous ways to make your own statement with Active wear. Color for example; don’t stick to boring black and blues for cleanliness’ sake. You can wear vibrant (or fluorescent) colors to liven up your workout session. When the fabric is stretchable and breathable, there are no worries about sweat stains either. Cut and design are other factors to look for. All major active wear brands have a million varieties of design when it comes to workout clothes for women – pants, shorts, t-shirts, gunjee, take your pick and enjoy the workout.

Now, you know the basic, let’s get into specifics — starting with yoga.

Yoga Clothes For Women

Yoga Clothes For Women

Working out with Yoga is a popular exercise trend across the world. However, it’s not like any other workout. There is a calmness to yoga that might trick you into believing that there is not major effort required here. But once you travel through the myriad bylanes of yoga practice, you’ll see that the ancient form of disciple has got a pose/asana for every problem area — mind or body. To fully commit to such a physical, mental and spiritual practice, you must prepare to look and feel comfortable in the right yoga outfits.

So what do you wear for yoga? Check out these options in Yoga clothes for women.

The staple yoga outfit for women is a pair of leggings and t-shirt or tank top. You can add on a shrug or cardigan for weather conditions or modesty reasons. You might want to switch up the t-shirt for a kurta too. That is alright, unless you would be engaging in yogasan that requires you to lift and stretch you body extensively. Loose kurtis may not be the ideal piece of clothing for a Shirshasana.

If leggings are not your thing, flared yoga pants for women are your answer. These usually come with a supporting wide waistband to give you maximum comfort. Pick a supple knit fabric for extra comfort and style. No need to stick to greys and blacks, but with these colours for bottom will help you mix and match all varieties in colours for the top. Another important piece of yoga clothing for women is a supportive sports bra — no matter how less physically active your yoga practice is don’t overlook this inner-wear. You can wear any outer wear as your yoga outfit – kurtis and leggings, yoga pants for women, gungees, t-shirts etc; but the sports bra or at least a well-supportive full-coverage bra/bralette stays constant.

Look for fun prints and styles to customize your yoga outfit to your tastes. Contrasting colours work well too. Go floral if you are feeling that ways. You might want to include a headband if you are engaging in the rigorous fat-burning yoga asanas. If it’s cold weather, you could also carry a hoodie or sweatshirt to keep warm. Joggers are another option for bottom-wear, if you are not too keen towards leggings or flared pants. These are snug at the bottom, a slightly loose down the hips — giving you that much needed ease of movement and comfort.

Now that yoga is taken care off, let’s take a look at other workout clothing. Especially, gym wear for women.

There that’s all the essentials you need for the gym. Women’s gym wear is a fashion statement. It is functional and fit to comfort, but also stylish. You want to show off those abs in clothes that look good over them don’t you? Now, if you are just beginning to work out and want to hide away some of the fab, wear a loose gunjee or t-shirt over your sports bra/bralette. Otherwise, let it show girl — flex those toned muscles in branded gym wear for women.

loose gunjee or t-shirt

Motivational quotes or quirky ones can really take you closer to your goal. Try some fun ones that really talk to your soul, so that when you look at yourself working out in the mirror, you know what you are doing it for and it’s all fun. Gym clothes for women are no more bring – quotes, cute pics and everything nice makes them girly and gorgeous. Who doesn’t want to the strong and stylish.

Gym clothes for women

The fun is in the finer details too. Style up your gym clothes with little styling details and trimmings like a knot, tie, badge or mesh. Give a little tease to your toned abs in a mesh gunjee over bright orange sports bralette. Pair it up with a stylish legging and vibrant shoes. You are ready to get gorgeous at the Gym. But don’t forget warm clothing for cold mornings. Your hoodies and sweatshirts can have the trimmings and quotes too. Just keep it all fit and fun.

That was all about yoga and gyming. There are a lot of workout options between these — running, swimming, sports, anything to get you in shape and health. The rules for clothing everywhere is pretty much the same. First, identify what you need; your problem areas, your comfort etc. Then select fit and fabric accordingly. Fashion comes at the end; but fashion is important. Think of it: you pick out a fabulous outfit for the gym it a bit tight, but you think you’ll be comfortable. Next day at the gym, you can barely stretch at it, so you add more force and get tired easily. Fashion wins, you lose. There I said it. So, pick the right fit, make sure the fabric is breathable and stretchable, not too smooth that you slip off the gym equipment… there are tones of things to consider before giving a thought to cut and colour. So, be ready to sacrifice on your favourite hue and print. But bring out those abs in the perfect workout wear for women that best suits your body.

So, there you go. Are you ready to workout yet? If not, a bit of shopping for gym clothes might help. Remember the order thought; fit, fabric, comfort and then fashion

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