A simple piece of clothing affects your overall mood and the aura you give out at different times. It is time you found out what to wear to satisfy our planetary fashion needs (yes, there is such a thing!) Here’s a kick start into this unique fashion horoscope with clues of your favorite celebrities:


Capricorn Horoscope For 2014

The amazingly successful trio of the year 2013- Farhan Akthar, Deepika Padukone and Vidya Balan share a common thread, all of them being Capricorn by zodiac. Interestingly, both the gorgeous ladies have worked with the talented actor.

Capricorns enjoy climbing the peak of their careers, knowing that all it takes is commitment and hard work, and that ‘bring it on’ attitude makes you achieve the same. You’re blessed with intelligence and talent which you apply really well to your career using the right skills.  The goat (Capricorn) is brown, and lives on earth, and hence we recommend a Capricorn wear earthy, khakhi colored clothing! You shine in formals.  Wearing beige to brown formals to interviews can prove to be lucky for you!  Take a cue from the celebrity ladies – Sarees and Evening Gowns often worn by Vidya Balan and Deepika Padukone are in shades of brown which pleases their planets. Male Capricorns can ape Farhan Akhtar’s style and keep it crisp with formal coats and ties. Like we always say, stay stylish!


Suited Up! Farhan Akhtar pleasing his stars (pun intended)


Vidya Balan wearing an earthy Sabyasachi Saree on the red carpet of Cannes 2013


The down-to-earth starlet Deepika Padukone !

Aquarius Horoscope For 2014

A unique combination of Bollywood stars share this loving zodiac sign, Preity Zinta, Urmila Matondkar and Abhishek Bachchan form a small clique among those that were born under this water sign. A common among them all, they have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows in their respective careers.

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Aquarians are known to be changers of the world. Their inventive and creative thinking makes them sharper and more opinionated than the rest of the zodiacs. They are extremely selfless and work towards a better world with their small contributions. For this lovable zodiac, water colors like aqua blue and aqua green work like magic. Wearing water based clothing, can enhance their personalities.  Avoid dull shades as they are likely to curb your natural exuberant personality and get you down.  Like Urmila, have a Rangeela wardrobe and like Preity, always wear a smile with your clothes or just keep it cool like the rising star Abhishek Bachchan.


Abhishek Bachchan dons the right blue!


Take a cue : Urmila Matondkar in the perfect aqua combination!


Blue-green Lehenga Choli for the lovely Aquarian, Preity Zinta!

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Pisces Horoscope For 2014

Some of the most acclaimed stars fall under this zodiac sign, Aamir Khan, Kangana Ranaut and Anupam Kher. What they share apart from their zodiac, is a big share of admiration for their work, their ever growing respect in the industry and their dedicated fan following.  Aamir Khan had recently praised Kangana’s work on a TV chat show. So there is mutual admiration society among Pisceans.

Being a Piscean, water as an activity/ sport de-stresses you.  Pisceans do amazingly well in the art field as they are naturally gifted. Pisces are known to have a heart of gold for being charitable, sensitive and caring. Pisceans like to give back what they have. For the easy going Pisceans, white and purple or lilac clothing is the ideal color to soothe their busy aura. A combination of white and purple shirts / dresses will boost the energy of a Piscean to its maximum, leading to an eventful day. Have a great year ahead, mixing and matching these shades’


Anupam-Kher-Fashion-horoscope-2014 (1)

Charitable and Humanitarian Anupam Kher addressing an event on World’s Aids Days

True Piscean, Kangana Ranaut, seen striking a lovely pose in a purple gown!

The easy going Piscean, Aamir Khan!

Aries  Horoscope For 2014

Presenting the fiery zodiac Aries; hot and happening . Case in point – Bollywood actors like Ajay Devvgan, Rani Mukherji and Lara Dutta, all  known to be go-getters, leaders and ones who make lasting impressions.

Aries have a burning desire to lead the way, set the rules and even break them as per their convenience. Their competitive spirit is highly commendable and they do all it takes to keep bouncing back. They’re dynamic, courageous and self motivated. They easily persuade anyone they meet along the way and speak their minds, rather bluntly.

The best fashion clothing for them is anything in the color red to define this dynamic fire sign. Aries do well in most of their endeavors.  Hues of orange and yellow are advised, for this fiery sign.


Burning the red carpet – Arian Rani Mukherjee!


The intense Arian – Ajay Devgan


The elegant charm of Lara Dutta, dressed in a pretty red anakrkali dress.

Taurus Horoscope For 2014

The classic and new age trio of Madhuri Dixit, Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan form the breathtaking team of  Taureans in Bollywood.  A common trait among them all, strength, physical beauty, good looks and the art to perform rigorous sports or activity that demands a certain bull like determination!

Your Taurean friend is the most courageous and brave hearted who can easily replace army/ navy men, for his praiseworthy physical abilities. Taurus loves anything which is beautiful, from good homes to good outings, to good luxuries in which they indulge rather lavishly. They’re a lover for earthly things and hence, love playing outdoor games, love to perform on stage and remain grounded even after achieving considerably. For this strong headed sign that is ruled by the neck and throat, a silky scarf in earthy tones would work as magic. Also for men, beige and brown ties will prove lucky at interviews and social events. Replacing the scarf with an Indian Dupatta is fine as well. Accessorize your neck and throat to be a true fashionable Taurus.


Varun Dhawan seen sporting a scarf! A true Taurean fashion trait.


Earthy colours work best for Taurus. Madhuri Dixit exemplifies the same.


The ravishing Taure Anushka Sharma gets her zodiac fashion right!

Gemini Horoscope For 2014

A twin zodiac sign with three gorgeous ladies from B-town, who have inherited this enterprising sign – Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Shilpa Shetty.  Yes! What these amazing ladies have in common apart from this zodiac sign is a great career graph. All of them have outdone themselves in their own ways and are always remembered for their charming personality.

If you’re a Gemini, you love to chatter like there’s no tomorrow. It’s not just small talk but very intellectual chatter, almost to the extent that you extract vital information from all the people you meet. You’re the life of a party and can get quite fidgety when left to be by yourself. A people’s person who enjoys great company and offers great company as well. For soothing your mood Geminis  should ideally wear soft yellows and blues and drive away the blues! Be stylish like your celebrity counter parts and carry off Indian and Western wear with equal grace and ease. For the men, colored denims or trousers in pastel shades will bring out the true you!

Gemini Sonakshi Sinha shines in a soft yellow churidar!

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Gemini Shilpa Shetty in an aqua blue spaghetti top!

Gemini Sonam Kapoor in a sexy short yellow dress!

Cancer Horoscope For 2014

Some of the biggest names in entertainment today are co-incidentally Cancerian. Priyanka Chopra, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Katrina Kaif.  The common thread among all of them is their zest and will to achieve, always playing to their strengths and treating their workplace like home. Cancerian women are great at acting and Cancerian men are dedicated to their jobs and hence, largely seen as over-achievers or workaholics.

Since Cancer, is a home-body, they love dedicating their time to nurture their family members. They’ll spend their entire savings, without any regrets, to gift and pamper their loved ones.  They can easily cry or laugh and sometimes be depressed for no particular reason.  A cancerian will be the happiest by the seaside, poolside or by their lover’s side, displaying a million moods in milliseconds. As water is their ruling element, Cancers are advised to wear blue and green, the water colors to soothe the crab within. Also, a Cancerian should avoid muted colors as it can affect their mood adversely.

The typical Cancer Lady – Katrina Kaif in a sea blue jacket

Priyanka Chopra seen in a bright blue tight fitted casual dress.

Cancers are patriots too! Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the perfect Cancerian team captain.

Leo Horoscope For 2014

The lion roars for all to hear and marvel. Some such Bollywood Leos are Saif Ali Khan, Genelia and Kajol. The commonality is their sheer talent, magnificent personalities and their ability to enjoy and excel at work.

Leos are the Kings and Queens of the jungle, and place themselves before anyone else. They love to show off at the gym, at the local market or just about anywhere they spot a crowd.  Lions have a dramatic nature, and when in a creative profession, they are most likely to succeed.  Their nature is hot like the hot headed animal and that of a leader who gets things done. Very romantic and fun to be around, a Leo should wear bright gold and yellows to satiate the Lion’s demeanor. Also, coloring your locks ‘blonde’ like a lion’s mane. These shades will appeal to your planetary fashion needs, giving you confidence a new look.

The Prince of Pataudi in a bright yellow kurta

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The gorgeous Leo Lady Genelia Deshmukh

The lioness of Bollywood – Kajol seen in a flared bright yellow dress

Virgo Horoscope For  2014

Kareena Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi and Akshay Kumar, make for an interesting trio of Virgos from B-town They’ve even shared screen space in some blockbuster bollywood flicks. Virgos always get the brief right, they are full of energy, physical and mental giving them an edge to counter competition and soar in their careers.

Virgos are highly critical about most things, and can be bothersome until perfection is achieved. This is due to their keen attention to detail, high standards and expectations from all around them. Virgos love to serve and help others in a time of need and can donate all they have. For this humble sign, earthy colors like brown, beige and white work well to bring out the best in a Virgo.  Be subtle by choosing lighter shades to make way for fortunate events.  Take a cue, from Vivek Oberoi, who is seen in beige denims in all his hit films.

The grounded Virgo – Akshay Kumar is seen wearing shades of grey.

The rising star – Vivek Oberoi seen in a dark brown overcoat at a promotional event

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The beautiful Virgo Star – Kareen Kapoor in a layered ivory white dress

Libra Horoscope For 2014

The charming Libransof Bollywood are Rekha, Amitabh Bachchan , Parineeti and Ranbir Kapoor. What’s most intriguing, is their magnetic nature, individual successes, romances and link ups and how highly influential, intelligent and beautiful this bunch is!

Librans are  a great combination of beauty with brains! They like to balance all aspects of life owing to the scales that symbolize them. The happiest Librans are married ones, as they crave a lifelong partnership and once they tie the knot, they are at peace.  Librans are great team players and often make a mark in everything they try their hands at! Librans love to socialize, hence a workout at the gym too, becomes important to them as it comes with a social connect. Librans are amazing at theatre, the ballet and dance as they are natural performers. Librans shine best in bright clothing; they enhance every color with their trade-mark smile like the bubbly Parineeti buzzing cheerfully in bright clothing or the sophisticated Rekha whose best look till date has been the famous Kanjeevaram Saree. For the men, bright colored overcoats and ties bring luck.

Elegant Libran Rekha seen in a sky blue choli and a printed sarees

Paint Palette: Pretty Parineeti chopra colorful floor length Indian Suit with a hot pink dupatta.

The charmer actor for 4 decades now – Libran Amitabh Bachchan in a bright red jacket

Ranbir kapoor points it out right– Bright Red for the Libran.

Scorpio Horoscope  2014

A powerhouse of talent  – Aishwariya Rai Bachchan , Shah Rukh Khan and Mallika Sherawat share this zodiac. They have an undying spirit to maintain their positions and social standing.

Scorpios love to  seek information; they do so with an original and insightful set of questions that can be hard-hitting, but that’s a Scorpio, drilling you till he/she is fully aware and informed. Scorpios have not heard of the word ‘quit’ and hence, keep playing their aces at work Their zodiac sign makes them passionate, lusty often and a wonderful partner to have. They love to compete and win, and win they most definitely do. Fashion wise, the powerful colors of a Scorpio are black and reds. Wearing both colors together will work wonders, Eg – Red and Black Gown / Saree for the women – and Red and Black shirt/ overcoat/ t-shirt on men attracts positive vibes.

The true-blue Scorpio – Shah Rukh Khan

The gorgeous Scorpio Lady – Aishwariya rai in a bright red saree

Mallika Sherawat in a revealing, provocative black gown.

Sagittarius Horoscope For 2014

The Southern superstar Rajnikanth,  Salman Khan and John Abraham.  What do they have in common? they are all cash ringers at the Box Office.

Sagittarians are suckers for knowledge They find peace in philosophy and religion. A Sagittarian is a clear thinker only looking at the big picture and working towards the same. Extremely sociable and charming, a Sagittarian is self indulgent due to Jupiter’s golden glow on them. Never lay a bet or underestimate them at a game of gambling. Sagittarians needs to be mindful of not procrastinating, as they’re naturally inclined to. Fill your wardrobe with rich maroons and deep blues to please the planets.  These two colors can prove to be extremely fortunate for Saggis and incorporating the same into your wardrobe, is a an advisable fashion move.

Deep Maroon Scarf on the typical Sagittarian Salman Khan

Rajnikanth in a maroon polo neck t-shirt

The Sagittarius charmer John Abraham, in a navy blue overcoat

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